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Indiana man says Little Caesars pizza had mice droppings

Indiana man says Little Caesars pizza had mice droppings


"We did find that there were rodent droppings and violations that warranted us doing a license suspension," health department officials said.

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Day 2 of 2018's budget hearings will start in 5 minutes! Tune into TV20, or go to https://t.co/Jy9bghTLeu to watch the live broadcast!

TV20, We Are Cleveland!

Tonight @ Michael Zone Rec Center from 5pm - 7pm @CleRecruitment will be hosting another Information Session for those interested in a career in Law Enforcement & have questions or want to learn the process. Also Remember Applications are online now. https://t.co/8ijo9e43eU

VIDEO (via @Dmaloneytv): Marcus Sanders, founder of the organization “Takes A Village,” is hosting a basketball tournament to support the @ClevelandClinic Lerner Institute for Autism. Local and professional standouts will take part in the charity event. https://t.co/ptkfXq0DEh

Our next forum on March 13th will discuss the city's progress as a convention and tourism market. Registration and details here: https://t.co/wwN6yNrk0Q

Q: With the McCarron news, do the #Bengals look for a QB in the Draft?

A: 📰 Hobson's Choice - https://t.co/bBIinRcEyT

8-year-old Ohio boy fears being hurt, takes gun to school - https://t.co/slAx3Uvy9v

Stark County Sheriff issues stern warning for social media threats https://t.co/7f9EdkwZaa

#UPDATE: The sheriff has now charged a sixth student at Gray Middle School.

#UPDATE: The sheriff has now charged a sixth student at Gray Middle School.

Students at 5 Boone County schools charged with making threats https://t.co/JIwYYNMrZJ

VIDEO: Bikini barista attacked at knifepoint, caught on tape - https://t.co/xd1be75AwH

Last chance to register! Join us this Friday @Navigator_MP for Breakfast with Business First! Connect with Central Ohio professionals over hot coffee and breakfast. Register for free at https://t.co/XIuaJzPXqz.

Hello from the Ohio! Water level slowly receding but with rain falling, it may take some time for the river to return to normal. @FOX19

School shooting victim posthumously admitted to West Point https://t.co/bAtd45R6mT

Christopher Whitaker will make a statement to jury members during this death penalty phase. Some of his family members will testify on his behalf but they do not want to be identified on camera. #AliannaDeFreeze

Ross Township police investigating shots fired reports in Ross and Hanover Townships last night https://t.co/8WHfEX9Rsb

Stark County community stunned by school shooting, FBI investigates boy's home https://t.co/MSVeHDGENx

11 minutes ago

Cleveland Indians

A round of applause for the birthday boy, Ryan Merritt! ...

A round of applause for the birthday boy, Ryan Merritt!


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Happy Birthday Ryan!

👏 this is Ryan’s year!

Wooo~ Magic Ryan

4 hours ago

Columbus Crew SC

#CrewSC 🆚 Charleston Battery
🕔 5 p.m. ET
🏆 Carolina Challenge Cup
📺 BeInSportsUSA 💻 crew.sc/PrsznLive

#CrewSC 🆚 Charleston Battery 
🕔 5 p.m. ET
🏆 Carolina Challenge Cup
📺 BeInSportsUSA 💻 http://crew.sc/PrsznLive


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Columbus Crew SC ❤️❤️💪💪💪🤙🏻



21 hours ago

Cleveland Indians

We begin our new journey in three days. atmlb.com/2HvBx0F ...

We begin our new journey in three days. http://atmlb.com/2HvBx0F


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Yeah, you just hope it's not the last game of the regular season and that's it. lol.

Yep if we had a closer who didnt walk the bases loaded

Please sign Napoli!

Ready to Cheer my lungs out even if I can't go to any games. #OurTurn2018 #RallyTogether

This is the year!!!!

Keep that in mind just before throwing a "Long Tator" pitch!

right now they are contenders on paper...we'll see what happens when reality sets in


Let’s go tribe.. looking for another good year...

See you all at Spring training at Goodyear Ballpark! 😃

We'll be there for the opener on the 23rd. Gonna be a great season.

I'm so excited, I can hardly wait! Love my Tribe! ❤⚾💙

Last chance for a long time

Go Tribe!

Catie gotta make a game! Root on the team like a homer

I cannot wait !!

