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'Fifty Shades Freed:' What is the appeal of these movies?

'Fifty Shades Freed:' What is the appeal of these movies?


The success of this trilogy begs the question: What is the draw of these movies?

A look at the nebulous appeal of the movies in the "Fifty Shades" series.

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14 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

LIVE VIDEO: Students call for gun control as they rally in front of the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee. ...


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LIVE VIDEO: Students call for gun control as they rally in front of the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee.

I bet most of them went just to get out of class!

You can’t blame it on the gun it is a people problem it is a mental health issue it is a drug issue it is a violent video game issue and it is a law issue because there are no Consequences for your actions they need to start hanging these SOBs in public

It's not going to stop unless the parents start doing something at home. It starts at home. What about bullying in schools. This should b addressed also.

A 11 year old at local school hung her self over bullying.. what was done to bullies. Nothing. Where is the protect to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN I will tell you this, my children is protected... by a armed Mom 😁

Don’t agree with their message but I am SO proud of these kiddos for organizing and exercising their rights! This is a great learning experience for them

All respectable adult would not harm people. The problem is the younger generation needs to grow up and learn how to handle their problems

You are responsible adult then you can be able to purchase any type of weapon you want. It’s the idiots out there that are on meds that I do not know how to handle a weapon

People complain that these teen are self absorbed and now they are stepping out of their comfort zone and speaking up! Some people will always complain. Smh

Its easy for us the ones that didnt loose someone to gun violence not to understand where they are coming from...a little understanding goes a long way...at least start with metal detectors in ALL schools. Start somewhere

Isn’t it funny they aren’t petitioning for the babies that get aborted every second of every day! If the are so worried about saving lives they need to put their energy fighting for all lives!!!!

Hold the signs higher, the criminals in the back won’t see it.. 🙄

The left-wing liberal progressives are loving every second of this they are getting exactly what they want and using children to do it nothing is beneath them anymore

The fact that these kids think gun control will resolve problems...not realizing columbine happened during the assault weapons ban

Good for these kids. They will be the change that these gun toting adults won't. Start carrying more about the kids than your guns.

Everyone has a right to protest peacefully. The school has not reopened yet. And many of them are 18 and can vote.

See they fail to realize it will come down to voters and their opinions. And well i refuse to votw for any gun control

Where is the protest of bullying leading to suicide? Even in adults... if you’re gonna protest, protest it all!!

Paige if the government turns on you, your little arsenal will be no match no matter how many guns you have

I call for parents to actually raise their children right but its easier to blame everyone and everything else

This is what society has taught the snowflakes,cry cry cry we will get our way.This isn’t a gun control problem.

This just proves that their bad behavior is the parents fault. Look how they're kids how to solve problems !!!!

#selfie outta school, HMU if you wanna hang out after or I can ditch early.. America is doomed

Yes teach them to protest!!!! Future is looking pretty bleak at the moment.....put more focus on bullying

Playing right into the media’s mind control 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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35 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

LIVE: Dr. Richard Kaplan, clinical and forensic psychologist, is on the stand at the Christopher Whitaker sentencing proceedings. He's testifying, in part, about the Whitaker's alleged drug addiction at the time he killed 14-year-old Alianna DeFreeze. ...


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Court is taking a lunch! We'll be back.

Why did they stop the video at the best part? I wanted to see his face when they give him the death penalty. SOB.

Wish they'd cut the crap and give him the bullet already. He has priors--KEY word--PRIORS! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on the system, you WON'T fool e three times because I'd take you out so it WON'T happen again!!

They are coming back at 1:00 pm

Tap the video and read what it says is going on.

I have PTSD so that means i should get away with murder 🙄🙄

Put him on that island that the government knows about,That they won’t even go on.THEY EAT PEOPLE.see then there’s no evidence of bodies.That what I would do.Save are JAILS!!!

I don’t know what this is about.

Cut to the chase.....an eye for an eye is quicker

Mental is mental. Can"t cute it out with a scapel.

