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Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance: See the first full ride video


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“We all have to play better as a collective group.” #WhateverItTakes ...


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Larry Drew = Wins Tyronn Lue = Loss Make Tyronn ClueLess the assistant coach for the playoffs. Larry Drew actually knows how to use the players, plus he put together better rotations. Drew should be the head coach.

"STOP" taking 15 mins tryna make and missing 3's just get simple 2's or even attack for fouls .. that's why we lost

Kyrie is the reason why cleveland was good. Kyrie amplifies the strength of lebron james. Without kyrie, lbj is just a good player. With kyrie, lbj is a top player. But is lbj consider a goat like mj? Think again. I rest my case.

Bring a dumbtruck james.. Go get all the all star player to Become a champion... Your to far from MJ.. Hahaha

smith wants to be the HERO.., the azzshole didn't pass the ball to clarkson who was WIDE OPEN for a trey..., SELFISH idiot..''

You should have to put confidence on Hill and Calderon. Let them ease you up on playmaking duties. Loosen up a little, dont try to put everything on your soulders man. You should focus more on scoring and defense.

Typical leflops fans.. when winning, leflops carried the team, can win with anyone. When losing.. leflops don't have help, coach lue is having bad decision.. Smith and Thompson is not helping, Kevin love is missing.. 😂😂😂 The kind of idiocacry these fans have, excuses excuses excuses.. and if Cavs winning ,they are really prepared to have annoying memes just to degrade the opposition.. these leflops fans are great in degrading someone or some team, but can't take an L when it backfires. 😂😂😂

Calderon plays with more urgency than Hill as PG why didn’t you give him minutes Lue??? Losing a 17 point lead is unacceptable. Larry Drew draw up so plays for Lue man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

They was 16/20 the refs really played a part also .. 😫 but I find it odd how the teams that won cavs , raports , boston .. since the location changed they all losing ? Interesting

This is what happens when you didn’t play hard for that 3rd seed spot!!

Plain and simple get rid of ty Lue he doesn’t know how to use his bench and make adjustments know way you blow a 17 point lead. He always lets the other team come back before he calls a time out to slow them down please fire this clown he has ruined this team. Can’t management see Larry Drew is a better coach the team plays better when he coaches

let larry drew be the head coach and everything will be fine

Group, James admits that the Cavs dont have nobody but you. This series is over and you know it. Their is nothing on that bench but D-league players. Lue couldn't coach on high school level. This is the worse team The King have ever played on by far. Pacers in 6 game

It's alright,,we win again ,,never give up ,,, always remember ,,,ur the best NBA player ,,n cavs one of the best team in NBA,,let's go CAVS see u in game 4 ,,,,insha Allah

lue has no plan B.. how come in 2nd half lebron is tired enough to drive into the lane with the good defense of bogdo!novic . lue still post play of lebron.. lue used your common sense not only lebron on the floor .. still 4 guys ..ball movement drive to the rim make thier own shoot.. if they missed get the foul atleast made thier best .. lue WTF maaannn ...

Coach lue pls let Larry drew do the coaching

Where is my Cavs that beat the Bucks, Blazers, Raptors and Pelicans in almost consecutive games last regular season???? Guess they arent existing now coz they are the Cavs under Drew's coaching.. :(

i hope the cavs org reactivate coach Larry drew and kick out tyrone lue ... its a bad player rotation ... bad spacing .... early exit if they didnt reactivate drew ,,,

this would be the 1st tym in king james career that he'll not going to the 2nd rounds of the playoffs

I won’t be mad if Lebron leaves Cle, he’s carrying a bunch of scrubs that pass him the ball & stand there waiting for him to do everything

What ever it takes you’re still MY MVP 😘♥️

I hope the mngt. Will give a chance to Larry drew for better player rotation. Lue is suck

Let's be honest what happen to LeBron James that use to block shots it's like he doesn't play no d everything else he is good in and i no he can play d but the biggest problem is the coach what happen to the players you was playing in the season Cleveland will get out the 1st round but after that it's over

There’s no doubt you’re a great basketball player. One man coverage is not enough to stop you. You’ll gonna break a lot of records as long as your playing. But to have the ring again before you retire, perhaps you might need to consider other systems how you gonna play it. It appears though that playing it through your own system even if you leave for other teams won’t guarantee you’ll get it again. From a fan who cares perspective. Not a fan who idolizes no matter what.

