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2 dead in Coshocton County plane crash

2 dead in Coshocton County plane crash


Officials say the plane took off from Elyria this morning and was heading to Deland, Florida.

COSHOCTON COUNTY, Ohio- The FAA is investigating a deadly plane crash that claimed the lives of two people Monday morning in Coshocton County. A spokesperson with the FAA tells FOX 8 News, "A Beechcraft Bonanza Be33 aircraft took off from Elyria and was in enroute to Deland, Florida. The airfcraft w...

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What happens to weapons seized by police? @DUANELOCAL12 investigates, tonight at 11 p.m. on Local 12: https://t.co/Cfc3YtyxrI

White House doctor Ronny Jackson withdraws from consideration for VA Secretary, saying "false allegations" have become a distraction for the president. https://t.co/C2jsb4EMpr

BREAKING @AP: Trump says he has decided not to be involved in Justice Department Russia probe, but “may change my mind”

National Kids & Pets Day 2018 is April 26. Send your photos of the pair together via Burst.

SEND: https://t.co/cQdZ4UZqIc
GALLERY: https://t.co/9YtHchdUyX

#Bengals PODCAST: Previewing #NFLDraft with @Local12Jed, @Kat_Terrell & @JayMorrisonCMG: https://t.co/8rOMIeevxs
@Bengals #NFL #NFLDraft2018 @Bengals

BREAKING @AP: White House doctor Ronny Jackson withdraws as VA secretary nominee, calls allegations against him `false and fabricated'

@Bob_Herzog @producerdani @Local12 uh huh, that's exactly what I fear right there...

GALLERY: Mason preschoolers from @GoddardSchool celebrate Earth Day: https://t.co/KLEM3bq4l1

UPDATE: KSP has identified the man who was shot as 40-year-old Dexter Helton of Florence. Helton was being sought after by police for an active felony drug warrant. Police say Helton pointed a gun at the officers who were pursuing him when he fled Peecox before he was shot.

Great turnout this morning for the @DukeEnergy School of the Week with @Local12 at Mt. Orab Elementary School. Love the new Kindness Club here with 148 members strong. #WeAreDE

it was bound to happen I suppose, first hwy crash of morning reported on 71 NB at 275 in OH


. @realDonaldTrump lawyer says he'll plead the Fifth in porn actress case: https://t.co/M3t63RG4v5

UPDATE: Man shot by police in Erlanger identified: https://t.co/EgP8VDSRKf

Update: (April 26, 2018 6:30am) The individual involved has been identified as Dexter Helton, 40 years old of Florence, KY. Mr. Helton was being sought after for an active felony drug warrant out... https://t.co/l1xC5kg51m

Amazing! @Local12

30 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

Some say "The Simpsons" character Apu is a racial stereotype; do you think it is offensive? Chat LIVE on Sunnyside Up. buff.ly/2Hzb3Lm ...


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Wait till you guys get a load of this show called "South Park"

Instead of talking about a cartoon character, how about we discuss what is going on with Alfie in the UK and how the government has decided to murder that child... Just saying, get priorities in line...

You know what is insensitive to a lot of people... a tyrannical government not allowing parents to take their child out of a hospital for care in another place. #AlfieEvans

Why all of a sudden does this become an issue? How long has this show been on the air? Seriously someone has to find something to cry about!

It is a cartoon, and by the if you have been in a mini Mart type store in the last twenty years ,pretty sure it is close to the same as Simpsons

Every character on the show is an over the top caricature of a stereotype. Get a sense of humor!

Is a must win game 6, Lebron need rests playing 40 plus minutes. He have to rest so win game 6

Would love to finish it tomorrow but I think there will be a game 7 with the Cavs winning it!!

Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners..

Absolutely! Don’t know how this show has managed to stay on this long!

Knew just a matter of before someone whine about that

That’s why he doesn’t play defense he’s using all his stamina for offense.

Its going wayyyyyy to far....leave the cartoon alone!

Josh Allen For A Quarterback for cleveland browns

Ironically... I am sitting on toilet taking Apu while watching this

Browns have no where to go but up

I have always loved the Simpsons

It’s just something to talk about

Hi it's my birthday today James jardin from phillipines

Drift day let’s go Cleveland browns🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

Way to much info on that toilet one

They don’t call him king James for nothing

I love the 1 2 3 4 and done!

