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Fredericktown man receives sixth OVI offense from OSHP

Fredericktown man receives sixth OVI offense from OSHP


A Fredericktown man has received his sixth OVI offense from the OSHP.

Roger R. Raubenolt was arrested and charged on April 15 for operating a vehicle under the influence.

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12 hours ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Wednesday, April 25, 2018. ...


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Hi Andre from North Royalton-you should have a book signing at the Parma Library-Michael Symon is signing books this Saturday

Good evening Andre . The middle of may I usually open the pool will it be to cold to do so

I'm tired of being cold Andre. Is the summer going to be as sweltering as they are saying?

Andre is there a reason we end up with overcast around the new moon every month?

Thank you Andre, kind of like remembering more snow as a kid! great answer!

Thanks all at Fox 8 for this show- great product! ❤️it

Yeppers, it's about chatting amoung friends who follow! Love the way it is.

Hey Andre, loving the weather, just improving each day...Orrville

When it gets warm enough, let's have bonfire sidenchats!

What do you think Summer will look like this year?

Dan- be patient, he takes his time before replying to ?’s.

Dave- this is a special weather show.

When May come are we going to be at a normal temps?

just give us the forecast we really don't care about all the other stuff you talk about.

Happy Wednesday Andre and everyone :)

Looking forward to turning the dirt during the warm period next week thanks.

Keep on doing what you are, we love this show!

I love watching this every evening! I look forward to it!😊

Summer chats- “ Poolside Chat!” Hmmm 🤔

Hi Andre from Ashland, Ohio.

I can’t wait for some 80 degrees!

Party at Lebron’s House this week!

Have a pool heater if need be LOL!

I live in Allliance tho.,

Hi Andre, from Twinsburg!

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17 hours ago

Columbus Symphony

Tickets are going fast for this event in Pickaway County!For the first time ever, the Columbus Symphony is traveling to Pickaway County! Performing an array of riveting classical works, you don't want to miss this unique opportunity for live music in your area. Join us April 29th at Ohio Christian University for a one-of-a-kind performance. ...

Tickets are going fast for this event in Pickaway County!

17 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Thank you ❤️💙 ...


Comment on Facebook

People can whine about 18 years all they want. The bottom line is that the current management has the organization in much better shape than when they arrived. That trend needs to continue. Love the fact that players left the building pissed off over losing.

Honestly, bobrovsky being nowhere to be found is the reason this video lost in the first round of the playoffs. This team will never make a great video so long as bob is on the team. I’m going to ignore that he was probably busy dealing with 17 odd man rushes and going short handed 27 times in 3 minutes. I’m a warehouse worker but know more about professional hockey management than jarmo and very obviously can see that bob is past his prime, even though he had another Vezina caliber regular season

God, I always suffer massive CBJ hockey withdrawal all summer. CAN IT BE OCTOBER YET

And Matt Calvert is going to be gone....

Thanks for another fun season.

Remember when Foligno guaranteed a Cup?

How the heck can Las Vegas win a series ?????? I’ve asked everyone and no one can give me a straight answer

So pissed we aren’t playing but u guys better sign Panarin to a lifetime deal

The enthusiasm in reading those thank yous was overwhelming.

Thank you boys for a great and exciting season of hockey. I couldn't be more proud to support and be a fan of CBJ as I live vicariously through you all because you are literally living my dream! See you all next season.

I know you guys are hurting as much as we fans.....we are in this together. I have been waiting longer than all of you have lived to win a cup.....Take some time off and then get started again. You young guys are one year older and should have learned something this year. The difference between going on and being knocked out is a slim thread! Hopefully next year we will have a bit more luck! Everyone stop the nonsense that Bob can’t do it! We got beat by a team that scored a bunch of power play goals and we couldn’t get it by the back up who came in and stood on his head!

Thanks for one hell of a run, hope to get further next year. Good job JACKETS

Thanks for the effort and entertainment you gave. Future looks bright. Take a couple weeks off and then start traing again for Tort's camp and the 18 - 19 season.

We are very young but.... you need to at least give all the greAt jacket fans a bone like winning a 1 home game!!! Very sad!

You guys are tremendous. Next season all the way with our CBJ🏒🏒

Folingo was the only sincere player..I guess that makes sense because hes the captain...video kinda rubs u the wrong way

We love you guys! Great job this season! GO BLUE JACKETS! #CBJ #WeAreThe5thLine

Get Rid of The Ice Whisper-Torts ... can’t figure lines out for 88 Games . The reason you see teammates colliding into one another and telegraphing passes and getting them taken! So much talent on the team he has no clue about ! Remember Karlsson ? 6 Goals for Torts and first year away from the Ice Whisper he has 43 Goals ! Ban bipolar Coaches from NHL !