Take the ball out of Hill hands & It Seems Like KL was playing for Indiana most of the game..bench KL in Indiana..

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2 hours ago

Cleveland Cavaliers

Indiana takes Game 3 after a tough second half in Indy.

Love: 19PTS, 6REB
Hill: 13PTS

#CavsPacers BOX: on.nba.com/2HgXD6u
GALLERY: on.nba.com/2qPI8ev

Indiana takes Game 3 after a tough second half in Indy.

Love: 19PTS, 6REB
Hill: 13PTS

#CavsPacers BOX: https://on.nba.com/2HgXD6u
GALLERY: https://on.nba.com/2qPI8ev


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Lebron James actually killed the team. The guy actually quit on the team in the middle of the game. He played the entire half and had the ball in his hands the entire half. He slowed the game down and was very indecisive. His attitude today was just poor. People will look at the box score and see the last three 3s he made and conclude he had a great game, but they will be naive as the box score won’t tell the whole story. The crust of the issue happened in the 3rd quarter. And Lebron was mostly to blame.

Lebron SHOULD leave. I’ve been a Cavs fan my entire life, but he doesn’t deserve to have ABSOLUTELY ZERO HELP day in and out. He needs to leave. I’ll follow wherever he goes because this joke of a team isn’t doing anything right. All that happened this off-season was us releasing Kyrie and our good bench players. Now we got the Lakers leftovers. This has been a failure of a season.

Useless cavs bench. Sincerely, some players don't deserve to play with LBJ. They can't bring nothing in the box..... Don't say anything if Lebron leave this summer

It's easy to sweep through the eastern conference when u gotta superteam but now it's time to be exposed for being the most overrated player in NBA history...

How big must a lead be for us, so that we certainly win the game at the end? 40 or 50 points? It is absolutely frustrating that Lue has no plan (more) to win a game in the last quarter. How great King James still is he cannot take the playoffs alone. #comeoncavs

IND only caught up in the 3rd cause they were getting handed fouls for everything and anything.anyone that watched the game knows that.Cavs couldn’t buy a foul in the 3rd when it mattered to maintain a good lead.

I have been a Cavs fan since the days of Mark Price and Brad Daugherty. Now I am completely fed up. How do I continue to get excited about an upcoming game or wear the Cavs team apparel when the Cavs organization continues to employ the worst coach in the NBA. Lue lost this game in the 3rd quarter by leaving a mix of players that could only muster 12 points and play such lousy defense they lost a 17 point lead. Lue just stands there with no clue of what to do. Couches on the opposing teams make adjustments, Lue does nothing. Fed up, I'm fed up.

Im a huge lebron james fan but this loss is not just cause of coach lue. Its lebron and the others. Lebrons nowhere to find in 3rd quarter and no one of his teammates step up. And at the fourth quarter when lebron found a rhythm and tied the game. Everyones wants to be a hero shooting 3s like wtf? Im from philippines but 3 games and still jordan clarkson and hood nowhere to be found. Still i trust this team and i know in game 4 were going to win. #StillGOCAVS! #Bron23

Where was Cedi? Lue keep trying to stick to his rotation that clearly is struggling for the past 3 games. He needs to do what Warriors and Spurs do, look down the bench and pick a fresh player to give the opponent a different match up.

The Cavs D focused too much on Oladipo, and forgot about the other guys, specially bogdanovic. We need one player full time guarding Oladipo, Cedi is the guy, Ty Lue is just afraid of using him, idk why.

U lead 17 at halftime and still manage to lose to a pacers team with no superstar and only a bunch of supporting cast..good luck to facing better opposition moving forward and that is a "if" smh

The way the Cavaliers are losing is like the fruit of how they played the regular season from all aspects of team basketball. The law of averages is hounding them or it looks like there’s divine intervention that’s sending them a message.

