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Barrio adds 11 new items to its menu

Barrio adds 11 new items to its menu


Is there ever a bad time for tacos?


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7 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

Some say "The Simpsons" character Apu is a racial stereotype; do you think it is offensive? Chat LIVE on Sunnyside Up. buff.ly/2Hzb3Lm ...


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Hi it's my birthday today James jardin from phillipines

29 years later the Simpson is now offensive? people have too much time on their hands if they are offended by a cartoon.

Knew just a matter of before someone whine about that

Hi shout out me

Gm Cleveland

Ironically... I am sitting on toilet taking Apu while watching this

They love the race card

Wait till you guys get a load of this show called "South Park"

Way to much info on that toilet one

hey my post just got deleted. 29 years later and now The Simpsons is offensive? People have too much time on their hands if they are offended by a cartoon tv show.

It is a cartoon, and by the if you have been in a mini Mart type store in the last twenty years ,pretty sure it is close to the same as Simpsons

It’s just something to talk about

Hi 👋Jamie again & good morning to you

Good morning Julian

Come in is everything racist it’s only a cartoon

Hate the Simpsons

The character is ok 👍

Absolutely! Don’t know how this show has managed to stay on this long!

Its going wayyyyyy to far....leave the cartoon alone!

How is it insensitive?

No he is not . I never thought the little rascal were racist I loved the show had a race car like they did this is crazy 😜

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38 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

Wish the first lady a happy birthday today! ...

Wish the first lady a happy birthday today!


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Happy birthday first lady Melania.

From porn model to "other woman" to trophy wife to embarrassed and humiliated on the world stage... Illegal immigrants will do disgusting jobs no American wants. Wonder what her birthday wish will be? At least we've got a picture of a genuine smile without those hard angry eyes she always has around Trump.

Hope you have the greatest birthday ever...you area beautiful person

Happy Birthday Mrs.Trump may you have a happy day

Hope your birthday is blessed and very happy.

Happy Born Day MT.

Happy Birthday our beautiful and classy First Lady.

Have a good one happy birthday to a classy woman

Happy birthday Melania

Happy Birthday beautiful first lady..

happy birthday to you

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday !

Happy bday

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday 🎂

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday

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1 hour ago

Cleveland 19 News

Cleveland is awesome at repurposing buildings. Larder: A Curated Delicatessen & Bakery opened in an old firehouse that used to house Clydesdales. More details on the Eastern European deli that opened this week can be found here: buff.ly/2JnoAWA ...

2 hours ago

Cleveland 19 News

The council for the District of Columbia is pondering a proposal that would allow those 16 years of age or older to vote in both local and federal elections. buff.ly/2KiMKmC ...

The council for the District of Columbia is pondering a proposal that would allow those 16 years of age or older to vote in both local and federal elections. https://buff.ly/2KiMKmC


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No, absolutely not. Kids these days can’t decide which bathroom to eat their tide pods in... why would we let them vote?

Is this a actually a question! You want a generation (age group) that eats Tide pods, snorts condoms to get involved with decisions that can affect others lives? I think NOT!

No. I say raise it to 21. Why would we want anyone without real life experiences of knowledge of how the government works making decisions for us.

NO, at 16 you do not know anything about politics. Put it back to 21.

I agree with Steve. They’re old enough to work they should have a say on what affects their paychecks and higher education. And don’t kid yourselves, most 16 year olds I know have a better understanding of politics, government , and world events than most adults I know.

Kids this age are eating tide pods. By all means let them decide on who should run the country! Smh

Right now these children are the ones eating Tidepods.

Really you should be 21 and have proof of a job and paying taxes to vote.

Amendment XXVI Right to Vote at Age 18. The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Absolutely. If they are old enough to work and pay taxes, they should have a vote

Duane Heighton..... i agree with you 100% & needs to left alone. Yet the 1st ammendment is infringed on continuessly depending on what your opinion is or group your behind or popular at the moment. The battleground is being set for infringing on, changing or abolishing the 2nd ammendment. Many local municipalities have done it already, so what is to stop or say cant change the voting age. Clearly our Constitution & ammendments mean nothing & anymore any federal judge can rule on or change anything based on his personal views... its all a big pile of BS !!!

