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Highway patrol identifies 2 who died in small plane crash in Coshocton County

Highway patrol identifies 2 who died in small plane crash in Coshocton County


The Ohio State Highway Patrol identified the couple as 67-year-old Edward Zezlina and 71-year-old Linda O'Brien.

The crash is in a remote area only accessible by foot or ATV.

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1 hour ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Alexander Wennberg joined the team for practice today ahead of their flight to D.C. ...


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I'd be perfectly okay with the road team winning every game of the series. But do we REEEALLY want that kind of stress? Lol.

Great news. Hope he replaces Milano because I am tired of watching the dump and Chase not work the last few games and him getting muscled off the puck every time

Hopefully Game 4 is out of their heads and they play like they have the first 3 games (That GWG in Game 3 was a lucky bounce). Having Wennberg back would definitely help too!

Hopefully Wennberg will be a go for Sat. they could really use him.

Wenny is a key piece to the puzzle hopefully he’s good to go Saturday

Please be in the lineup tomorrow! 🤞🏻

Please. Stop. The. Dump. And. Chase.

Have a safe flight and go jackets!!

We need him in there on Saturday!!!


Yes Wenny, we need you!!!

Yes!! Awesome news!

John Amon

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3 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets



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Put more pucks in their net and less in ours. Bob is playing great, but we can't win a playoff series by allowing at least three goals in every game (which is exactly what we've done in EVERY playoff game in franchise history). Secondary scoring is also key, but we've got to bail out Bob by clearing those errant rebounds.

should have a pic of Boone up there. He's the only guy who played hard last night! Zach was awful.

Stefan Christian I was making the same face during game 4

Give a 100% effort Saturday not like Thurs. only 50% effort. Hopefully we get Wennberg back.

Can't make the excuse of being tired for the last game because the Caps played the same game. Gonna have to dig deep into the energy, MIND OVER MATTER, and get this done in the next 2 games...!

Wake up Zach. You sleep walked through the last two games. Very lackadaisical effort.

CBJ out there playing like the Papa Johns Jr Jackets

Good depiction of what he’s been looking like out there - in a daze some of the time


In this week's edition of The Wrap, Editor Doug Buchanan and Managing Editor Mark Somerson talk about beer, food delivery, marijuana and Blue Jackets hockey. ...

16 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Series tied 2-2 heading back to Washington. ...


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I'm really tired of the "we all just need to stand behind our boys" crap. Not interested in participation trophies, orange slices in between periods, and everyone goes to the Dairy Queen win or lose after the game. Been a full season ticket holder from day1. We should have high expectations and hold players accountable for their effort and performance. Torts came here with his rep and baggage and I for was glad because that was what was needed to finally shed the country club mentality embedded in the team...i.e. show up, go through motions, collect your nice paycheck, and enjoy a really nice low pressure lifestyle....cause everyone loves us for just being here. Here was a HUGE opportunity to really build some real equity with the fans. Up 2-0, 2 largest crowds ever at home. While Tue. was super disappointing, effort was there, caught a bad break at end, and we got our own breaks on the road earlier.....BUT to just totally not show up tonight...across entire team (except maybe 1-2 players) with this great an opportunity and crowd in front of the was unacceptable. After years of emotional investment I'm not just gonna rollover and say "bummer, you're our boys no mater what, just happy to have you. Tonight's game was total crap and a total disappointment since effort and performance was worst I've seen from them with so much on the line and so much to gain.

It'd be fantastic if the refs would call a fair game. It's beyond pathetic the advantage they keep giving Washington

First power play-were there any shots even attempted? Anybody got the guts to send a message to Wilson? Can't blame Bob when we haven't scored the first goal in any of the games.

Not sure if whomever that manages the Blue Jackets Facebook page actually reads these posts but I’ve been a fan along with many others since day one! DAY ONE! And this team has obviously been around for quite sometime now. They’ve come along way, and are better then they’ve ever been before. Tonight and Tuesday night were inexcusable! The fans have paid a lot of money and are tired of waiting for the team to get it done! If they don’t advance to round 2, I’m wondering what the fan base will continue to look like and be...

