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After the Las Vegas shooting massacre, survival can be excruciating

After the Las Vegas shooting massacre, survival can be excruciating


The Washington Post: As Rosemarie recovers from multiple surgeries to repair the wounds to her lungs, liver and spleen and awaits a final procedure to treat her damaged stomach, the family has watched in horror as other defenseless people have endured mass shootings. Again and again — at a Texas church, in a small California town, at a Florida high school — the same type of gun, the same type of bullets.

A high-velocity bullet tore through Rosemarie Melanson’s torso on Oct. 1. Five months into her recovery, she and her family watch in horror as other mass shootings, with the same kind of gun, hit the United States.

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Motorcyclist throws concrete into car, breaking woman's jaw: https://t.co/hLYtmAwgOw

The incident happened in Ohio this past week.

Meet Sam, a 4-mo-old husky mix that arrived at @SPCACincinnati as a stray. He is full of energy and will need a patient understand owner/adopter.

Interested? Sam will be on Local 12 this morning. Find your forever friend: https://t.co/1Focc0kpdk


You can buy a car online, drop in a giant token, and in a matter of seconds, out comes your new car!

[email protected]’s photo with @TomArnold fuels @realDonaldTrump tape speculation https://t.co/Z4Xb9Htkt8

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A man charged with murdering a family of five by driving under the influence and causing a crash testified Friday that he is to blame for the crash but that another driver shares some of the responsibility https://t.co/VJAKUQRKNC @Angenette5 reports the latest

GREAT NEWS! #TheCoffeeExchange in Pleasant Ridge says it fully intends to reopen after a fire burned down their building https://t.co/OHYEQakqYf In the meantime, they will be able to provide coffee to the community through the use of a mobile coffee truck courtesy #UrbanaCafe

Most active shooters carry legal firearms, target familiar places, @FBI study finds https://t.co/PFIXvfBtM3

Nearly 400 people used California assisted death law in 2017 https://t.co/2MPV8ZrIOV

Maysville Police asking for help in locating 19-year-old wanted for assault, burglary https://t.co/3GJWoW7CtN

Person shot multiple times in Springfield Township taken to hospital https://t.co/ZQ4c1ilvWZ

'Something bad is about to happen': Parkland shooter warned student https://t.co/efBmSyNuHf

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