Already wishing it was October.

Thank YOU for a Great season....October can't get here soon enough...GO JACKETS....

Hold your heads high. See ya next year. #cbjfanalways.

Thank you Columbus Blue Jackets team.... next year we are looking for The Cup ..you did a great job and I will see you in October. Thank you for the great season

Thank you Blue Jackets for an exciting season! Can’t wait to see next years team!

Thanks, guys. Loved watching you.

Save it. You've killed us emotionally and mentally for years now. Do your talking and thank you"s on the ice where/when it matters the most. Thanks for nothing.

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1 day ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Tuesday, April 24, 2018. ...


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I love cats...sorry that I missed it!

You and AJ are the best forecasters, even when the weather isn't too good you have a better way of putting it.

Hi from Willoughby. I missed it if you gave a summer outlook for this year. Is it going to be a wet summer this year ??

Hi Andre better weather is just around the corner Barb from Medina watching

Hello from Canton, Ohio. We saw you at Bonefish a couple weeks ago. Wanted to say hello but didn’t wanna bother ya.

Hi, from Eastlake. I am least looking for sunny days ahead!

Hi Andre, do you see Garland very much? Have watched you from the beginning!! Love Fox 8!!

Hey Andre do you talk to Bruce Kalinowski and what is he doing ?

Good evening sir! My daughter and I are checking into the fireside chat!

Hi from newcomerstown i wishing the browns a good draft pick

Hope u have a goodnight i check youre weather later

What do you think the summer is to look like?

Hi Andre! Hope you had a great day :)

Good evening Andre, from Twinsburg!

Did you make the plant based burger?

Are we getting more snow? lol just kidding.

Because im having trouble hearing u

Hello from rainy North Royalton

Ok thank you im going to do that now

No problem with sound here

Good evening Andre from Stow

Good evening from Cuyahoga Falls

Hello from Cleveland 😌😌😌😌

Hello from Garrettsville!

Hi yourr cutting in and out

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2 days ago

Columbus Blue Jackets



Comment on Facebook

Get rid of bob now. Not worth paying him $7m.

I’ll be here rooting them on next year just like I have from the beginning. Hope for better things next year.

Nashville to win the cup

Wished we had flurry as our goaltender he is a lot better than bob

You’re awesome, Jackets! Your true fans will always be here!

why we lost...#1bob.. #2 are penalty kill suck #3 not enough firepower

Foligno guaranteed a Cup a few seasons ago. Torts guaranteed a win last night. Tired of the lies. Don't make promises you can't follow through on CBJ.

Bob can’t do it all! The team in front of him did not help at all

Great season everyone STOP slamming BOB he is awesome we just couldn’t score when we needed too 😢. The team played their hearts ♥️ out!!! Sick and tired of supposed fans blaming the coach, certain players or whatever someone has to lose it just wasn’t our time to win. I will stand by them always and someday it WILL BE THE JACKETS TIME!!! So get off your soap boxes or maybe why don’t you all get out there and try to do what they do. Great year guys can’t wait to see what next year brings ❤️❤️❤️

Sorry to see the season end this way, but still thankful for all the hard work! I have lived in a LOT of cities over my life. Being a die hard hockey fan in each one. In each of those other cities I have not seen the fan base or enthusiasm like here in Columbus! Stay true to what you guys have done and keep pursuing greatness. Unlike some others, I am one who believes the time will come. Sooner than later. CBJ for life. Cheers.

If you truly think Bob is the problem, you know very little about hockey.

Love the Jackets, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was disappointed how this season ended. Kinda tired of the same old "we'll be back better next season" rhetoric. Serious shakeups need to be made with the blue line and assistant coaches...

I love love love this team and cannot wait until October!!!!! 🤗🤗#myteam!

Don't try to suck up to the fans after blowing a 2 game lead and tanking at home. We need guys that can get tougher when times get tough - and coaches who can make game adjustments - much like the Caps did.

Sorry the 5th line couldn't do much in the playoffs, we lost every game at home in the playoffs.