That was the WORST CROWD ever!! Were they sitting on their hands and had the towel stuffed in their mouths?!?? NO ENERGY at all. The team NEEDS that SUPPORT from the HOME CROWD 'cause they're NOT gonna get it on Saturday in Washington... VERY SAD. SUPPORT THE TEAM..... They NEED IT...

NHL working hard to get that Caps vs. Pens semifinals. Jackets are going to lose because they have no discipline and make it too easy for the refs to call penalties.

How did we get here after such a promising start to this series? The effort tonight was just pathetic. Dump and chase, couldn't win any battles, poor passing, no sustained pressure. I dont get it!

How the hell do you win two games at their building, then go back to one of the loudest stadiums in the league with ALL the momentum and lose? Jackets throwing

Oldvechkins goal and the goon goal were softies and the difference in the game. Bobrovsky made some great saves, but they made no difference in the face of the two softies. Poorly played game by both teams. Red team carried the play, like they did in games 1 and 2, but this was a bad game by Bob.

Maybe actually show up on Saturday. At least if you try hard and lose, we can hang our hats on the effort. This one stunk. We - and more importantly the people who coughed up good money for tickets - deserve so much better than a flat, listless performance.

Wow what just happened CBJ never showed up sloppy passing /turnovers dumb penalties no inspiration for the home crowd Now the clock is ticking. Get it together !!!!!!!

Gonna have to get our act together quickly. This was easily Panarin’s worst game as a Jacket. Wayyy to many turnovers. I still believe this series is going 7 games. I said it before it started.

Caps fan here... You guys are just as doom and gloom as we were after Game 2. A series is Best of 7, not 1, 3, or 5. There are a number of examples of teams looking listless and being tied 2-2, trailing 3-0 or 3-1 and turning the series around. Good luck to you guys. And if you do bounce back from tonight and send us packing, please beat up on Pittsburgh or the highly unlikely event that you get Philly. Both those fan bases are obnoxious. Que sera sera, good luck!

Tonight was inexcusable, arguably the worst game since the trade deadline. The Caps were flat out the better team tonight. You lost the series momentum, but it’s still tied, you’re not down. Turn the page on this one. Crazy series, neither team has won a home game yet. Let’s see if that trend continues in Game 5. The rest of this series will be a fight for both teams.

Well at least we didn't have to watch extra periods just to see them lose this time. Got some work to do fellas.

I was there....yelling & screaming & cheering all night and for what? Poor effort, lazy passes that led to countless turnovers...absolutely no team energy tonight! It’s a shame that we spent a lot of money for our family to see that effort! I’ll still be right in front of the TV on Saturday though...Go Jackets! #CBJ

Feel sorry for the fans who attended this game. Past 3 games I was pacing around my living room, on the edge of my seat and cheered many times. This game I leaned my recliner back and watched in disgust. This is not the Blue Jackets we have been accustomed to seeing. I hope this flips a switch because this series is over if that play happens for one more period. Rest up boys and make us proud. I know I'm not giving up on you!

Really jackets?!!!! Lead the series 2-0 and let the Capitals come back to tie it!!! This series could and should of been over tonight. U guys could of made it 4-0 and closed it. Last night should of been a easy win. Get your game together guys!!! LET'S GO JACKETS!! 😠😠😠😠🥅🏒🏒🏒

Bad game. bad bounces too. It happens. It's a long seven game series. not everything can and will be perfect. Am I upset? Sure. I didn't want this series to be tied either. As Torts' says " I don't know where it goes." It's also the playoffs and if you thought anything was going to be easy against the division champs. y'all are sorely mistaken. This team has gone through some stuff and honestly surprised me for the most part. So don't let one bad game in a seven game series get you down. Also don't put too much emphasis on the fact the first 3 games went into OT. It's playoff hockey strange things happen. #CBJ #marchon #fivelinesstrong #firethecannon

This was just a bad game all the way around, nobody looked like they were on the same page and poor Bob didn’t have a chance on those first two goals. One game at a time guys. If I recall correctly we’re undefeated in Washington for this series, there’s still time. Go Jackets!