Coach lue didn’t use other players like calderon,osman and even zizic... we need energy from that guys.... but what a shame their gas in the second half are all gone....

Overall lack luster performance from everyone. It looked like LBJ had no reason to ever shoot the ball the entire 3rd quarter.. and WTF was that last possession? How could no one get down the court to take that pass. easy 2 puts this game into OT.....

The coach is suspect. I'd be ripping the players for losing such a lead. I feel The coach is the problem. Common Lue get a freaking technical for calling you players out. If Coach Knight would be coach of this team he would have thrown several chairs.

Well.....at least the Cavs got one chip. Nobody can take away 2016. I dont blame Lebron for leaving. I hope he goes to a darkhorse team like Portland. Cavs need to implode this team and rebuild.

Where are you Love?where are you Green?where are you anyone aside from Lebron? Pls step up now Cavs need you badly... I easily understand Lebron if he leaves this org this team is very heavy to lift those others say have very small brains smaller than mosquitoes..

Keep on mixing highlights of MJ combined with LeBron while he loses to Indiana. You are trying to force LeBron in to the comparison when Cavs were ahead and it is so funny he did not manage to lead them to win.

Just fire Lou .. may be it’s too late for this season.. sorry CAVs team , you got bad coach.. don’t blame yourself! Because he does not know how to use this team .. confused , I think

We aren’t going to the finals this year. And I bet Lebron leaves. He did get us the championship he said he would though❤️ And just like that, the Cavs will go back to being almost as bad as the Browns😕

GARBAGE. That was an absolutely pathetic second half. This team only gives effort when it feels like it, and apparently they lost interest in playing basketball at halftime. That was shameful.

KING James better leave Cleveland this summer. You've done enough. You cannot win a Championship with all your herculean power. You need some consistent help from your team mates.

Cavs choke in the 2nd half. Lebron’s not even looking to score the entire 3rd quarter,maybe tired or something but this is playoffs you can’t let the home team get any runs and get their confidence back like that. Wp by Indiana. I’m a Cavs fan but to be honest i don’t think they will make it out in this 1st round playing like that.

This team is dispirited. Talent is the only thing that came out after that halftime break. If no one on the team besides lebron showed up in the next game. They're done.

As always there is no defence. Counted 6 times in second half Indiana got offensive rebound in a 3-1 situation and none of our players jumped or marked the guy getting the board. This is all too common. Its pathetic. It's an amateur skill needed and always lack. Always conceding 100+ more times than not. That's not a big team trait

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3 hours ago

Cleveland Cavaliers

100 career playoff double-doubles ✔

100 career playoff double-doubles ✔ 


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Ty lue can't even call a timeout. He lets Pacers make use of all their momentum

Continue mixing highlights of MJ combined with LeBron while he loses to Indiana. You are trying to force LeBron in to the comparison and it is such a joke.

Time to move on Lebron (As a Lebron fan) this team has no heart. Philly or Houston should be good for Lebron.

This is ridiculous! Now we have to beat the refs as well. That’s what happens when the coach doesn’t call time outs

Refs gave IND a chance to catch up with all this calling fouls on us for anything and stuff they should have been called fouls on for has been getting ignored especially the offensive fouls.korver got taken out at least twice in the first half in the paint(outside the restricted zone) and it got ignored and then Olidipo(in the 3rd) steps in front of nance once he was already in his shooting motion and they called offensive foul quick.bull crap.

"The Goat " but can we attack and pay attention and stop tryna just sit back and take 3's

There s only lebron and love in this team . All the other players are afraid to play in playoffs but they are not afraid to take their money in the end of the month . And where is T.T.??

I am a huge Lebron James fan, but this year is over , they have no chance and Nat Mac is out coaching Ty Lue, why take out Nance and keep hood on the floor his closing lineup should be Nance Love James Korver Hill tonight

And he has two playoff games left as a Cavalier to break any records. Hello Philly or Houston next season. This season has been an absolute joke starting with the owner right down to the head coach.

Ty lue is worst coach in NBA... Browns played harder for hue Jackson than the Cavs do for lue... Larry drew should be head coach

Ty Lue needs to go. He should have been screaming about all the blatantly unfair fouls called on the Cavs. That game should have been theirs. Period.