No. This is the Alianna Defreeze murder sentencing

He looks like the devil with that goatee gives me chills

They wont give the chair if they find mentally

So sad that she suffered and nothing excuses that.

Sorry, that should read Alianna Freeze

Hope he gets what coming to him

They always do this before sentance

Christopher Whitaker proceeding?

Click the video it pops up

the murder of a 14 year old ?

Why do they prolong everything

I’m wondering the same

What’s this case about

Here We go!

What's this abouy

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37 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Jenny on the Block is at Stewart's TV & Appliance and we’re talking laundry! #sponsored ...


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Go for the whirlpool they're made in Ohio

This applies to women, if you get caught off guard & get your period. Don't throw your undies away.... I took a 1oz spray bottle put a few drops of dawn dish soap, then peroxide, then shake. Then spray onto the stain

Uses less water, detergent, and can fit more laundry! I love mine.

tide stain remover mixed with baking soda! let it sit for 3 days

front loaders are better for short people like me

Soak blood in peroxide

Awwww my favs😍😍😍😍😍😍

lol im only 5'1


RIP Billy Graham. on.wkyc.com/2CaW2QS ...

RIP Billy Graham. http://on.wkyc.com/2CaW2QS


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Billy seemed like a good guy. His legacy and name is being destroyed by his morally bankrupt, do-anything-for-power son. Too bad.


Rest in Paradise😇💜



Amen. R.i.p.

51 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

LIVE VIDEO: Student walkouts are being held all across the country today. This is the scene in Weston, Florida, where students have walked out one week after the school shooting in Parkland. ...


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LIVE VIDEO: Student walkouts are being held all across the country today. This is the scene in Weston, Florida, where students have walked out one week after the school shooting in Parkland.

I don’t normally comment on this stuff but how dare any of you say these children don’t have a say or an opinion when it’s their lives at stake. You should be ashamed.

At least these kids have guts enough to try and make a difference. What are you doing besides attacking another human being! Showing your true colors!

This is a huge issue! These kids do what they want and no recourse. This is the problem with today’s society!

These kids are so stupid! Bad people will still get guns! Just because something's illegal doesn't mean it's not going to happen!

Good for these young kids only problem is the lawmakers are to busy cashing that nra check and Donald is on the back 9 looking to make a birdie.

I'm pretty sure if your kid was killed your comments would be different. If this helps them heal good for them. They have a voice. You didn't see your teacher shot dead they did.

If my child done this , I’d beat their butt all the way back to school... js there is a right way & wrong way..

These students don't feel safe in the walls at school so they are walking out. Nothing wrong with getting out of a situation you don't feel comfortable in.

Must be handing out free Tide pods

You people who are going on about truancy need to understand that these kids have had this planned for days and no school district has tried to stop it or oppose it. It's a supported action.

how about the parents take a roll and lock their guns up the proper way??? I'm not seeing ANYONE blame the parents at all... around here if you have guns they stay locked up smh...

They want safety, why condemn them for it? These are young adults standing up for change. I applaud them!

The news reporters already know what kids they are interviewing 3 days ahead of time. Ignore the man behind the curtain

The kids should be taking a stand against bullying & fighting for mental health reform, as said earlier this is kids shooting kids, NOT guns shooting kids. ASSAULT is a verb not a gun!

The students need to heal...this is their way. But they will carry on, because life must continue after tragedy.

I don’t blame them they are scared to be at school! Something needs to change! This is a result of not feeling heard!

These kids are scared and angry...they don't know what else to do...I feel bad for them, but it's really not gonna help anything.

So the kids are running away from the “Gun free zones” that gun control made...... so did they decide their not for gun control now and walking out till security measures are in place?

Believe me, I am as tired of BS protests as anyone is, but this is warranted. These kids need to have a safe atmosphere in which to learn.

All promoted by the liberals of course. This is more propaganda to remove everybody's guns this is just the beginning.

Scares me that they are showing crowds of people for some maniac to show up and do the same thing blast their butts! Not a good way for the media to do this!