Omg everything is offensive anymore. I will not live politically correct. I would not look to hurt people but anymore the silliest things offend. They need to thicken their skin and realize thats life in the real world.

29 years later the Simpson is now offensive? people have too much time on their hands if they are offended by a cartoon.

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48 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Man charged in murder of a Cleveland Heights mother found dead in a garbage can appeared in court this morning: ...


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I see he all ready got a thermal shirt!! For anyone who knows about jail that’s one of the first things other than hygiene that you try and get. Usually only those who are striving in there get those, it’s almost like a status

Public hanging

So this man was killed ???

He thinkin about that cornbread he didn’t eat this morning

It is sad he had to kill her for what reason just sad for her family and sad in general now his life is over could have moved on with his life meet a new person that might have been better he will never know that because he chose to murder just wrong its gods job to decide when your life is over.

Can't believe I went to HS with him.. smh

Justice for my baby girl

Yo Kenny there? Y’all about to kick it?

I know some will say prayers won’t help at this point, but it’s out of respect

I totally agree Bob

Lost man!

Hope he rots.







Hi cuz



He should end up in a garbage can


Sick peoples


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1 hour ago

Cleveland 19 News

Wish the first lady a happy birthday today! ...

Wish the first lady a happy birthday today!


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Happy birthday . You have a sucky taste in a husband though.

Happy birthday first lady Melania.

Happy birthday! It was so nice to see a glowing smile on her face when with prior President. Always dad looking when with her husband.

Happy birthday, Melania, stick with God, he is always bu your side.

Happy Birthday, to one very classy First Lady!

Happy birthday to our beautiful First Lady

Happy Birthday Melania! Make the most of your time as the First Lady.

Happy Birthday beautiful first lady..

Happy Birthday to a beautiful, elegant First Lady!

why she know its her birthday

Happy Birthday our beautiful and classy First Lady.

happy birthday to you

Hope you have the greatest birthday ever...you area beautiful person

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday First Lady

Have a good one happy birthday to a classy woman

Hope your birthday is blessed and very happy.

Happy birthday Melania

Happy birthday Melania


Happy Birthday 🎂

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday! 🎈🍰💐

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1 hour ago

Cleveland 19 News

Cleveland is awesome at repurposing buildings. Larder: A Curated Delicatessen & Bakery opened in an old firehouse that used to house Clydesdales. More details on the Eastern European deli that opened this week can be found here: buff.ly/2JnoAWA ...

2 hours ago

Cleveland 19 News

The council for the District of Columbia is pondering a proposal that would allow those 16 years of age or older to vote in both local and federal elections. buff.ly/2KiMKmC ...

The council for the District of Columbia is pondering a proposal that would allow those 16 years of age or older to vote in both local and federal elections. https://buff.ly/2KiMKmC


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No, absolutely not. Kids these days can’t decide which bathroom to eat their tide pods in... why would we let them vote?

No. I say raise it to 21. Why would we want anyone without real life experiences of knowledge of how the government works making decisions for us.

Is this a actually a question! You want a generation (age group) that eats Tide pods, snorts condoms to get involved with decisions that can affect others lives? I think NOT!

NO, at 16 you do not know anything about politics. Put it back to 21.

Right now these children are the ones eating Tidepods.

Really you should be 21 and have proof of a job and paying taxes to vote.

I agree with Steve. They’re old enough to work they should have a say on what affects their paychecks and higher education. And don’t kid yourselves, most 16 year olds I know have a better understanding of politics, government , and world events than most adults I know.

This is stupid. What 16 year old gives 2 sh!ts about politics?

Amendment XXVI Right to Vote at Age 18. The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Absolutely. If they are old enough to work and pay taxes, they should have a vote

Duane Heighton..... i agree with you 100% & needs to left alone. Yet the 1st ammendment is infringed on continuessly depending on what your opinion is or group your behind or popular at the moment. The battleground is being set for infringing on, changing or abolishing the 2nd ammendment. Many local municipalities have done it already, so what is to stop or say cant change the voting age. Clearly our Constitution & ammendments mean nothing & anymore any federal judge can rule on or change anything based on his personal views... its all a big pile of BS !!!