No one cares. Cavaliers choked again and this time they'll lose. They'll be out of the playoffs in the first round, with or without LeBron's individual achievements that don't matter.

Shocking performance yet again..build a lead and then give it up to lose the game. As long as the Management persists with Coach cLUEless they will be eliminated in the first round, which was my forecast months ago. They are not a good team and add to that a crap coach...and it’s a recipe for disaster. i reckon James has started packing his bags already. 😂😂😂

Better not to win. Anyone that thinks this team can win 4 of 7 against the warriors or rockets is delusional.

Someone' has to show and leads the rookies Players, and that's LBJ- without LeBron, there's no Cavaliers Team''that's the fact's, that's why, LBJ- still playing in Cavaliers Team'' LBJ- can manage the game, and yah' all keep blaming the Coach? Yes. It's possible good Team can Win Every Game, players can be a superhero' but. in reality, it take a superpower to be a super hero, and this is a NBA Sportsman Players you Win' you Lost' it's the name of the Game. That's how you human understand, 🙄😏😒

Lebron is only playing for his greatness or for the books..winning is only a plus..he doesn't care if they're down or not..the loss of Irving is a great factor why they're not the same CAVS as before..

U lead 17 at halftime and still manage to lose to a pacers team with no superstar and only a bunch of supporting cast..good luck to facing better opposition moving forward and that is a "if" smh

i still believe in you cavs! we can make this! 😊 losing is part of a game but lets fight and have Faith 😊

i can't wait ty lue interview and he will say again just be aggressive , we are good in defense ? wtf his clearly need to go in mental

Let lebron be, Let him go to a team that can actually help him to win not to blow leads lol. 17 pt lead then losing? You got a big problem right there. Not seeing lebron in a cavs uniform next season.

How many times can you swap out the entire team and end up with the same results then not blame LeBron. Get him out of here!

Very bad game it’s unbelievable we lost it we had a big lead in the first half it’s unbelievable... The most annoying thing is to see them going easy to the basket

And what about him standing on the opposite side of the court and not getting back on defense. So lazy

Lebron be like, "Siri, find 6 bedroom 5 bath Craftsman style houses for sale in the Philadelphia area".

This team only play for money.. no pride anymore.. they know they won’t get a championship title this year.

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3 hours ago

Cleveland Cavaliers

100 career playoff double-doubles ✔


100 career playoff double-doubles ✔


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Queen James the most overrated player in the history of the NBA! No Wade, No Irving, No championship! Warriors 2015 & 2017 NBA Champions! ✌️🏆🏆💪 Adam Silver 2016 NBA Champion!

That was a pathetic 3rd quarter. How many times will they go into the same set with Lebron isolated in the post seriously. If it's not working, do something else. This coach is absolutely terrible. No wonder everybody misses, nobody gets good shots in rhythm.

Goodbye Lebron. Have fun in either LA or Philly. I'm sorry but Cleveland is done. If you can't hold on to a 17 point lead in the 2nd half in the first round, and you're letting a guy with a name like Bogdan Bogdanovic drop 30 and look like an MVP, you should not be allowed to even be in the playoffs, nor do you deserve to. That was PATHETIC. Offense is not throwing to LeBron in the post and watching him dribble out the shot clock! Golden State barely has a guy with the ball for more than 5 seconds at a time, and you expect to beat that with LeBron going "dribble dribble dribble dribble head fake dribble dribble fake drive and pass out* and have somebody have to hoist up a ridiculous 3. LeBron is gone. One more loss and it's back to 52 years of misery.

Well, the problem is leadership. Hunger. Killer instinct. He doesn't look happy or hungry to me.

Worst coached team outside of Cleveland.

Garbage performance in the third and fourth quarter.. pacers now leading cleveland by 7 points! Wtf!

This man's teammates are straight baby poop. 💩 He's carrying trash again

Thanks for the one title Lebron. You should probably leave Cleveland if you want another ring in your career. We suck...

can you guys ever hold on to a good lead common😤😤😤😤😤

This organization is a disgrace!! How do u have the best player in the world & u treat him like this? Us fans do not deserve you. Please loose this series so I stop wasting my time! I hope you go to a team that has an organization that knows how to treat u like the king that you are!!!!

