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FC Cincinnati: What it will take to get a 'yes' from the school board for MLS stadium

FC Cincinnati: What it will take to get a 'yes' from the school board for MLS stadium


The school board was clear about what it thinks of FC Cincinnati's proposal for a land swap: Not good enough. But what is good enough?

School board members were clearly displeased with FC Cincinnati's proposal on Monday. Four say they're open to talk. So what would make them happy?

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1 day ago

Only In Columbus

It’s easy to miss the big picture when you’re immersed in the day-to-day. Take a minute to see things from a different perspective and you might find yourself amazed. Franklin Park Conservatory looks pretty cool from up here! Photo by @1vanman1 / Instagram. ...

It’s easy to miss the big picture when you’re immersed in the day-to-day. Take a minute to see things from a different perspective and you might find yourself amazed. Franklin Park Conservatory looks pretty cool from up here! Photo by @1vanman1 / Instagram.


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Check out our Instagram for more awesome shots of Columbus! www.instagram.com/onlyincolumbus/

Rae Thacker Adkins this is the place I wanted to take you last year. It looks so small, but it is huge inside!

That’s very cool!

The whole park is pretty cool. Something for everyone . Check out the planting gardens in the rear.


2 days ago

Franklin Ohio Police Department

#justdontdrinkanddrive ...



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Lucky Charms!

Clever :) 👮‍♂️


2 days ago

Cedar Point

Only 7 more Fridays until Steel Vengeance World Premiere Weekend! ...

Only 7 more Fridays until Steel Vengeance World Premiere Weekend!


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To those complaining about the cost...growing up, my family went to CP once a year, because, it was "expensive" back then, too! Priorities...do you eat out often? Do you buy overpriced coffee? Do you drink alcohol or smoke pot? Do you receive a tax return and blow it? Well, stop doing all these things and use that SAVINGS to enjoy a day or two at the park. OR, using the SAVINGS, buy a pass....there is a payment plan for passes. CP offers various drink and meal plans. Bring your own food and drinks, then check out the picnic shelter near the front gate. CP allows you to bring in bottled water. If going to CP is important, you will find a way......

I rode it in January . Great ride even without the lift and brakes. I test uncompleted rides for a living! Great health insurance!

Cedar Point is the best amusement park to go to at 11 it been there want to go back want to take my grandchildren but they get a little bit more bigger where they can ride the Millennium that is amazing ride

You think the snow and cold will be gone in 50 days

The parks where we live now in NJ/NY open next weekend or Easter weekend. I cannot wait! I wish CP opened sooner! I ❤️ CP!!

Why isn’t the season longer?

Dana Tuf Pete Shawna Daniel Ray Beck guys let’s make a plan!!!! We MUST go to cedar point this summer! (Those who haven’t gone this is a life changer!!!) Ethan will love it, Sasha will too! But let’s be honest this will make me the happiest of all! Which should be everyone’s priority in life 😂😂😂 maybe we can convince Jay Mack to come too cos he’s a blast at CP (you know minus the near death experience on the way home lol!!!!)

This things looks amazing

Lisa Hejnal Bredahl does doug want to go back lol

Darri Lewis is that a long road trip I'm foreseeing in my future

I'm so excited. I'm booking a hospital room so they can reconnect my spine after this ride rips it out with that drop. Amazing

I cannot wait to come to cedar point! #veryexcited 😀🎢

We are busting at the seams in excitement for our 5 day vacation at Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers this July!!!! Its only been 2 years. But 2 years too long!!! I have been going there since I was a little guy! (I am now 39 Years Old) and it never gets old! Everywhere else is peanuts compared to Cedar Point. It truly is the one and only. Worth every last penny from the resort, to the season pass or tickets, fastlane plus passes, and everything in between. Never a bad experience in the many many many MANY years I have been coming there! You have us for life! Until we can not ride anymore anyways! But that will be no time soon! <3 We love you Cedar Point!!! XOXO

Can you guys please put the webcam on Steel Vengeance I wanna see it testing

Loved Cedar Point! When we lived in Toledo, Danny would take an afternoon off and we would go to Cedar Point to ride all of the coasters. Miss those days!

Katarina Bates we’re going this summer. Check this ride out 😍

Sad it will cost so much. Won't be long and it will be like Disney !

Can't wait! Taking our daughter for her first time, in July! Going for two days!

Irene Goodyke I'm sure you already started the count down right after it closed for the season!!! 😁


After I get back from Miami and the Bahamas I'm getting my Platinum pass next month!! Let's GOOOOOOO!!! 😊

You guys need an updated photo! I’m sure the lift hill walk is complete!

Thank you Cedar Point, you are the best!!!

What's the height requirement?

Anthony Perl this thing is gonna be crazy

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2 days ago

Cedar Point

Tum-e Yummies presents the Original Harlem Globetrotters at Cedar Point on May 27 – 28 at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.

See the ball-handling wizardry of the Harlem Globetrotters and join the stars after the performance for a 15-minute autograph, photograph and high five session for fans!

Tum-e Yummies presents the Original Harlem Globetrotters at Cedar Point on May 27 – 28 at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. 