It should be raised, the human brain does not totally mature until age 24. If they survive their tide pod eating, condom snorting years, then they can vote.

I say unless you graduated high school it should be 21...If you graduated you can vote at age 19 ... If you drop out of school you it should be that you dispose of your right to ever vote

Good Lord, NO. If anything, it should be raised.....kids are becoming less mature over the years. 16-year-olds working and supporting families in the 19th century are the ones who were capable of voting.

We should raise it to 25. When people start realizing what life really is.

This is stupid. What 16 year old gives 2 sh!ts about politics?

Another ploy to create more democratic voters.

So the kids eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms can vote? No Thanks!!!!

Sounds like the democrats are desperate!!!!

then i guess its OK to SMOKE AND DRINK at that age.....lol....lol

No. Not responsible enough to make that type of decision

The liberals are getting desperate.

I had to wait until 21... why change to 16?

NO NO NO!!! They have no clue about anything.

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2 hours ago

Cleveland 19 News

Please share: A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a fugitive Cleveland police say is "armed and dangerous." buff.ly/2HRXRnS ...

Please share: A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a fugitive Cleveland police say is armed and dangerous. https://buff.ly/2HRXRnS

17 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Thank you ❤️💙 ...


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Honestly, bobrovsky being nowhere to be found is the reason this video lost in the first round of the playoffs. This team will never make a great video so long as bob is on the team. I’m going to ignore that he was probably busy dealing with 17 odd man rushes and going short handed 27 times in 3 minutes. I’m a warehouse worker but know more about professional hockey management than jarmo and very obviously can see that bob is past his prime, even though he had another Vezina caliber regular season

People can whine about 18 years all they want. The bottom line is that the current management has the organization in much better shape than when they arrived. That trend needs to continue. Love the fact that players left the building pissed off over losing.

God, I always suffer massive CBJ hockey withdrawal all summer. CAN IT BE OCTOBER YET

And Matt Calvert is going to be gone....

Thanks for another fun season.

Remember when Foligno guaranteed a Cup?

How the heck can Las Vegas win a series ?????? I’ve asked everyone and no one can give me a straight answer

So pissed we aren’t playing but u guys better sign Panarin to a lifetime deal

The enthusiasm in reading those thank yous was overwhelming.

Thank you boys for a great and exciting season of hockey. I couldn't be more proud to support and be a fan of CBJ as I live vicariously through you all because you are literally living my dream! See you all next season.

I know you guys are hurting as much as we fans.....we are in this together. I have been waiting longer than all of you have lived to win a cup.....Take some time off and then get started again. You young guys are one year older and should have learned something this year. The difference between going on and being knocked out is a slim thread! Hopefully next year we will have a bit more luck! Everyone stop the nonsense that Bob can’t do it! We got beat by a team that scored a bunch of power play goals and we couldn’t get it by the back up who came in and stood on his head!

Thanks for one hell of a run, hope to get further next year. Good job JACKETS

Thanks for the effort and entertainment you gave. Future looks bright. Take a couple weeks off and then start traing again for Tort's camp and the 18 - 19 season.

We are very young but.... you need to at least give all the greAt jacket fans a bone like winning a 1 home game!!! Very sad!

You guys are tremendous. Next season all the way with our CBJ🏒🏒

Folingo was the only sincere player..I guess that makes sense because hes the captain...video kinda rubs u the wrong way

We love you guys! Great job this season! GO BLUE JACKETS! #CBJ #WeAreThe5thLine

Get Rid of The Ice Whisper-Torts ... can’t figure lines out for 88 Games . The reason you see teammates colliding into one another and telegraphing passes and getting them taken! So much talent on the team he has no clue about ! Remember Karlsson ? 6 Goals for Torts and first year away from the Ice Whisper he has 43 Goals ! Ban bipolar Coaches from NHL !

Already wishing it was October.