Playing some defense and not blowing a 17 pt lead would be more impressive. #justsayin

Nextyear cavs will be trash.. lebron is leaving

Congratulations LeBron James ,,,

We're watching the '07 Cavs all over again.

If they don't win it really doesn't matter

Say much about him ,is Just Blabla .Just Love him and pray for him .thats all.Bonjour King

Jr Smith should've been traded

better to give him the ball than throw it like that.

Lebron playing like he knows that first round exit will excuse him leaving this summer

Use calderon zizic and cedi lue wake up

Maybe he can get his money Back for the suits.

you dont see clarkson waiting for the to pass.

no one cares about stats. We want winning not choking a 17pt lead

Garbage man only chasing for records

So when is Lebron going to take over

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3 hours ago

Cleveland Cavaliers

GEORGE 👏 HILL 👏 #WhateverItTakes ...


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Korver missing wide open shots. 64-55 cavs up.

Our defense is very nice, but our offense is awful, they need to move more,they are just sitting and waiting for Lebron to do something! #FireLue

Coach don't know what to do at this point.He has larry nance fresh legs. Clarkson also can spark to get the momentum back.

Just not that good...need a coach that demands defense for 4 quarters..fin someone besides LBJ that can score some points..my God

Lebron will be burn out by the end of this serie. Nobody can’t step up on 4Q when game is on line?? Wtf ??

Lack of energy and effort down the stretch cost us this game. Again coach Lue why not try Osman and see what he can do. Pacers play lock up Lebron and our coaching inability to design an inside game for green or trying to put someone on the pain.

KOrver is horrible. He can only shoot if he is lucky. How did he become a top shooter in the NBA. Or he should have retired? NO good, young players are better than him. Do you think the other teams would have given us those players if they are good. They wanted to get rid of them. We do not know how to evaluate players.

Frustration reigns. Furious! I want to scream right about now. How does this happen?!😡

For the love of god make a substitution ty lue! That line up wasn’t working in the 3rd. Call a time out and change it up. That’s what good coaches do before he 17 point lead dwindles down to nothing

Refs suck Clarkson gets called a charge Sabonis does the same thing it's a block terrible officiating

Why does Lebron continue to do these fancy no look passes that always results in a turnover?

Hill was playing good then lue took him out

Nice 3rd quarter offense! Dribble theclock down & toss up some garbage

S.o.S. Lb..needs help. The man didnt come out the 2nd half...S.o S...

Was this game really a shocker? Same crap as every other game

What it takes is k.love to not be sloppy af

Very bad. Only Lebron can make shots. We don’t have jump shooter anymore aside from James. With Pacers defense and Cavs doesn’t have a legit center, we need jump shooter. After this season, if Cavs cannot not get another star player and a legit center during free agency, I don’t blame if Lebron leaves. This is the same line up as 2006-2009 and I did not blame him when he left in 2009. During that time, Cavs was so slow in improving the line up.

Jr smith should off pass the ball to clarkson at the last 2 sec

Lue is playing the guys too long Osman didn't play Kover missing open shots. Cavs only scored 33 points pitiful If it wasn't for LeBron this team would've been blown out by the Pacers. Pacers were holding LeBron like they were married to him. Lue can't coach worth Jack

Wtf is going on with this team just give up 17 points lead like that ???

This is what happens when you let them get momentum... has been some terrible no calls though

12 points in the entire quarter. Lead gone. They are who we thought they were. Still garbage.

Way better than IT and clarkson. Him and Calderon are good pick up by the Cavs.

Lee n d big guy zizic should b playing!!!! Fire lue

Ty Lue with that bs already can’t Coach for nothing

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4 hours ago

Cleveland Cavaliers

Feeling good at the break in Indy.

#CavsPacers BOX: on.nba.com/2HgXD6u
GALLERY: on.nba.com/2qPI8ev

Feeling good at the break in Indy.