Yeah going to be a tough one...really needed to win one at home guys! Not feeling the same luck you had first two games is going to follow you Saturday.....But still, Go Jackets!! See what you’re really made of.

Flat crowd flat team. Washington played poised and Columbus played nervously all game. Only one team out there looked like they'd been through 3 OT games. Need to regain their composure and steal one back on Saturday.

This is what happens when you constantly have to come from behind in EVERY game!!!! It worked out in the first 2 games, but we gotta quit giving the Caps the lead all the time.

Too many wide shots and trying too many passes. Let’s go back to the first games and play like that again. We will get them in game 5!

That was the sloppiest game I've seen since like 2007. No energy, poor passing, poor handling. I've never heard Nationwide that quiet in a playoff game, or most regular season games for that matter. Gotta bring that energy back from 1st 2 games.

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17 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Jackets find themselves down two after two, but have come back from the deficit before. ...


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I just don't get it. I'm so overly frustrated right now. We arguably have our best playoff team ever. I don't get how we have 9 goals the first 2 games and just 2 in these last 2 games. Honestly I think holtby is the difference in this series.

The jackets are going to need themselves with this effort. The crowd is not in it at all. And what about playing with that so called " discipline?" Still way too many penalties. Wayyyyyy tooooo mannnnnyyyyyy! Come on guys. You should know better by now. The crowd is not in this game at all. But at least their record on the road is 2-0 i guess

I’m selling my game 6 tickets. This team ain’t going no where but home out of the playoffs. This isn’t the team that went 14-1-1 the last 16

This is not good. The long term jackets fan in me is giving up.

It’s a 7 game series. Theres money to be made did you really think it would be done in 4 games?? Just being real. GO JACKETS!!

Okay boys 3 goals in 20 minuets I'm not asking I'm telling. No more goals for the Caps. Puck control is atrocious tonight clean it up and keep sending 1 timers they will get in. YOU GOT THIS CBJ

Is it February again? Bobrovsky can’t do it all by himself. He didn’t have a prayer on either goal scored, and there were no Jackets trying to stop the over aggressive Caps from scoring. Hopefully they get it together in the 3rd.

Only 16 SOG,no golden opportunities,no 4th line...Do they think that Bread will solve all of our problems?

I’m sure it’s been said before but, y’all remember when dump and chase worked?! Yea, neither do I...

cant keep having to rely to do that cause eventually the goals dry up.jackets need to win this game but they arent playing well enough tonight at home.if they dont get it together and lose then its time to start to be concerned.they are playing whether its tight or timid i dont know but i dont like it

seems like nothing's getting through. A lot of energy expended and nothing to show for it. Get that energy push, CBJ. Go get 'em!

I just feel bad for those who spent their hard earned money to watch this garbage. What a waste to win two key games on the road and just give home ice right back.

Call on Panarin was BS. Really crappy game by both teams. Softie from the goon and Slowshie bangs in a 2nd rebound on a dubious PP. Game is still winnable though. Red team is playing like crap too. Start playing well and they could take it.

Why are we letting Washington control the pace of this game we have been chasing them around for two periods. It’s time to play blue jackets hockey!!! Let’s use our size and get the physical game going and the goals will come.

