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Akron RubberDucks need few hits to top Altoona Curve

Akron RubberDucks need few hits to top Altoona Curve


Akron scores three runs in the eighth inning without getting a hit.

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New tick species found in US

Body found on South Harris Avenue lawn https://t.co/eYI93dXotD

Parents, grandparents charged in Ohio newborn's death https://t.co/HhnLZ8eAqW

The Flats East Bank has targeted July 1 for the opening of a much-anticipated country-themed bar-restaurant-club owned by Rascal Flatts. https://t.co/7Dms8Z3Gla

Prince William to be best man at brother Harry's wedding https://t.co/QZHxyHXcau

Do you need a Fire Alarm? When was the last you tested your current one? No worries the Greater Cincinnati Red Cross office is SOUNDING THE ALARM with FREE Fire Alarms and installation from Cincinnatibell... https://t.co/NwPqFbfb2F

Who will the Bengals pick? Join @FOX19Joe and @FOX19Jeremy for a #NFLDraft2018 pre-show tonight https://t.co/vZCioBKhjy

Dr. Ronny Jackson withdraws as V.A. Secretary nominee. @FOX19

Ronny Jackson withdraws from consideration for VA chief https://t.co/xtMFV8PNlI

LeBron James hit one of the finest shots in his career (he also scored 44 points) and saved the Cavs' season.
James' 3-pointer at the buzzer lifted Cleveland to a thrilling 98-95 victory in Game 5 of this series against the Pacers.

Photos: Joshua Gunter, John Kuntz

Trump VA nominee withdraws from consideration https://t.co/RvvNUMonUC

Cannon Fodder podcast: It's a wrap! Welcome to the offseason https://t.co/ghEj9byPgF

Ronny Jackson withdraws as VA secretary nominee

The cool, wet weather may have slowed the spread of pollen in Northeast Ohio this spring, but this region is high on the list for those with allergies. Do you suffer from spring allergies?

St Martin school is shut down today and tomorrow after a student is diagnosed with Meningitis. I'll have an update in a live report on @FOX19 Now morning news in just a few minutes.

1 hour ago

Ohio State University Football


1 hour ago

Ohio State University Football



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My favorite team in the world!

I love it go Buckeyes


Kinda plain

🗣 Denzel Ward talks about the feeling of being one day away from having a dream come true at the #NFLDraft

2018 #NFLDraft starts tomorrow on NFLN/FOX/ESPN

#GoBucks #BIA


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Go bucks!

O-H !!!!

17 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Thank you ❤️💙 ...


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Honestly, bobrovsky being nowhere to be found is the reason this video lost in the first round of the playoffs. This team will never make a great video so long as bob is on the team. I’m going to ignore that he was probably busy dealing with 17 odd man rushes and going short handed 27 times in 3 minutes. I’m a warehouse worker but know more about professional hockey management than jarmo and very obviously can see that bob is past his prime, even though he had another Vezina caliber regular season

People can whine about 18 years all they want. The bottom line is that the current management has the organization in much better shape than when they arrived. That trend needs to continue. Love the fact that players left the building pissed off over losing.

God, I always suffer massive CBJ hockey withdrawal all summer. CAN IT BE OCTOBER YET

And Matt Calvert is going to be gone....

Thanks for another fun season.

Remember when Foligno guaranteed a Cup?

How the heck can Las Vegas win a series ?????? I’ve asked everyone and no one can give me a straight answer

So pissed we aren’t playing but u guys better sign Panarin to a lifetime deal

The enthusiasm in reading those thank yous was overwhelming.

Thank you boys for a great and exciting season of hockey. I couldn't be more proud to support and be a fan of CBJ as I live vicariously through you all because you are literally living my dream! See you all next season.

I know you guys are hurting as much as we fans.....we are in this together. I have been waiting longer than all of you have lived to win a cup.....Take some time off and then get started again. You young guys are one year older and should have learned something this year. The difference between going on and being knocked out is a slim thread! Hopefully next year we will have a bit more luck! Everyone stop the nonsense that Bob can’t do it! We got beat by a team that scored a bunch of power play goals and we couldn’t get it by the back up who came in and stood on his head!

Thanks for one hell of a run, hope to get further next year. Good job JACKETS

Thanks for the effort and entertainment you gave. Future looks bright. Take a couple weeks off and then start traing again for Tort's camp and the 18 - 19 season.

You guys are tremendous. Next season all the way with our CBJ🏒🏒

We are very young but.... you need to at least give all the greAt jacket fans a bone like winning a 1 home game!!! Very sad!

Folingo was the only sincere player..I guess that makes sense because hes the captain...video kinda rubs u the wrong way

We love you guys! Great job this season! GO BLUE JACKETS! #CBJ #WeAreThe5thLine

Get Rid of The Ice Whisper-Torts ... can’t figure lines out for 88 Games . The reason you see teammates colliding into one another and telegraphing passes and getting them taken! So much talent on the team he has no clue about ! Remember Karlsson ? 6 Goals for Torts and first year away from the Ice Whisper he has 43 Goals ! Ban bipolar Coaches from NHL !

Already wishing it was October.

Thank YOU for a Great season....October can't get here soon enough...GO JACKETS....

Hold your heads high. See ya next year. #cbjfanalways.

Thank you Columbus Blue Jackets team.... next year we are looking for The Cup ..you did a great job and I will see you in October. Thank you for the great season

Thank you Blue Jackets for an exciting season! Can’t wait to see next years team!

Thanks, guys. Loved watching you.

Save it. You've killed us emotionally and mentally for years now. Do your talking and thank you"s on the ice where/when it matters the most. Thanks for nothing.

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22 hours ago

Ohio State University Football

What are #NFLDraft analysts saying about the #Buckeyes?? 👇

#GoBucks #DevelopedHere


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Ohio state is turning into DBU. A first round corner in each of the last 3 drafts I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I would love for Denzel Ward, Sam Hubbard, and Jamarco Jones to be drafted by the Raiders! I'll take any of them, but 2/3 or all 3 would be amazing!

What about JT? lolol

7-8 draftees and 12-14 will sign contracts. Built by Buckeyes.

How much of our d-line is returning?

Buckeye 4 Life!

You make Buckeye Nation PROUD!

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Ohio State University Football



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Rest in Piece Bruce you brought us back from the Cooper years....

Now days truly good people are hard to find. Coach Bruce was one.

Would be a nice helmet sticker for this year - just sayin’ OSU.

He definitely bled scarlet and gray.

Should had never been fired much better record than Cooper.

RIP Coach Bruce. Thank you for all you've done for The Buckeyes.

Enjoyed a number of breakfasts at Hellas with Coach. Genuine as they come.

Classic, Meyer should wear a fedora on opening day,now that would be CLASSIC RESPECT.

That's a pretty slick tribute photo.

Awesome celebration of life of Earle Bruce on 10 tv this morning. Thank you

A CB sticker on the helmets would be a fitting tribute.

The Ohio State respects history and tradition. Its great to see them honor Earl Bruce's legacy.

Love it. And prayers for his family. Rest in peace Bruce

RIP Bruce you were a great one

Prayers for those left to grieve this awesome man.

very good coach and huge BUCKEYE man ! RIP !!


We were lucky to have you. Rest in Peace.

new helmet sticker?

Great post Buckeyes!!!

He is awesome

good by coach rip

Rest in piece

Great coach.

That’s great. RIP Coach.

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1 day ago

Ohio State University Football


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