See the ball-handling wizardry of the Harlem Globetrotters and join the stars after the performance for a 15-minute autograph, photograph and high five session for fans!


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Do you need to purchase tickets to see the Globetrotters?

Misleading! The original Globetrotters are all pushing up 🏀's!


15 minute session for photos and autographs. I guess ~10 people will be able to do that. 15.....minutes......really?????

I always wanted to see the GlobeTrotters when I was a kid. They were so fun to watch on tv

Luann Paauw Auerbach

Amber Rager

3 days ago

Only In Columbus

The ornate facade of the LeVeque Tower. Photo by @timylai / Instagram. ...

The ornate facade of the LeVeque Tower. Photo by @timylai / Instagram.


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Check out our Instagram for more awesome shots of Columbus! www.instagram.com/onlyincolumbus/

3 days ago

Franklin Ohio Police Department



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Tragic loss

4 days ago

Franklin Ohio Police Department

Walk-up! Do you have the courage? ...

Walk-up!  Do you have the courage?


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Where’s the post to parents to stop abusing their kids who become bullies? Where’s the post asking parents to be responsible gun owners? Where’s the post asking teachers to show grace to students who have it bad? Where the post telling boys to just stop killing classmates? Our kids should “walk-up” for the sake of being a decent human, not to protect them from being murdered.

Shifting the blame onto kids, real classy.

May I suggest police Dept across the US also get out of their cruisers and just say hello to folks on the street. Doesn’t have to be a long stint. Community policing doesn’t work surrounded by steel. I’ve worked in CJ too BTW.

How about walk up and then walk out? Policies change because people take notice. Nobody has noticed these kids until now. Nobody notice the million man march or Rosa parks until it happened. Protests are the epitome of change. You just now decided to put an armed officer in the schools. Don’t talk to us about walk up. 🙄🙄🙄

I was bullied relentlessly almost every day that I was in school until about my sophomore year in high school. Not one single person “walked up” to me but I never shot up a class or attacked the student body. Stop blaming school kids for not being nice enough to the psycho that shot at them.

Thank you for this post. It is so sad that many children do not learn love, compassion and kindness at home. I love this post and yes we do need to encourage children to be compassionate to others.

Hmmmm? Kids do something positive and we have "problems" with it? How about we cheer them for tackling an issue where 97% of us agree and a tiny, insane, profit seeking organization blocks common sense change... If the adults won't lead the children then it is time for the kids to lead the adults!

Parents do need to be responsible gun owners but it should never stop there. The only way things will change is if we ALL do our parts! That includes kids being nice and not so judgemental! I helped my son's teachers in preschool every day. I saw bullying there! Guess what, the teachers didn't care! If the kids were doing it there they learned it at home so we ALL have to do our part!



4 days ago

Cedar Point


Learn how you can be the FIRST to ride Steel Vengeance and secure your seat at the First Rider Benefit! Or, 2018 Passholders can reserve a ticket for the Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown for FREE.

Details at cedarpoint.com/play/events


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it sucks that i will not be returning to CP. i simply can't afford admission. $50 was pushing it as is was... waiting for CP to close down just like the other parks it dissolved, simply due to the fact that nobody can get in. nobody in=no sales=no money=no park.

What about platinum pass ? I've bought 6 platinum pass every year for the 6 years, still no special perks. Thinking about just doing every other year , we only did 2 kings island and 1 Cedar point trip last summer. I actuly lost money. Kids aren't as enthused as they was

This looks WILD. Nothing, and I mean nothing touches the Raptor so far in an all around amazing CP ride. Now I have to go see if this can take the title.

As long as it rides smoother than the mean streak, I'm all for it

We won't be back no matter how many new rides they put in. The new entry price is ridiculous!!!! Were going back to Michigan adventures.

Your prices are outrageous. How can any family afford to get in, let alone spend 15.00 for a drink and fry. I won’t be back. Sad.

So basically we have to pay $75 to go to the event on April 27th then another $250 to ride Steel Vengeance & Maverick right? That’s actually not bad for only being there 4 hours.

So it's a steel track added on to the Mean Streak structure? I loved the Mean Streak. Haven't been tho Cedar Point for a long time ... like 8 years or so ...

This is such a cool way to reward season pass holders! Way to go cedar point putting patrons first! Just goes to show you why cedar point is the best park in the world!

Is this the same as that older ride that was there, just upgraded to steel?! That ride was TORTURE on my head and neck. I love crazy roller coasters, but that older one was insanely awful. I legit thought my brain might explode out of my skull.