The team is finally getting some good prospects. Team is overall young and gaining so early in their career opportunity to play playoffs game make them stronger for tough moments. The Bob can't stop everything. It's not the 80's anymore with no deflections and slow ball slapshot. No lucky rebound and it could the Jackets to second round.. From Montréal with love. Heal your wounds guys and beat the record of 2 back-to-back 10 wins in a row and make it further!

Sad end to the season but still a great year at nationwide

Love this team. Need a few more guys that want to show up daily and earn the money they get. Disappointed in Cam. Calvert was fantastic. I think Jack should have gotten a shot in game 5

It's hard to remain positive sometimes because of the team's history but I sincerely believe they have a good team going forward. The only people I'd get rid of are Dubinsky and Johnson. Werenski, Jones, Murray, Antkinson, Anderson, Bjorkstrand, Dubois and Panarin all have a lot of good years in front of them.

Hmmm....maybe I was at the wrong game? They're in home jerseys, but I don't remember any post game celebration last night?...or in games 3 & 4 for that matter?

Thank you for another great season.

Great season!! <3 🏒 🥅

Bob is great during the regular season but a sieve in the playoffs.

Yet another year with the absolute same result

Just be glad holtby didn't start game 1

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He signed Metallica and White Zombie - and now former record exec Michael Alago is the subject of our upcoming Film Series screening of "Who The F**K Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey of Michael Alago." Pre-event Q&A for fans: bit.ly/2Gv53py ...

He signed Metallica and White Zombie - and now former record exec Michael Alago is the subject of our upcoming Film Series screening of Who The F**K Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey of Michael Alago. Pre-event Q&A for fans: http://bit.ly/2Gv53py


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It's not wise for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to disrespect the artists that make the music... www.youtube.com/embed/umI7MkgwS7M

Induct Tommy James, Guess Who, Three Dog Night, Jethro Tull, Styx, Grand Funk Railroad, Pat Benatar, etc.

Drew Stone is THE MAN!!!!! My first time at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame back in 1999 with Bioahazard was with Drew Stone <3

He's got good taste in music!

Killer Documentary.

2 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Monday, April 23, 2018. ...


Comment on Facebook

Thanks for keeping us updated now I can start fishing everyday retirement is a good thing.

Raining in BRUNSWICK HILLS... just in time for the grass seed I just planted

Hi Andre it was a beautiful day in portage lake's.

So r u saying we r done with the snow for good??

Hi Andre from Parma Heights. Today was so beautiful.

Thank you Andre for doing this broadcast I love tuning into you

Is it going to rain for the Indian game on Tuesday

Hi Andre from....Twinsburg! Loved Denies zucchini recipe!!

Was raining here in Elyria a little bit ago not sure if it still is

Geez, could not find anywhere. Not walmart, giant eagle, heinens.... frustrated!

Please, where do you get ARCHWAY ICED MOLASSES COOKIES...

Happy Monday Andre your glasses look good on you

Uniontown watching ❤️ love your chats.

Good evening. I rather have rain than snow

What a nice day in Lorain hello

Good evening Andre Bernier

Good evening Andre

Im a MARINE I help all I can.

Happy Monday!!!

We went to the watch party.

Hidee ho Mr Bernier!

Hi from newcomerstown

Like rain no more ❄️

Cuyahoga Falls here

Hi from geneva

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3 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

Here's the REAL star of the Bernier household: #FrostyTheCat stopping by to say hello! ...


Comment on Facebook

Hi Frosty your so cute, I have a Maincoon mix his name is PJ, Buttons the Calico and Oliver the orange and Tabby Cat. PJ is 15 years old Buttons is 12 years old and Oliver is a year old

He is a huge cat - and so handsome. They seem to always know when the camera is on them and refuse to comply. 🤗💞

Beautiful cat,or should I say handsome

Like your cat!! I have two of my own! Andre when did you get your horn rimed glasses?

See ya at 5. Never miss it. Watching noon news now. Love my fox8 family

Love his story. They know who to pick as family.

Frosty looks like our cat boots hello from Chardon ohio

Hi Frosty from Tuna in Jeromesville Ohio

Hello, Frosty and the Bernier household!

Miss seeing your wife and her lessons on what’s going on in outer space.

A lot of personality ! Love Frosty!! You too Andre!!

hi Andre nice cat he is big

I’am seeing’s you,looking handsome, have a good day, love you cousin ❤️

cant wait till we see the weather tonight

Frosty is beautiful! How ild?

He is beautiful,huge,and love his eyes!!!

He is such a pretty kitty! Lookin good Andre!