Sad the CHILDREN of all ages have to live in fear! May God send more peace into our troubled world! Keep our babies safe!

That’s all well and fine but if your going to address the situation then address all of it.. like mental health is a big factor and lack of parenting , bullying and not having any respect

This is just trouble waiting to happen. I can't imagine what the teachers are going through trying to keep track of them!

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56 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Help us wish our Stefani Schaefer a happy birthday!

Have a good one, sissy!


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Happy birthday it's my birthday too

Boy, does that cake look good, enjoy!

Happy Birthday Stefani. I watched the morning show today. I went away very angry. Wayne and Kristi needs to get educated on Senate Bill 260. The way it is worded, it will in fact ban most weapons in Ohio. Don’t make broad statements like you did without educating yourselves. Take a firearms class. Shoot a few guns.

Happy birthday!! If that cake is even half as sweet as you, dentists best be on call!! 🎂🎁🎈🎉

happy birthday Stefani....should have worn pink polka dots today....lol

Happy Birthday Stefani. Hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Enjoy it be safe .

Happy Birthday Stefani! I hope your Day holds many blessings for you!

Happy Birthday Stefani!! What a treat, a Colozza cake too! 🎂

Happy Birthday Stefani! Love ya girl. You look amazing! ❤🍹

Happy Birthday, Stefani! Have a blessed day!

Happy Birthday Stefani, you are beautiful! Have a great day and God bless!

Happy Birthday Stefani Enjoy your day.🎉🎂🎁

Happy Birthday to you Stefani!! Hope it's a wonderful day for you.

Taste vision yum happy birthday 🎉

Happy birthday you have a wonderful day

happy birthday stefani schaefer.

Happy Birthday, Stefani!

Happy birthday, Stefani! Hope it's a beautiful one for you!! God Bless!

Happy birthday Stefani enjoy!

Happy birthday Stefani !!!

Happy Birthday Stefani 🎈🎈🎈 Many many more!

Happy birthday Stephanie

Happy birthday Stephani have a wonderful day

Happy Birthday!!!!🎉🎊🍾🎈

Happy Birthday Steph 😍🙏🏻💫✨🌟

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2 days ago

Cleveland Browns

“Saquon Barkley is deserving of being a top-five pick."

NFL Network's Bucky Brooks breaks down the top RB prospects:


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Browns should take Barkley and Fitzpatrick and then pay Kirk Cousins

This a loaded RB class so pass on Barkley? Until someone can show me a RB at 5'11, 230 pounds who can squat over 600 pounds, do over 30 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press, has a higher vertical leap, and can run 4.3 seconds or faster 40 yard dash time, and has over 100 receptions, 1,100 receiving yards then we can begin the discussion of passing on Barkley. Barkley is a special talent, Rosen, Allen, and Darnold are not. If Andrew Luck and Cam Newton were coming out of college, I will understand passing on Barkley to draft a QB. Fitzpatrick is also a special talent. You draft special talent and players with top 5 picks.

Show footage of him running on the Buckeyes. Oh wait there isn't any. There are too many good defenses in the NFL to think he'll run all over them. Two words Trent Richardson. Don't buy the hype.

Well....I think we should take Barkley at 1, there would still be very good QB's at 4, if we choose a QB at 1 more than likely Barkley will not be around at 4 the Colts will get him at 3...Barkley is a game changer he looks special so far...now if we pick up a stud vet QB and sign him long term then still go with Barkley at 1 and a DB at 4 or some defensive player.

I like Barkley. But two Pro Bowl RBs were drafted in the 3rd Round last year. He’s not worth 1 or 4. Didn’t play well against top defenses.

Browns need a QB, we haven't had one in forever. If they pass on Darnold it will be a huge mistake. Barkely is not viewed very highly by the NFL scouts. Our new guy says Guice is better. Darnold #1 and Fitzpatrick #4. We still need a vet QB.

The worst thing about Browns fans is so many of them are OSU fans. They watched Barkley play that one game and made their mind up.