“Steel Vengeance?” Was CP apathetic about naming it and just took words from Kennywood’s coaster’s names? Steel Phantom + Phantom’s Revenge = Steel Vengeance. Come on CP! But I’ll still ride it. 😅 You should have kept the “Streak” alive! (See what I did there?) - Winning Streak - Streak of Madness - Streak O’ Lightnin’ - The Streak 😂

wet love CP.. too bad i think 72.00 for a DAY PASS is ridiculous! we usually go at least once a year... and had passes I the past.. but come on... this is getting too pricy.

i live in Elizabethtown Kentucky... from where i live its a little over 6 hours to Get to Cedar Point and i go Multiple times a year every year now since my first time 3 years ago.. there is nothing in the world like Cedar Point the park. the staff... everything is truly unique The Town of Sandusky is Gorgeous in its own right. now if you are like me... and live far and you are contemplating the trip let me tell you this... do it... Cedar Point is one of the coolest cleanest parks iv ever been to or ever will in my life.. its truly the place that dreams are made.. i remember going there with just enough money to get into the park for two days! and gas home! i slept in my car... and i enjoyed every moment.. i ate Breakfest (blueberry Muffin) by one of the great lakes all the while doing so Defending my muffin from the hundreds of Seagulls! but it was fun! And a truly Gorgeous site.. you can feel the time stop on that island. time slows down. NOW!!! lets talk about the rides...there is a reason... Cedar Point is called.. the Roller Coaster Capital of the world... their rides are some of the best out there.. and if you are a Roller Coaster Buff you will truly enjoy this park. but if you have young ones! and i dont but id still enjoy this side of the park if i didn't look weird doing so! their Kitty side is unlike anything! there is so much to do you cant do it in one day... or two... facts iv tried.. but! you will Sure as heck enjoy trying!!!!!!! i support this park with all my heart! id love to move to Sandusky!!!! but i can tell you this.. when i do have a family you can best believe this will be our home park for ever, no matter how far i live. i will always make a point to come to this place... you can feel the history and love putt into this place in the air.. so with that being said. if you are thinking about going! please do, i truly mean that.

Alright Cedar Point we are BOOKED and ready for our 5 day stay in July at Hotel Breakers FIVE NIGHTS! Lakeview Suite w screen balcany, 5 days of Fastlane Plus, 5 days all day dining, season passes, Unlimited Drinks, Parasailing Tickets, and Airline Tickets BOOKED!. Tell me did I miss anything? LOL! 4,000.00 worth of vacation booked! I hope you know how much we love you! Its been two years! We are ready to ride some STEEL VENGEANCE! You never dissapoint! Not even sweating it! See you in July!!!! XOXOXO

This looks so freaking awesome. I'm going to make a prediction here and say this coaster is probably going to be the best coaster at cp now.

This looks like one of those coasters I made in Rollercoaster tycoon and everyone puked after getting off it and no one would ride it 😂

Cedar point needs to raise prices even more so that I can enjoy a vacation without having to fight my way through the pathways.

Looks cool. This will be our last year going to CP. prices are getting to be too much. It is sad we have gone every year for over 20 years. I would much rather spend my money on a vacation for a week instead of spending a day or 2 at CP. Sorry maybe when the prices come down we will be back

Pack lunches, pay monthly for KI passes and platinum passes. You don't tell that your spending as much money bc it's not all at once. If one person makes it there twice it's just about paid for. With platinum passes you can go to KI and CP. I think it's definitely worth it

Molly Steere, Rick Ekelof, BN Patrick, this looks great, but I'm going to miss feeling like I'm going to get cut in half by my seatbelt on the jerky Meanstreak

cedar point is great, who cares that they raised prices. paying 20 dollars more is literally nothing, im poor and think that’s a fair price 😂 i’ve gone here since i was a kid and will continue to for the rest of my life, no matter the price!!

Too many long lines .. then rides closes for maintenance after waiting 2 hours in line .. that was the pattern last year when we went ..

This looks so much fun! I hope they tore down blue streak. That rikety old thing gave me a headache, it was so bumpy

I wish I could be the first one in the front row! I don't care how long I have to wait, the first time I do ride it will be in front.

Jesse Curtis Karen Olson is this the new one you were talking about? Going through the wood seems scary like your hands would hit it if they were up!

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We have received numerous calls about the smell in Franklin today. We have been advised it is a fertilizer that has been placed on the fields across the river. It will lessen as the day goes on but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done until that time. ...


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Thank goodness....I thought it was my husband LOL!

Must be bad considering most of us are down wind from the boxboard factory 😂

I heard the FDA said ok to human waste as fertilizer, there’s no telling what you’re smelling!

😂y’all trying to be like Moraine I see?

City folks milliniums bunch of dum dums Cudnt u imagine them livin b4 mcdonalds !!!!!!!

Thank you,I knew of no cows off Fourth street...lol

Probably chicken manure. Farmers used it a few years ago in Carlisle . Oh how I remember that!

Move to Huber. Cargill has corn syrup spills. Which do you prefer, chit or in this case, baby puke?

Ashley Bowling Hydler, I smelled this smell when we were at CVS and I wondered what it was 😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

City folk. Y'all funny.

Nothing new lol

I 💙 Franklin 🤣🤣

Amanda Moore Haddixx

Carmen Lynn Pilkenton lol

It's horrible lmao

Amanda Moore Haddix

Melody Summerville

Candy Burress

Kyle Masters

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5 days ago

Franklin Ohio Police Department

Mother Nature is being a little moody tonight, so Please be careful!!!Snow squalls may lead to reduced visibilities this evening. If out driving around make sure to reduce your speed and leave plenty of room between you and the vehicles around you! #ice&snowtakeitslow ...

Mother Nature is being a little moody tonight, so Please be careful!!!
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