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House of Heroes makes home repairs for army widow

House of Heroes makes home repairs for army widow


The House of Heroes is at it again, making minor repairs to the home of an army veteran's widow.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The House of Heroes is at it again, making minor repairs to the home of an army veteran's widow. Volunteers painted Mattie Smith's Allegheny Dr. home in Columbus this aftern...

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28 minutes ago

News 5 Cleveland

WOW! A dust storm that swept through Queensland, Australia has covered a town in orange and downed trees. ...


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Kaz Hauser, you guys okay over there?

Cammi Shanes

Ben Sebastian

James Firth

1 hour ago

News 5 Cleveland

LIVE: Students in South Florida stage a walkout to show solidarity with Parkland shooting victims and support for the "Never Again" movement to pass stringent gun control laws. ...


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LIVE: Students in Florida stage a walkout to show solidarity with Parkland shooting victims.

So now we shame victims for trying to make a change. What are you afraid of. Because you never had to stand for something important. You live in a fantasy word.Out of the mouths of babes,,,,,

Now their going to raise the age that you can buy a firearm, nice job your generation succeeded in showing your too irresponsible to have rights.

These children have a right to do something that they feel strongly about the government don't give a care your President is only tearing down America kudos to the children don't nothing fail but a try 😄😄😄

No one needs to have an automatic or semi automatic gun. The Military and Police are the only ones that should have them...

If the adults or government isn’t going to do anything, these kids are! They are standing together in peaceful demonstration, which is there “right” to do so! Proud of them!

Do you people realize that these students had classmates that died!!!. They should have a voice and be heard. They want to feel safe in schools. Wouldn't you negatives want the same.

While I think it is great that the kids understand their rights as Americans, I don’t think they realize where the problem lies. Rather than pointing fingers, we need to start conversation!

Robert, your country must be Russia, in my country, the good old USA we have a right to demonstrate peafully.....so many Russian trolls......sick!!!

I'm sorry, I can understand the frustration, but for GOD's sake, WHO is running the school? The students or adults???

When we went to school we weren’t being gunned down in our classrooms! Your negativity shows how ignorant you really are! Way to go kids! ❤️

Some of these comments are just awful! At least they are not looting and rioting. Kids today are scared to go to school. And why wouldn't they be?

So what their saying is you shouldnt violate rules and we need more laws yet they are breaking the law with this display!! Great logic

This is great. Now is the time to get the old fogeys out of Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans. They won’t change anything to upset their status “guoe”!

Oh, a walkout!!? Time has shown, kids will stand for anything that gets them out of class. ... even if its selling out ther own future rights to a corrupt leftist agenda.

These kids are the one's being shot and killed. I understand the fervor. Radical stance to save their own lives!

Nothing is going to help at this point this generation is messed up in many ways , don't remember it being this bad when I graduated high school !!!

Let's take a moment to honor the sacrifice of our brave schoolchildren who lay down their lives to protect our right to bear arms.

Gun aren't the problem someone commented, you are right, gun nuts armend with assault rifles are!!!!!😡😡😡

About time someone does something to let Congress know we cannot put up with our children dying..❤️🇺🇸❤️

The gun mentality has taken over the ability to think rationally in some disturbed people, according to some of the very disturbing comments ...

They want to be heard. So proud of them and so happy to see them taking some sort of collective action

someday these kids will government official an i am sure they would do a wonderful job look how powerful they are now and they stick together not like our government can t even solve a simple law

Make your point. Then earn our respect by going directly back to school and continuing your studies.

good for them be safe kids your doing something to share your feelings and to make a difference something i never did

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Attending the February 24th Day of Action? Here are details and tips! ...

Attending the February 24th Day of Action? Here are details and tips!


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How about The OEA getting behind the student protest against school shootings on March 24th?

2 days ago

Ohio University

We have a great #TBT to share today...even though it's not Thursday! In honor of Presidents Day, this video takes a look back at some of the visits to OHIO by former U.S. presidents. Enjoy!

Check out plaques commemorating visits to campus by these and other distinguished history makers on the West Portico of the University’s Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.


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Wasn’t there other Presidents to visit O.U. Before Hoover?

Remember it well! Was there with my Parents. Was a little too big to stay on Dad's Shoulders, so I crawled between people to get up front.

Oh You gotta love this school and its history. Happy Presidents Day one and all. Be safe and aware of your Surroundings. Teach yOUr Children Well. When outside walk with a purpose of where you are going. Attitude lock the door. Don’t be Duped. Be Aware. Sorry. It’s a sign of the Times. You cannot hear it preached enough. See Sumpin, Say Sumpin. Even Protected President ( and staff) are vulnerable. Don’t you be. Walk with you keys. And use them to protect you and others. And now have a nice President’s Day. He is!! Fore!!!

Wow just saw Nada and Kenny Kerr, 1959, behind Kennedy on Baker’s Steps. Kool

3 days ago

Ohio University

Happy birthday to us!

Ohio University Alumni Association
Happy birthday, OHIO! Today is Founders Day, which traditionally marks the anniversary of the Ohio General Assembly’s approval on Feb. 18, 1804, of the charter plans which led to the creation of Ohio University. At 2:14 p.m. this afternoon, the Cutler Hall chimes played "Alma Mater, Ohio" to celebrate the history and legacy of Ohio University on this, our 214th birthday.


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I always knew the University and I had something in common

Spent 14 great years in Cutler Hal.

Logan Newton

5 days ago

Ohio University

For international student Hardika Singh, getting back to OHIO after winter break was a bit of an adventure!

In this check-in for Project Hindsight: The First Year, she shares what it was like to visit her family and tells the tale of returning to the U.S.

What is Project Hindsight:The First Year? It's your ticket to discovering what being a student at Ohio University is really all about! Find out what students are thinking as they experience their first year at OHIO through videos that express authentic thoughts, opinions, challenges, and triumphs.

Check out the website at www.ohio.edu/project-hindsight for more, and follow #OHIOProjectHindsight on here, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with the students and discover why Ohio University is the place for you!


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Sarah Lifer

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