#CavsPacers BOX: https://on.nba.com/2HgXD6u
GALLERY: https://on.nba.com/2qPI8ev


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We just need consistent defense in the second half and we're good. DONT LET THIS BIG LEAD COLLAPSE ONCE AGAIN LIKE WHAT HAPPENED LAST GAME 2 !!!!!

MJ vs. LBJ MJ 6 rings( no game 7. That means he had less competition whatsoever) LBJ 3 rings(won all in seven games series where pressure is greater. Hes done it with epic comebacks and the historic block and 3-1 comeback which is first in nba history against a 73-9 team) MJ -Dpoy,scoring champ etc. LBJ- 30k - 8k-8k and still counting. MJ - 5 mvps LBJ- 4 mvps(robbed so many times) MJ-scoring,defensive machine LBJ-efficient shooter,better 3 pointer and can play all positions.better passer and rebounder. MJ- 6-6 in the finals(swept couple of time in the first round) LBJ-3-8 in the finals(never been swept in the first round and his finals L was against great teams with great coaches) MJ vs peppin in the finals Points-mj Rebound-peppin Assist-peppin Lbj vs wade in the finals Points-lbj Assist-lbj Rebound-lbj Lbj vs kyrie in the finals Points-lbj Rebound-lbj Assist-lbj Mj vs lbj Play offs triple double -lbj Mj vs lbj finals triple double -lbj Lebron has done more for his team.. Loyalty Lbj-miami-cavs Mj-bulls- wizards Total points -mj(mj is retired bron is still playing) Assist -bron(still counting) Rebound -bron(still counting) The goat status is very subjective..but we all know that team accomplishments and individual greatnes are diff.


Yes, the Cavs are doing great! I hope this kind of momentum will continue till the end.

What happened to Kevin Love? It seems like his teammates are checking on him before the end of the halftime?

Why is it that the team always seams to squander their lead in the 3rd. Is it the coaching or the players a little of both or Lue sucks as a motivator during the halftime break. #firetyronnlue

Finally looks like the other player found their rhythm.. lebron did not carry the team in first half, hope it continue🔥💕

They’re now down 7 in the fourth can’t hit a shot turning the ball over and getting very little love from the refs

Hope they dont bottle it in the 4th quarter..

Kevin Love packed his big boy pants for the trip to Indiana. Keep up the intensity in the second half and don't blow this like you almost did in game 2.

Arguably our best defensive first half of the season. Keep up!

How does this happen?! Lose by two lousy points after being up 17! Seething mad.😡 Lue best have some brilliant reason.

#Game4 #CavsIn6. Dissapointed in the L. Wanted to see cleveland win 4 straight and close it out at home

I Support Cavs only because of Korver , best 3 Shooter ever .Hi from Switzerland.

I told everybody after Game 1. Let JR defend Oladipo. In Game two he forced a TO after 10 seconds and an offensive foul. In this game he hold him to 5 pts at the half. He ain't scared of nobody. Plus he stopped to take dumb shots

The Cavs r playing defense like they should! Let’s get it! 👍🏼🙏🏼🏀

Another disappointment. Pacers erased 17 points and won! Hill did good job but why he just played 23 minutes? Please let Drew in and Lue out!

You guys sleeping on the cavs too early. We have the best breathing human to play the basketball. TRUST! TRUST! TRUST! We are still favorite to win the east and wish us luck also if the championship. #sixersmyass #raptorsmyass

Only the Cavs can go from up 17 to down by 6. Pathetic. LeBron, if to you, you're the MVP, how about you start playing like it. Stop picking your dribble up 5 feet outside the arc, and start bashing heads in the paint and dunking. All that hype you got after last game is out the window already

What is this team doing in the second half incredible after 17 points lead lose the game bogdanovic best 3 pointer at pacers open and open shots and korver gets foul him 4 point game incredible go home bye bye playoffs

As what i've observed..they don't trust Jordan Clarkson..they don't want to pass the ball to him..he's loosing his confidence..GIVE HIM THE CHANCE..like in the end..JC is open..why JR don't pass the ball to him..so disappointing!

How many times can you swap out the entire team and end up with the same results then not blame LeBron. Get him out of here!

Ljames Klove NanceJr Jsmith GHill.