Yeah, can't wait . Go Tribe

Tribe Fever 2018!

Just do it TRIBE!

Joe Boyle- you ready?!?

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23 hours ago

Columbus Crew SC

We’re live! 🎥 Alex Stec is catching up with Wil Trapp & Zack Steffen in preseason in Charleston, S.C. ...


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I’m planning on coming to my first crew game this year but it’s going to be so hard I never have anytime off! I honestly will try my best to get to one! GO CREW!! ⚫️🔸⚫️🔸⚫️🔸⚫️

This team is gonna do this season what they didn’t do last, bringing the cup to Columbus! So focused and looking great in preseason! #SaveTheCrew




We enjoyed seeing the guys play in Casa Grande this past month. #savethecrew



Saludos a Milton!!!

Desde Rosario!!


Zack knows how to #savethecrew



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23 hours ago

Kings Island

Temperature today at Kings Island: 74 degrees! ...

Temperature today at Kings Island: 74 degrees!


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Let’s ride?!!!

Never never ever ever ever get excited about 70 degree days in February

Can't wait till opening day!! Its not to far away!!

Number of rides open at Kings Island today: 0!

Perfect day to be on Diamond back

And in Oregon, we're having our 1st run with winter and snow this year! Looks like I need to book a trip! 😀

Dustin Cannedy the hill on diamond back can’t wait to go this summer 😱

Putting trains on tracks yet Kings Island?

Too bad it isnt open!

Good day to be at the park huh??

Let’s open it early!!!!

My son was wishing he could ride DB and Banshee as we drove to school this morning.

let's roll!

That's coaster weather y'all!!

Mike Stasek you should move to cincy its warmer down there

You could open it for just a couple of hours

perfect day to open the park

Open for 1 February day

Bring. On diamond back

I thought the lift was yellow 🤔

And they’re closed.

are u open? 😂

Can't wait!

I agree Tom Batsche

Let’s ride

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A booming rookie year, followed by Tommy John surgery. Cody Anderson called this past Saturday the "biggest day of my life." atmlb.com/2obK3tw ...


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If we can keep this strong chain of pitchers coming year after year, we'll be in good shape well into the future.

Greatest start to an MLB career (statistically) through first six games. I would love to see Cody regain his confidence and form!

Saw him in his very first MLB start at Progressive Field. He was outstanding that day!

I Remember watching him that day. Albeit from far via TV, but what a great start!

He had surgery? I was wondering what happened to him. He was an outstanding rookie.

He is a big cog in going forward. I can see Salazar and Anderson picking up the slack when Miller and Allen walk.

More pitchers named Cody to love!

Looking forward to his career taking us forward!

Happy he is healthy cant wait foe season to start .

Darien Thomas

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1 day ago

Columbus Crew SC

Harrison Afful's taking in the full Crew SC preseason this year. Hear how he thinks the team's developing. 🗣 ...


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2 days ago

Columbus Crew SC

How's Eduardo Sosa adjusting to Crew SC's playing style? 🇻🇪➡️🇺🇸 We chatted with him after training today. 🗣 ...


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2 days ago

Columbus Crew SC

Gregg credits the continuity of the group to Crew SC's current form in preseason. 📽🎙 Hear how the team is fine tuning things... ...


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Gregg!!! We love you!!! We FIGHT to keep you here. #SaveTheCrew


2 days ago

Kings Island

Hurry! Your chance to save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day sale ends at midnight. bit.ly/2tbkldg ...

Hurry! Your chance to save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day sale ends at midnight. http://bit.ly/2tbkldg


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Can a season pass holder buy a discounted fast lane plus pass without buying the admission ticket?

As warm as it was today, Kings Island could've been open for President's Day! But, I understand it's not ready yet!

So I really feel like we should be able to customize our passes more- meaning, some of us love to go to Halloween Haunt, but could care less about Winterfest. Now for all six of us to get gold and food passes it's going to cost over 1400.00. Thats a little ridiculous....

Julius McCracken

2 days ago

Columbus Crew SC

Crew SC's preseason training camp in Charleston, SC continued on Monday, February 19. ...


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It's Columbus Crew SC...#savethecrew

I am excited for Crewsmas! Gonna enjoy every minute we get. CTID.


