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Intruder at Opening Ceremony had to be ejected twice

Intruder at Opening Ceremony had to be ejected twice


Not exactly a proud moment for security crews at the Olympic village.....

How did he get back in?!

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18 minutes ago


Students at Westlake High School hold a walkout protest in recognition of the lost lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 students and staff members were killed. ...


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What a joke


Get rid of gun free zones 😃


start the draft


What are they walking out cor?

Look at the vultures from the media.

Good for these students, showing their solidarity and "enough is enough"

Go students!


They’re just skipping school.

Where are they?

God bless our youth!

They walking out to take away guns

What is school without kids to teach?

This accomplishes nothing.

Tell them to get off their electronic devices and sit down and start talking to each other. They may find that social interaction can be a good way to make changes as well.

What is wrong with solidarity with students from Florida! This could happen in Ohio.

It’s your right to protest, do it for your fellow students!

It’s sad what happened but I don’t think a walkout is going to change anything

Good for these students! When the adults won’t act like adults, the children step up.

Glad to see young students getting involved in politics and making a stand for what they believe in.

The media is there as they should be this is an opportunity for our future to have a voice.

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3 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets


15 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets



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I’m wondering where all the negative crying fans went it doesn’t have to be pretty it just has to be 2 points keep it up boys make the playoff push 22 games left

Does anyone agree with me that Wenneberg is the laziest player on the ice every game? In my opinion he does absolutely nothing when he’s on the ice

Thank God. I mean Bob.

We had 2 shots in the 2nd period, and 4 in the third. We definitely need more spark.

Under siege man but we stood tall when it mattered ! PP is sickening tonight.

Even beat a seven on six!

It sure wasn't pretty but 2 points in the bank.

Not pretty but way to get those points. Welcome back Murray.

The ref s just love cbj

How about the satisfied look on the guys face in this picture?

Not very convincingly. Hanging on by a thread, need to pick it up!

Defense wins games! WELCOME BACK MURRAY

Good win, Bob bounced back

Much better game played tonight. Way to go Jackets.

Way to go Jackets!!!!


Ciarra Russell

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16 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Jackets still up one! ...


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Barely up 1...panarin is our only player that can CREATE offense...the rest of them have to have it on a tee or it's not going in..maybe Calvert and Atkinson as exceptions

W means fire up the bandwagon.

Go Jackets


17 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Murray. Is. BACK! ...


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Is he hurt yet?

Bob is back!...full of holes

For 2 weeks. That dude is made of glass

His presence will be felt.. Go Jackets!

this team is to nice to people on the ice

Nice gpal for the kid!

time to trade him before he gets injured again


They look tired already.

Welcome back


Murray is trash. Most injury prone player in cbj hx

2 days ago

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