Thank YOU for a Great season....October can't get here soon enough...GO JACKETS....

Hold your heads high. See ya next year. #cbjfanalways.

Thank you Columbus Blue Jackets team.... next year we are looking for The Cup ..you did a great job and I will see you in October. Thank you for the great season

Thank you Blue Jackets for an exciting season! Can’t wait to see next years team!

Thanks, guys. Loved watching you.

Save it. You've killed us emotionally and mentally for years now. Do your talking and thank you"s on the ice where/when it matters the most. Thanks for nothing.

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2 days ago

Columbus Blue Jackets



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Get rid of bob now. Not worth paying him $7m.

I’ll be here rooting them on next year just like I have from the beginning. Hope for better things next year.

Nashville to win the cup

Wished we had flurry as our goaltender he is a lot better than bob

You’re awesome, Jackets! Your true fans will always be here!

why we lost...#1bob.. #2 are penalty kill suck #3 not enough firepower

Foligno guaranteed a Cup a few seasons ago. Torts guaranteed a win last night. Tired of the lies. Don't make promises you can't follow through on CBJ.

Bob can’t do it all! The team in front of him did not help at all

Great season everyone STOP slamming BOB he is awesome we just couldn’t score when we needed too 😢. The team played their hearts ♥️ out!!! Sick and tired of supposed fans blaming the coach, certain players or whatever someone has to lose it just wasn’t our time to win. I will stand by them always and someday it WILL BE THE JACKETS TIME!!! So get off your soap boxes or maybe why don’t you all get out there and try to do what they do. Great year guys can’t wait to see what next year brings ❤️❤️❤️

Sorry to see the season end this way, but still thankful for all the hard work! I have lived in a LOT of cities over my life. Being a die hard hockey fan in each one. In each of those other cities I have not seen the fan base or enthusiasm like here in Columbus! Stay true to what you guys have done and keep pursuing greatness. Unlike some others, I am one who believes the time will come. Sooner than later. CBJ for life. Cheers.

If you truly think Bob is the problem, you know very little about hockey.

Love the Jackets, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was disappointed how this season ended. Kinda tired of the same old "we'll be back better next season" rhetoric. Serious shakeups need to be made with the blue line and assistant coaches...

I love love love this team and cannot wait until October!!!!! 🤗🤗#myteam!

Don't try to suck up to the fans after blowing a 2 game lead and tanking at home. We need guys that can get tougher when times get tough - and coaches who can make game adjustments - much like the Caps did.

Sorry the 5th line couldn't do much in the playoffs, we lost every game at home in the playoffs.

The team is finally getting some good prospects. Team is overall young and gaining so early in their career opportunity to play playoffs game make them stronger for tough moments. The Bob can't stop everything. It's not the 80's anymore with no deflections and slow ball slapshot. No lucky rebound and it could the Jackets to second round.. From Montréal with love. Heal your wounds guys and beat the record of 2 back-to-back 10 wins in a row and make it further!

Sad end to the season but still a great year at nationwide

Love this team. Need a few more guys that want to show up daily and earn the money they get. Disappointed in Cam. Calvert was fantastic. I think Jack should have gotten a shot in game 5

It's hard to remain positive sometimes because of the team's history but I sincerely believe they have a good team going forward. The only people I'd get rid of are Dubinsky and Johnson. Werenski, Jones, Murray, Antkinson, Anderson, Bjorkstrand, Dubois and Panarin all have a lot of good years in front of them.

Hmmm....maybe I was at the wrong game? They're in home jerseys, but I don't remember any post game celebration last night?...or in games 3 & 4 for that matter?

Thank you for another great season.

Great season!! <3 🏒 🥅

Bob is great during the regular season but a sieve in the playoffs.

Yet another year with the absolute same result

Just be glad holtby didn't start game 1

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2 days ago

Only In Columbus

What a serene shot of the Ohio Statehouse snapped by @kboateng_photography / Instagram! ...

What a serene shot of the Ohio Statehouse snapped by @kboateng_photography / Instagram!


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Gee, have we had THAT much rain?!? 😉

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