I must add: they are such a handsome bunch. 😉

2 days ago

Cleveland Indians

Raise your hand if you've been named the top catching prospect in baseball. atmlb.com/2odkHeI ...

Raise your hand if youve been named the top catching prospect in baseball. http://atmlb.com/2odkHeI


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Isn’t he moving to him third base?

I still like Perez and Gomes, because of the way they handle the pitchers, and their strong throwing arms. But we do need him as a backup in the minors in case of injury.

Missing one arm and half a leg? That's amazing! ;)

I think we should all be thanking Lucroy for doing us a favor and blocking that trade.

Looks like the top amputee in baseball in this pic

This young man is very inspirational to all handicap people! with only one arm and one leg he plays professional baseball! this is a true hero....

We needs a catcher who can hit more than .220 Keep either Perez or Gomes and trade the other and move Mejia into a starter.platoon role.

I predict Mejia will have a stellar career. Expect to see him behind the plate at MLB fields everywhere. have a great 2018 Mejia.

Salvador Perez will probably always be my favorite. He is hard to beat.

he almost got dealt for Lucroy 2 years ago. thank God he's still here

He better have a cannon if he wants to replace Gomes or Perez.

We saw Franscisco in Akron this past year. Picture is when they played the Erie Sea Wolves.

Only a matter of time til they trade him or he leaves for more $$

Go get "em" young man⚾️⚾️👍let's get it done this yr!!! Were on our way⚾️⚾️⚾️

Thanks for the photo. Had nice write up in our paper recently. Going toChicago in May to see Tribe vs Cubs.

We love our prospects don’t we? I seriously doubt he makes the final roster. He needs time at AAA before he can make the bigs. Besides. We have 2 solid catchers that aren’t going anywhere.

"PROSPECT" is the key word here! No one can foresee the future but tomorrow!

Raise it high Francisco. With players like you not only is the present bright but so is our future. Let's Go Tribe.

He may have had a rocky start in September call ups, but I'm definitely still excited for this kid!

Might be a trade chip, we'll have to see how we're doing at the all star break.

Really hope this guy gets his shot this year, great arm, needs to develop catching a little but will hit .300+ need the bat for sure behind the plate been years since we had a catcher who wasn't an auto out.

We're very lucky to have 3 incredible catchers! He's stretching it out, getting work in.

He's disqualified......didn't say raise a hand and a leg.

And yet there was talk of trading him last week.

50 game hitting streak, can hit for power and he has a cannon!

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2 days ago

Cleveland Indians

Happy birthday, Dan! High five! ...

Happy birthday, Dan! High five!


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Is this the guy with the viking metal music? Ashley

Happy Birthday Dan Otero. Glad you are signed long term with our beloved Cleveland Indians. Let's Go Tribe.

Happy birthday, Danny!! Hope you have the best season ever. 🎂⚾️

May God bless you with health and success this year, Dan!!!

Happy Birthday to my husbands FAVORITE reliever!

Happy birthday 🎂 2 u🇺🇸🎂 say 3 or sing 3 times 🎼 may u have "many many" more🎂 enjoy ur spec. Day!!! Danny I will b 88 in march & running out of time 🇺🇸🎂!!⚾️was there in 48⚾️⚾️"please let's do it this year🏆🎂!!!😅😇

Happy birthday Dan 🎁🎉

They may remove the Chief's Logo but we long time Cleveland fans will never forget !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dan! What a fantastic reliever you are! WAHOO!

Happy Birthday Dano!!! Is it baseball yet!!! Can't wait for season opener!!!! :)

Happy birthday Dan

Happy Birthday Dan!! ⚾️⚾️⚾️

Happy birthday Dan

Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy Birthday! Soooo ready for the season to begin.

Happy Birthday, Dan.

Happy Birthday Dan. Have a great day and a fantastic season.

Happy birthday Dan glad you are with our team!

Happy Birthday Dan. 🎂⚾️

Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy Birthday Dan Otero!


Happy birthday!!

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3 days ago

Cleveland Indians

If Frankie's happy, we're happy 😆 ...

If Frankies happy, were happy 😆


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... Fran-Sisqo? When are they gonna sign the rest of Dru Hill?

Somewhere, Lou Brown is yelling "we wear caps and sleeves at this level, son!"

The face of the franchise. Please sign a long term extension soon Francisco. Let's Go Tribe.