F that, hope they learned a life lesson from the mistake they made on Trent Richardson. Rb's are a dime a dozen. Eagles just won a superbowl with no stud RB. Blount and Ajayi have been on multiple teams.

I have come to the conclusion that the Browns should pass on Kirk Cousins and sign AJ McCarron instead. With reports coming in that the Jets are willing to give Cousins $60 mil dollars in guaranteed money in his 1st year tells me that Cousins will expect the Browns to compete with that price and HELL NO, Cousins is NOT WORTH $60 million a year. PASS. Take McCarron and draft a QB at this point. The Jets just ruined it lol

Browns have the luxury of not gambling with talent in the first round. If you take Saquon and one of the defensive super stars like Fitzpatrick then that is a successful draft. And it enables whomever plays QB for them in 2018 to play more conservative and paced football rather than having to run and gun and make mistakes.

A QB with the 1st pick, to me, is a no brainer. Barkley will be there with the 2nd pick. A veteran QB is needed also. Any of the other needs can be filled off the waiver wires, free agency and trades. The Browns have a great front office now, starting with Dorsey. Let us watch him work, it is what he is PAID for

Take QB AT 1....If HE is there at 4 take him if not take next best player....then maybe trade back up...take kid from Lau....gice I think

The QBs are all so so...this guy is a generational talent that they cannot pass on...take him at #1 and one of the QBs at 4...they're all the same. If they don't get him, the draft is a bust, pure and simple.

Sign Kirk Cousins to a 5 year 150 million deal. 110 mil guaranteed. 35 mil year one with 25 mil signing bonus. 25 mil year 2: 25 mil year: 20 mil year 4; 20 mil year 5 Take Barkley and best defender at 4 Sign Landry and Robinson. Trade Shelton, Corey Coleman, and a pick for Marcus Peters

Said it before, he is a MUST have. You are talking about a back of Tomlinson, Faulk and Peterson all rolled into one. Not taking him would just be another name on the wall along with Wetz and Watson as guys we SHOULD have picked.

If I'm the Browns my 1st pick will be Barkley. the 4th pick will be Fitzpatrick or Chubbs, one will be their at 4th. then Lamar Jackson with the 1st 2nd round pick on the board, or I trade up into the 20s and get Jackson. and then I will pick 2 good WR with the 3rd to 5th round pick. A+++ draft. and maybe resign Josh Gordon if he can keep his nose clean.

We will know by the draft if JT is coming back. I think he is waiting to see that they sign a real QB with experience before deciding on playing again vs retiring. If JT retires they will need to use a high pick on another tackle. Nobody on the team can play that role except maybe Joel B.

Come on guys,people like you forget about Richardson,touchdown tommy,and another first round that bombed,we need players,lineman and D Bs.

Barkley at 1, one of the "meh" QBs at 4. I bet Mayfield or Rosen is still there. Darnold is gonna flop and I don't want him, led the NCAA in turnovers...

None of these QBs coming out can be called the number one QB. That tells me they’re not a franchise QB. Barkley is considered the number one RB. Get him and a WR or Cb with the first two picks

lolololol some other chub willing to take a running back with the first pick. ever check the shelf life on modern running backs?

bears' Jordan Howard was taken in the 5th round 2 years ago. All he did since then is gain more yards in his first two seasons, than Payton, Sayers, Galimore, Anderson or ANY RB IN their history! With joke QB's, so the defense could load the box on him! Relax on all this "pick Barkley early/we're scared to miss a good RB stuff." Barkley may turn out to be the next Curtis Enis.

Barkley would give us the best back since Leroy Kelly. You can’t pass on talent like this! Take him if he’s there at 4

The way I see it is,right now I would give up first overall pick for zeke Elliot or Leonard fournette, so right now we can take a guy just as good so you go get him 1st pick,2nd pick will be leftover quarterback to sit on the bench and learn,sign McCarron, and rest of picks wide receivers and playmakers

All you guys are crazy no FA QB is going to want to come into a QB competition! McCarran, Cousins ect want a guarantee start! If they draft one in 1st round fans expect him to start

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