1 game at a time ...Washington had everything to play for being down 2-0 ...its only tied 2-2 no need to freak out and no need to get angry when you are out played ...the whole team played flat , lessons learned , regroup and get ready for Saturday, in torts we trust .....go jackets we got this ...fear the blue and fear the cannon 💣💣💣💣🏒🏒🏒

I really wish our game plan wasn't to trail by 2 plus goals every game. Our luck is gonna run out real quick. Especially since the Caps now have all the momentum.

i noticed that too crowd is lifeless the jackets are playing lifeless.game 3 the crowd was into it.with that said hope game 5 jackets will play much better and pull out game 5 on the road.tonight was like the pre trade jackets before them trades.get it out of system win game 5

When we play hard we are the better team...I think werenski will get one...hes been freezing the defense with that toe drag move

We are being out skated, out manned and just all around out played. As much as I hate to say it, we are playing like we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. The first three games we hung with them. Now it looks like the Cap’s are done screwing around with us.

Only have a handful of guys really trying. Gotta feel bad for Bob, by the time the series is over he may have faced 200 shots. And for the love of god dumping and chasing clearly isn't working so why do we keep doing it with the same result?

Looking lazy, how many turnovers will it take before we realize the stretch passing isn't going to work

The Columbus Blue Jackets may have come back from the deficit before buy why should they try to do it every time. This seems like a complete 180 from last year where it seemed like they outplayed Pittsburgh for long stretches but had a shaky Bobrovsky. This year, Bob is standing on his head but offense generation just isn't there. The scoresheet needs to see some player numbers other than 3, 8, 9, 13, and 18.

Yeah but they were actually playing before. They're done. Regroup and for the love of God come out with more passion on Saturday.

It’s looking like the beginning of the end the blue jackets this game was a must win with both games at their place

lol losing momentum..guess they remembered nobody expects them to win and are letting the series slip away...sad.

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18 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Jackets find themselves down one after twenty minutes. ...


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Caps have changed up their game plan a little. They’re using the nervousness of the Jackets wanting to be up 3-1 to their advantage. Tip of the cap to the Caps, but Jackets need to watch themselves and stay out of the box.

Does Tom Wilson play hockey, or is he just out there for Crosby-level diving?

Not watching this one. This is only speculation. Play a North South game! Shoot the puck before you pass, and capitalize on rebounds. Stay out of the box! Am I close?

That was awful. Starting to plant that seed of doubt in the back of my head. Really bad in all aspects. Lucky it's not a bigger deficit

Good Lord, its only the first period. Lot of game to play yet!!! Stop with the negative comments!

I don't think the CBJ are ready tonight

Give up a bit of a softie to the red teams goon after a nice bit of work just before. Both teams not quite so sharp imho. No sound is the way to go! No doubt the NBC talking heads presented the goon goal as a brilliant play!

lucky they aren't down by 3 or 4

Caps seem to want it more, hope I'm wrong

I dunno what the hell that was, but you guys need to chill and play your game. That was atrocious

I have a bad feeling about this one

They're playing like they did against the pens last game...afraid to lose not like they need to win

I’m seeing a team that is melting down. They are making bad decision after bad decision. I truly hope they get it together. Bob is the only thing keeping them in this game.

When are these idiots going to stop slashing; rediculous. Time and time again

WAKE UP!!!! Must win game at home and we look like we don't care

The Jackets could beat the CAPS any day of the week. Just need a little more disciplined puck handling & execution on shots.

By far their worst period of the series. Just bleh. TBH, Capitals weren't a thing of beauty either. Plenty of game left, CBJ need to turn it around though.

Why are the Jackets suddenly being their own worst enemy? C’mon underdogs, you can do this!!! #CBJ

Turns out you have to go towards the net instead of from side to side to score. Who knew?

Holtby has been the difference in last 2 games...have to work a little harder for it...Tom Wilson will take 3 or 4 more penalties so well get our shot

when were you playing your best?? check them!! down 2-0 no momentum...see you next year...sorry, but you're going to choke...prove me wrong

The turnover have GOT to stop, play smart, heads up hockey...

This coach has zero control over these players. Definitely not how to win a game. Would help if they had a better defense on a power play. This is a toss up first round play off.

Need to stop the turnovers and need better passing they need to stop having to come back every game

They don't look good at all tonight

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