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Dog with human face is freaking out the internet

Dog with human face is freaking out the internet


Those eyes

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Cavs head coach Ty Lue has missed parts or all of three games this season due to the same illness. After Lue left the game Saturday night, LeBron James said that "(maybe he should) take even more measures to get himself right." Do you agree? https://t.co/C2XTcHigtq

Panic! At The Disco announce surprise show at the Grog Shop tomorrow night - will you go? https://t.co/oEGSP3xVjn

What was your reaction to Jordan Poole's game-winning shot for Michigan over Houston? Closer to the bottom or the top? Probably the bottom, right? Photos: AP.

The fake bar's "owner," who devised the experiment, said he was inspired by the current immigration conversation in the U.S. What are your thoughts about this? (via USA Today) https://t.co/5oIXAJp1vN

About 265 million people in the U.S. still tune in to iHeart's stations at least once a month, but newer media such as Spotify's streaming service and SiriusXM's satellite broadcasts have cut into the audience and put a damper on sales. https://t.co/8mTH2JCUnC

Thanks to Abubakar Asiddiq Islamic Center in Columbus for hosting the #FBI, @SDOHnews and our partners today for a discussion about ways to strengthen and protect our community.

In case you missed it: what would you do if you walked into a house and found an alligator? https://t.co/UGdiNjswDt

Trump's personal attorney accuses Stormy Daniels of violating nondisclosure agreement 20 times https://t.co/w9UcMYkJB1

Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico nearly six months ago, yet thousands are still without power, sick and dying. (via CNN) https://t.co/X0Iv6OpRwN

The Cavs finished their longest road trip of the season Saturday night with a win over the Chicago Bulls, but does the team's long list of injured players continue to worry you?
Illustration by Ted Crow, The Plain Dealer

The man was doubled over in his wheelchair in pain when the robber took his fanny pack, which contained his wallet and Social Security card, a police report says. https://t.co/Z6LVnU67FX

Meet Tyler Buchanan, the man who knows too much about the unmet needs of his community. Meet a newspaper man. https://t.co/WDDNLSQWBj

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions just days before he was set to retire, and now his pension is in jeopardy. Do you think McCabe will take one of the offers he's received? (via HuffPost) https://t.co/UIshktjpg5

WATCH: @H_Grove and @ChrisFedor are chatting Cavs, Browns and anything you want. Send them your questions and comments! https://t.co/o2MosGWn0n

17-year-old girl injured in second incident at Beachwood Place, police say https://t.co/ddhjSLIGC9

Brayden’s school doesn’t have a swim team, but thanks to a kindhearted coach he gets to fulfill his dream of being a swimmer. via HeartThreads ...

2 days ago

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Congratulations to all of the Ohio State University College of Medicine students that matched today! For those that matched at #OSUWexMed - we’re excited to work with you!👩🏻‍⚕️🏩👨🏻‍⚕️ #match2018 ...


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I’m just a Nurse, but this “matching” system is quite interesting to me. I have a niece who finished med school in South Carolina and was “matched” today with a hospital in Louisville, KY. Congratulations and much success to all of you young adults who have been “matched”. Onward!

Congrats to our future saviors!



Mohamed Salah Abd Elmaksood مش معاهم ليه

Honor your doctor for National Doctors' Day on March 30 by making a donation in support of the caregiver who made a difference in your life — or the life of someone you love. More info: go.osu.edu/CJpz ...


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Love Dr. Farrar! And also Dr. Maryam Lustberg!!! I have always felt I was in the hands of the most caring and competent physicians at the James. They are lifesavers!!! Would travel anywhere to be their patient and yet they provide world class expertise right here in Columbus. So grateful.

Doreen Agnese !!! My favorite softie! I love this (and you!). So proud of all you do for our patients. And having been a patient of Dr. Farrar - I can say he’s amazing too - so grateful.

Dr Farrar is the best. Such a caring, knowledgeable, respected Dr. I know. Am thankful for all he has done for me.

Dr. Farrar is wonderful... My oncologist at OSU!!! 15 year’s cancer free thanks to Dr. Farrar and his fantastic staff!!!

Dr. D. definitely saved me from a lifetime of headaches with the neuromodulation device in my head.

This is my Dr Farrar at Stephanie Spielman center. The best.

Dr. Agnese is an exceptional Oncologist. We also drive 120+ miles round trip and she is worth the drive! She is a warrior!

Love Dr Manish a Shah. She's been taking care of my stage four cancer for 11years. She, and her team is # 1 love 💘 you all

Dr Farrar and I go back about twenty years. I will miss him.

Dr. Agnese was amazing when I had my lumpectomy. I probably wasn’t her favorite patient but she was a great doc and did it my way🎼🎼. Mary Lou

Dr Kalbfesch was amazing. Heart is on a normal rhythm

I ave always wish I had enough money to donate to the Burn unit in DR.Sydney Miller’s name, may he Rest In Peace. Thank you so much!

Dr Ozer and Dr Van Putton. Them and their staff are wonderful

Two of THE best❤❤

My hero!

Dr. Farrar, my hero!

Great doc!

Lori Sauber Krista Feindel. ❤

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