Good defense and its good to see everybody flying around.....now lets continue to increase this lead..lets go cavs

What The hell happened in the second half? My God can’t Lue tell them to start passing the ball and stop jacking up crap threes? If your scared of the team let the Asst. Coach again.

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9 hours ago

City of Oxford, Ohio - Division of Police


The FRESH Air Fair is tomorrow, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., at Talawanda High School. Officers will be running a bicycle safety course for the kiddos, will have a table supplying child DNA kits, and will have a prescription medication drop box station, so stop out and see them!

The word FRESH comes from the full name FAMILY RESOURCES and EDUCATION for SAFETY and HEALTH and is a partnership between McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, the Coalition for a Healthy Community, the City of Oxford and Miami University Police Departments, and the Talawanda School District. This event is held in conjunction with the annual Kiwanis Pancake Day. (yum!)

Have a FUN, safe weekend, everyone!


The FRESH Air Fair is tomorrow, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., at Talawanda High School.  Officers will be running a bicycle safety course for the kiddos, will have a table supplying child DNA kits, and will have a prescription medication drop box station, so stop out and see them! 

The word FRESH comes from the full name FAMILY RESOURCES and EDUCATION for SAFETY and HEALTH and is a partnership between McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, the Coalition for a Healthy Community, the City of Oxford and Miami University Police Departments, and the Talawanda School District. This event is held in conjunction with the annual Kiwanis Pancake Day. (yum!) 

Have a FUN, safe weekend, everyone!Image attachment

FYI. The Franklin High School is conducting a Mock-auto crash to the rear of the high school. Frankin Police, Fire, and EMS, along with Careflight and Anderson Funeral Home, are demonstrating their expertise.

This is a drill and no actual emergency exists!


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Saw careflight fly over my work

18 hours ago

Ohio's Amish Country


Todays photos of beautiful Ohio's Amish Country were sent in by Arica Collett from Pineville, Kentucky. Thanks Arica for sharing your great photos.

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS... Do you have photos that exhibit the beauty of Ohio's Amish Country? We would love to post them on our Facebook page and show the rest of our Facebook friends.

Please email your photos to [email protected] for consideration. Please include your name and where you are from.


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All familiar sights to me, as I live in Holmes County. Love the country, and will be home from Florida soon.

Can't wait to come up & spend some quality time I love Holmes County. Beautiful pictures! 💗🤗💗

Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

It thrills me to see the beautiful beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing! 💕

Beautiful pictures. ! Love Amish Country❤️❤️❤️

I love this 💞 These pictures are so pretty, and the countryside is beautiful 🌞🌷🌻

Great Pictures

Great pictures, thanks for shareing...

Thank You very much for the very nice pictures 🙏🙏🙏

Beautiful pictures♡

These are absolutely beautiful...

Chris Durick I want my next photo shoot here

Beautiful pics ❣️

What’s going on in Berlin this weekend?

Nice photos!


How beautiful!

Thank you. Pictures are awsome. More

Beautiful pictures

Fantastic pictures!

Thanks for sharing.😊

Thank you for sharing.

Great pics!!

looks so peaceful

Love these pics

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Linda Spencer Grysko Shannon Smith Sigler

K9 Colt chasing his tail in dispatch. Police dogs like to have fun too!! ...


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Handsome dog, but you might want to discourage tail-chasing. It could become neurologically imprinted and become a serious habitual problem.

LOL. They never figure it out do they?

Surprised he didn’t alert to it and want you to arrest it lmao

Makes me want a German Shepherd. So cute. Love it.

Awwwwww he’s so beautiful!

Beautiful ! He is , my husband wants a German Shepherd.

Nice looking Shepard!

Awe hes so cute

Love him!!

He is adorable....

he's so cute...

So cute

He’s gorgeous

Good boy !!!!

He's Beautiful!

So cute!!

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RIP Bane! ...

RIP Bane!


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I know it is hard losing our pets. May God bless You.

Thank you for your service 🇺🇸 Rest In Peace ❤

So very sorry for your loss. RIH!!


RIH baby.

RIP God Bless

RIP ..

Awww. So sad.

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