Good morning afternoon

He's so Gorgeous... 🐺🐺🐱🐱💞💞💞

Pretty cat!

I love your glasses, Andre.

How old?

That’s one gorgeous kitty!!!

So cute


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Happy birthday Iggy Pop - the one, the only, the joyous rocker who invites the whole crowd to share his induction onstage. ...


Comment on Facebook

Iggy Pop sucks

Was that Eddie Vedder up there?

Green Day ruins everything it touches.

When is Iggy getting inducted as Iggy Pop, who's career was independent of the Stooges (and who have all passed away)?

I just realized this is the first time I've seen iggy pop with a shirt on

Iggy's best HoF moment was when he paid tribute to Madonna at her induction, improving her songs and sitting on Justin Timberlake's lap. (Now that's bringing sexy back)

Pat Benatar and Bad Co also need to be inducted. But not more deserving than Iggy.

Far more deserving to be in the fame before this guy and Joan Baez and add Lou Reed..Just to name two Bad Company and Pat Benatar and many others

I miss Tom Snyder!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

That was wild!

Happy Birthday Iggy!!


Tim McAllister

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A sweet song of salvation to commemorate 2004 Inductee Prince's memory today - watch the 2017 Lenny Kravitz tribute performance of "The Cross" ...


Comment on Facebook

Out of any Prince tribute I've seen, this is head and shoulders above them all. Lenny was the perfect choice. The choir....just chills. And the song...well, lets just say the people who only know the radio pop hits are in for a great discovery <3

From the 1987 album Sing of the time What a beautiful music and words..We miss Prince. We miss him so much

I'm so proud of Lenny doing a tribute to Prince

Love this song. Great job Lenny!

Bert Ludwig, mooi eerbetoon aan die kleine gigant!

So lovely 💕

Karla Lorena

Kori Mandelbaum

Chris Wheeler

6 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Friday, April 20, 2018. ...


Comment on Facebook

I love you and your wife followed you two back in the day to now I'm proud to say Cleveland loves you. Gray hair is a sign of maturity in life.

Hi, André! I don't see 70s in those temps behind you yet...☹️ (I can't help it. I'm impatient.)

Good evening!! Nice day today!! The game is getting on my nerve!! Cavs come on!! You have a good night and give us a good day tomorrow!!👍🏽😇🙏

Such a sunset---neon pink & blue! And then the sharp, bright beauty of the waxing crescent moon, setting shortly after...

BTW Andre': How do I get that Zucchini Steak recipe I saw earlier tonight? That looked really good!!!

I bet Andrene is pronounced ANd=RENE (as in "Rene")

Your the best andre always on point with the weather

My husband Bob's hair turned white young too. I think I did that to him.🤣

Hi from Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. Love this weather!

Hello Andre....happy Friday & have a great weekend from Garrettsville

TY for the weather have a great weekend...

Lastly I keep forgetting to tell you that I LOVE your glasses!!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine!!

Mansfield here—chilly but a beautiful day!

Great fresh air today ! Just woke up from a nap1

Your gift looks nice on u hw is the family

Saw a beautiful sunset in Geneva

You have a great week end Osie from LorainOh

Listening to the CAVS on the radio

That was one of their songs

Hi Shirley fogle from Andover

Beautiful day in Orrville...

You got Andrene wrong, lol.

Loved the big hair!

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7 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Thursday, April 19, 2018. ...


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Kris-Lakewood. Hey Andre next Saturday will it be decent for my daughters prom? I know that's far out.

Is this how summer will be?

Please tell me this cold front is ending

Hi Andre, From Twinsburg! Saw your brothers zucchini recipe. . Let us know how it is if you make it tomorrow. ....

Thank you for sharing this with us but before you go could I ask you a question do you think we are going to have a mild summer

COME ON SPRING! No more SNOW and bring on average temperatures, not 20 degrees below average.

Hey Andre where is the warmer weather.

Hi from Monroe township! No snow for once!!!

Hi from N Ridgeville. Are we done with the snow,??

Hello Andre you're late for dinner

Sorry I'm a Steeler all the way but love your forcasts

No snow in Willoughby today. Yay

Just shared your live feed

Cheers! Where is the sunshine?

Hi andre from lorain.

yaay spring time here in parkman

Good evening Andre

Hi from Cleveland

When will summer be?

I sent you an email back

Hi all from North Royalton!!

Cuyahoga Falls tunes in here

Hello from Grafton

It was yummy thank you

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