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Harry Anderson, 'Night Court' star and Asheville resident, dies at age 65

Harry Anderson, 'Night Court' star and Asheville resident, dies at age 65


The actor was most well-known for playing the character of Judge Harry T. Stone in the TV series "Night Court."

(Warner Bros. Television Distribution via MGN)

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Per @ColumbusPolice: Walcutte Rd is CLOSED in both directions north of Roberts Rd because of a vehicle into a pole.
Use Hilliard Rome Rd as a detour.

Police identify victims in Linden area double homicide. https://t.co/WydzOgKp91

The left lanes of I-70 EB are blocked before the Downtown Split. Stay right to get by.

Watch for a disabled car on I-70 EB before the Downtown Split.

#Traffic is picking up & slowing down in @DelawareCoOhio -- along Sawmill Pkwy near Home Rd.

HEADS UP for @HilliardGov drivers TODAY:
#4yourdrive https://t.co/F5e7ze5smR

22 minutes ago

News 5 Cleveland

A Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioner caught on camera delivering an expletive-laced tirade to police officers during a traffic stop has resigned. ...


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She is just teaching her daughter how to treat others! Mother of the year awards goes to this woman! The police officers were amazing dealing with her.

I have been reading how black people are the only ones who abuse our police officers,how about this?

She thinks she is privileged.

Pathetic witch, what a great role model for her children.

I'm glad those cops handled her with respect when she should not be even be involved

Guessing it was more of a you can resign or we can terminate you

I wanted to slap her the whole time!

If she was a man white or black they would have got a tune up


So disrespectful


Amanda Argauer bye🎉👊🏻



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1 hour ago

SportsTime Ohio

No matter who steps up for the Cleveland Indians, Francisco Lindor says they're all blessed to just be playing the game. #RallyTogether ...

2 hours ago

News 5 Cleveland

It's National Pretzel Day! Who loves pretzels as much as Stanley? ...

Its National Pretzel Day! Who loves pretzels as much as Stanley?

3 hours ago

News 5 Cleveland

Indians beat Cubs. LeBron daggers the Pacers. Browns have #1 pick in the NFL Draft to begin the turnaround. What a time to be a Cleveland sports fan!⚾🏈🏀 ...

Indians beat Cubs. LeBron daggers the Pacers. Browns have #1 pick in the NFL Draft to begin the turnaround. What a time to be a Cleveland sports fan!⚾🏈🏀


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The Browns really should pick a referee first round. It works for the patriots. Solid plan

Things are looking up for the CLE!🏀⚾️🏈 LeBron is the king! The Windians are at work! And maybe, just maybe, the Browns can turn it around in the draft. 🤞🏻

Two of the three are exciting and promising. One...same position, probably same poor choice.

draft baker Mayfield! josh allen is a bust

Great time to be a CLE fan. But now it's #Draftday

Go Cavs!!!! LeBron James made out of balloons by( the Magic Man) www.facebook.com/TheMagicMan104/

Winning 3-1 is better than winning on game 😂😂🤦‍♂️

That number one pick don’t mean nothing. Lol

Predictions: Who will the Browns choose first?

Go TRIBE!Go Cavs!

Awesome end to that game last night! Love you Lebron!!!!

Great job.......

Bruno Ricchiuti .... All I care about are the BROWNS :) LOL

Go Tribe! Go Cavs!


Brandon Bub

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10 hours ago

SportsTime Ohio

Edwin is channeling his inner Bob Marley and isn't worried about a thing!

He says his at bats helped boost his confidence.


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God I love the translator chick

You got this Edwin! No worries!


18 hours ago

SportsTime Ohio

That OMG moment: Rajai Davis relives his unforgettable HR in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. ...


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Thanks, Shaw.

It was one of the happiest, most exciting moments of my life. Thank you Mr. Davis for that. ☺

A once in a lifetime moment that is now a pleasant memory in the past.

I was there...One electric, unforgettable night!!

We lost....... It's pretty forgettable for me.

I remember sitting in my cousin's livingroom, filled with Cubs' fans! After that he, I thought I'd be able to say, "you're my family, and I love you, BUT......", etc. Alas, it wasn't meant to be!

Never forget that. At least we came back to tie it. To bad another runner didn't get on base a head of raji.

And then the ever talented Bryan Shaw said hold my beer, brushed of f the potato chips, and blew it

The rain delay wasn’t fair we had to bat and pitch in the rain but as soon as we started get the best of them New York stopped it and stopping momentum



Brian Maciejewski

1 day ago

SportsTime Ohio

No excuses for JT: The Cleveland Indians right-hander is fully aware he needs to be better. ...


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Bring Merritt up, put Tomlin in the bullpen and get rid of Belisle.

Move him to the pen! He might make a decent reliever... he's shown that he CANNOT be a starter!!!

Time to give Ryan Merritt a chance. He is out of options. Tomlin to the pen? Why? To lose a game in late innings.

Tomlin/ McAllister/ Kipnis/ Brantley need to all be packaged for Manny and a Arm

I've always liked tomlin and would give him 2 or 3 more starts but if he continues to struggle then a change needs to be made.

Too late. How many chances are we gonna give the guy? All he ever says is “I gotta do better.” Well, so do the Indians, and that should be with someone else. There has got to be someone in the organization or affordable somewhere else. He’ll, even I can give up 7 hits, four home runs and five earned runs in 3 2/3 innings on a consistent basis.

One thing for sure we'll never have more than a 4 game winning streak with this guy around

The thing is, he doesn't have the ability to get to where he needs to be.

Time to go

This guy needs to go. Unless you are Greg Maddux, you aren't going to make it in the MLB throwing 85mph. He is by far the weakest link in the starting rotation. Maybe trade him for a back-up mascot?

Who would pitch a better game: JT or a bagel without cream cheese?

He needs to be traded or released.

Work on it Josh ⚾️⚾️❤️

“Change the delivery and you change the outcome.”

Cant be any worse

bravo...forget about it...we are

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