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Investigation: 'Buy local' food programs deceive consumers and are rarely enforced

Investigation: 'Buy local' food programs deceive consumers and are rarely enforced


Chances are, you've purchased locally produced items at the grocery. But it may not be as local as you think.

In just one example, peanuts are trucked into Oklahoma. But that doesn't stop a peanut butter manufacturer from getting a "Made in Oklahoma" brand. Here's why.

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10 hours ago

Cleveland Police

Death of woman, A174 Parkway, An Update

Following the sad discovery of a woman’s body on the A174 Parkway in the early hours of yesterday (Saturday 17th March), police inquiries are on-going, however officers are not currently treating her death as suspicious.

Our thoughts remain with her family and friends at this very difficult time.


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So sad 💔

Poor lady. Thoughts are with her family and loved ones at this very sad time. X

R.I P Baby 😢

Very sad RIP x



Gemma Windeatt

11 hours ago

Good Day Columbus

Look who’s “Philling” in today! Andrew Buck Michael is in for Phil Kelly while he gets better. So grab a mug and join us for the weekend edition of Good Day Columbus! ...

Look who’s “Philling” in today! Andrew Buck Michael is in for Phil Kelly while he gets better. So grab a mug and join us for the weekend edition of Good Day Columbus!


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Good morning, Have a wonderful day😊🌺

Good morning

Who stole my joke?!?!

Good Morning GDC! Have a great Sunday.

Good morning,have a good day,enjoy!

Good morning Good Day Columbus have a great day and a safe one

You just fit in everywhere !

Good Morning!!

Must be a bug at channel Six

Good morning!

Hope Phil feels better soon😊


Good Morning Good Day Columbus

Great picture!

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11 hours ago

Cleveland Police

*** Child Sexual Exploitaion Awareness Day 2018 ***

Today is Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day 2018, just weeks before the first anniversary of the introduction of a new offence – sexual communications with a child. Cleveland Police and the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner have reaffirmed their commitment to tackling CSE and safeguarding children and young people.

The offence was introduced to fill a gap in existing legislation aimed at protecting youngsters. So far 11 males aged between 18-39-years-old have been arrested under the new offence.

Read our press release here for further information on CSE: www.cleveland.police.uk/news/newsall/release22858.aspx

Below are some useful links on how parents and carers can keep children safe online:

North East, ‘See it, tackle it, Stop it!’ CSE awareness campaign: youtu.be/YVwaB4b8XzA

NSPCC: www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/

Get Safe Online: www.getsafeonline.org/safeguarding-children/

Think You Know: www.thinkyouknow.co.uk/parents/


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Could somebody send an invitation to #TelfordCouncil, #RotherhamCouncil and #RochdaleCouncil?

All these people going around who catch people child grooming are doing more of a job at catching them than police

Still too much focus from the police of the online so called ‘hate speech’ than sexual communication of a child?! How many people have been arrested for hate speech vs online child abuse?

CSE when I was at school meant Certificate of Secondary Education

Child Exploitation awareness day? Should try telling the media that! #TelfordAbusescandal: 13/03 www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-43391605 14/03 www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-43385515 16/03 www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-43419136 I doubt that 5% of the country are even aware of this

Lets not take the focus away from protecting the kids who are abused within their family and friends and everyday activities setting PLEASE!

This is how the police waste resources...! They don’t need anymore funding, just better management and ‘real’ policing www.facebook.com/TheImamofPeace/posts/2108598069385870

How many convictions is the question.

Not only men ! Terrible there has to be such a law . But all good the police arresting these kinds . The judged are bent and let them off

Rogue muslim men take note!

1 day ago

Cleveland Police

Update on Parkway Incident

Police were called at around 3.30am today, Saturday 17th March, by a motorist reporting someone in the westbound carriageway on the A174 Parkway near Ormesby.

On arrival, sadly the body of a woman was discovered and a section of the A174 was closed for several hours to allow inquiries to begin.

We have now identified the woman, and her next of kin are aware of her death. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this very difficult time.

Inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death are continuing today.

We would appeal for anyone who travelled on the A174 Parkway early this morning or anyone who may have seen a woman in dark clothing walking along the carriageway from around 1am, to get in touch.

Anyone who has dashcam footage from around 1am is also asked to contact Sgt Jon Stokeld of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit via 101. Please quote Event 046980


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How tragic rip to the poor lady. Thinking of her family at this sad time

Thinking of the lady and her family So sad

If someone reported seeing someone on the Parkway, then she must have been knocked over or something between then and police arriving. God bless all who know the lady

So sad thinking of her family xx

I was on the parkway about 12,30 didn't see anything how sad Rip thoughts are with the family x

Aww this is so sad and what awful news. Thinking of her family and friends. Rest in peace

So sad rip lovely lady! Thinking of your family.

So sad to hear this thinking of her family.R.I.P

Such sad news, sincere condolences to all her family. RIP 😢

Very sad my prayers are with her family x

So sad rip sweetie thinking of all her family and freinds at this sad time x

So sad thoughts to this ladies family and friends so sorry for your loss

My thoughts are with the loves ones xxx

Aww So very very sad... Sending my condolences to family and friends xxx

So sad rip peace condolences to ladies family and friends

My love and thaughts to family and friends. 💙

Heartbreaking😔 god bless that poor woman💔

Tragic R.I.P condolences to her family.

So sad thoughts are with family and friends R I P xx

Very sad to hear this , thoughts with all her family X

How tragic 💔💔💔 Thinking of her family right now xx

Thoughts are with the ladies family x

So sad, thoughts with this lady's family, x

God bless thoughts are with he family x

😢 thinking of the family at this sad time RIP x

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