Sure looks different! Gotta love him.

Hey as long as it don't effect his hitting and defense he could sport a mohawk as far as I care go tribe

The greatest smile in all of professional sports!

As long as he keeps playing defense and hitting like he is and flashing that infectious smile,he could have purple or green hair for all I care!...GO TRIBE!!

Sorry Frankie, love you but don't love that gray hair. Let it grow back and add the blonde, WAHOO!!!

Gotta love this guy! Class act, grade A ballplayer, and a decent human all around. I remember watching him at the lake county captains and knew he had potential. We love ya francisco!!!!

Frankie always has a good time....love to watch him on the field, always looks like he's having so much fun.

Everytime I see his new style, the "Thong Song" plays in my head!! 😂😂

When did we trade Lindor for Sisqo?

Looks like he should be singing the Thong Song...

When does baseball start cause Ohio state basketball just choke the big ten conference away

Very happy. Show us more photos from spring training!

unrecognizable except for that SMILE :)

You would be happy too if you were going to get a bazillion dollars from the Yankees, red Sox, or one of the other big market teams.

Is that Dennis Rodman?

I had to think before I posted this one...what is a franchise?

Hair tattoo. I'm checking out the guns he is sporting. Bulking up. 😍

No arm skipping days for this man!!!

His barber needs to go on the 60-day DL.

Yes we are..love him so much!!!

Looks like Frankie has been hanging out with yandy Andrew Funk

Frankie embodies everything good about baseball! The Indians are better because of his energy and contributions on the field. Love him! ❤️⚾️

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3 days ago

Kings Island

Save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day weekend sale. Act now! The opportunity to save big when planning your visit to Kings Island ends Monday. Details – bit.ly/2tbkldg ...

Save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day weekend sale. Act now! The opportunity to save big when planning your visit to Kings Island ends Monday. Details – http://bit.ly/2tbkldg


Comment on Facebook

Got mine not coming till August hope the weather better than it is in the UK

Any meal plan deals?

Wendy Karon Seri you should get this for Maya Lol

Rachel Thompson

James Minx

Olivia Adams

Winona Chischillie

Nancy Starr

Kristen Ash

4 days ago

Kings Island

Only 8 more Saturdays until you can snake your way around 5,282 feet of track at speeds up to 80 mph on Diamondback. Those who cannot wait until April 14 to ride the tallest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island can take a virtual ride now. #KIOpeningDay2018 ...


Comment on Facebook

Elisha Centers this takes me back right to the first time. Isn't this the same coaster? No thanks I will pass this season.

This is no big deal, after going to Cedar Point. The best ride at KI is The Beast

Rode this opening day when it made its debut. It was when they told you where to sit, my friend and I were waiting and the worker pointed to us and said "you two, front seats.”

Delcie Justice Beth Chafin Can you imagine how cold this would be in April?! 😬😬😬

Season passes ans Fast Lane+ for opening day-done. There is a sale this weekend that has admission with fast lane plus for $70. Check the KI website for details. If you can do it, its a no-brainer. Best deal you can get!

How does a virtual ride give you the same satisfaction of riding the diamondback? It doesn't. Not even close.

I rode this 2 years ago.scared me to death...

Erica Kendel this is my favorite rollercoaster of all time. I go to Kings island just to ride this

Wait, are they closing Diamondback?

Are they going to have train's to pick up and take back out to the car's for elderly people that walk WOW

This is the way I ride amusement park rides now, since I can't afford it any other way.

Alexis Johns hehehe remember when we rode this five times in a row?! ❤️❤️❤️

Just got ordered tickets today. Can't wait!!!!🙂

I love Diamondback. But I'm more excited for my 21st birthday on that day! Sorry Diamondback!

They need to turn the dials on the dodgems up to 7 or 10 speeds. Like Dennis Speigel used to do.

Best Coaster. Bar none.

Love this ride

I cant wait till opening day to ride diamond back.

IT dosent seem like we have8 Saturday's left since wer only in February LOL hurry hurry April14 get here already lol

Young people flocked to King's Island in Cincinnati, Ohio every Sping for their first fling of the Summer.😛

Can't wait!! Got Diamondback withdrawals!!

love coasters and front seat only for me !

Arend Le Roux think yoy could do it

New seats to

Ummm, Adam Ellars this day needs to hurry up!!!

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