It should be raised, the human brain does not totally mature until age 24. If they survive their tide pod eating, condom snorting years, then they can vote.

Good Lord, NO. If anything, it should be raised.....kids are becoming less mature over the years. 16-year-olds working and supporting families in the 19th century are the ones who were capable of voting.

I say unless you graduated high school it should be 21...If you graduated you can vote at age 19 ... If you drop out of school you it should be that you dispose of your right to ever vote

Sure! Instead of giving “I voted today” stickers they can hand out Tide Pods and Condoms

Another ploy to create more democratic voters.

No! They can't think for themselves.

Only reason liberals want kids to vote is because they are easily persuaded.

Sounds like the democrats are desperate!!!!

then i guess its OK to SMOKE AND DRINK at that age.....lol....lol

No. Not responsible enough to make that type of decision

The liberals are getting desperate.

I had to wait until 21... why change to 16?

NO NO NO!!! They have no clue about anything.

No way too much peer pressure on 16 year olds

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3 hours ago

Fox 8 News

Draft day is finally here!

Any predictions?

More here: via.fox8.com/XyQ8n

Draft day is finally here! 

Any predictions?

More here: http://via.fox8.com/XyQ8n


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no matter who they pick they will always suck. The Steelers don't want any browns players to bring our team down do please stop saying come to the Steelers. We want real men who can actually play and that will never be a Browns player.

I predict that they will pick a dude from left field that has nothing to do with bettering the team... I'm having flashbacks to literally every single draft in Browns history.

You guys act like the draft is a big deal for the browns . They need all the help they can get. Come to the Steelers side.

I have mercy on them it doesn't matter who they pick they still suck. Come to the Steelers side.

Draft Allen first. Trade number 4 to buffalo for 12 and 22. Draft McGlinchey 12th and Guice 22. Playoff bound.

Trade number one .. Chubb at 4 .. at 12 u take Lamar or Rudolph .. 22 take your left tackle .. we will get two first 2 seconds and a one next year .. we now would have 5 seconds to move back up into the first as well so if we need to move up from 35 to take guice late in the first we can .. do this win GM of the year already

Darnold and trade the 4th pick to Buffalo for their first round picks this year and a first next year.

Draft day. Somebody must have left the door open.

FINALLY, we can stop talking about this at 8:05 pm .

I would take Saequon Barkley at 1, and a QB at 4. Barkley is a beast and won't be there at 4. There are 4 QBs that everyone indicates can be franchise QBs in the NFL. I guarantee that Mayfield will be there at 4, so if the Browns believe in him, take him at 4. And I would bet that 1 of these 3, Rosen or Allen or Darnold, will also be there at 4. And if we take Barkley, maybe the giants call and ask about a trade. In my perfect world I would go Barkley at 1, and Darnold or Mayfield at 4.

Darnold at #1 and Chubb at #4...stop trading down to get second tier talent. Get top notch playmakers and maybe use one of your second rounders to trade back in 1st round and take a running back or left tackle.

it won't matter they will pick someone good then trade him. and they still have a crappy coach. so until they change him they won't do any good.

Go find some other news feed if you not win the browns, I’m not on the steeler page hating and wasting my time.

This team has largely ignored front line needs in favor of QBs, and until they learn to build a line so that they can run and have time to pass they will continue in futility.

So excited for a local player from Nordonia High School and The Ohio State University - amazing young man - wishing him all the best in the future - Go Denzel Ward

With the first pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Billy Manziel!!!

I'm predicting that John Dorsey will make the first pick for the browns. He is the only one that knows the pick because if someone else did it would of been leaked to one of the sports networks.

The Browns will trade all their picks!!!!!

They do so well on this day!

I predict the Browns will screw up somehow. (The odds are in my favor)

Yeah the browns will continue to be losers so what’s new.

I predict the browns will screw it up per usual

Still going to be in last place ha ha get used to it

I predict that my husband will be tied to the tv all weekend! 🤣

I might actually go to the parade this year....

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