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Jeff Green won't adjust to Pacers' defense, will continue to take shots when left open

Jeff Green won't adjust to Pacers' defense, will continue to take shots when left open


Do you think Green should change up, in order to throw off the Pacers?

During the series opener, the Pacers used center Myles Turner as Green's primary defender, deterring Cleveland's versatile forward from driving to the basket. It led to Green playing the seventh-most minutes in Cavaliers playoff history without scoring.

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Last night’s victory through the lens is worth the peek.
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Body found on South Harris Avenue lawn https://t.co/eYI93dXotD

Parents, grandparents charged in Ohio newborn's death https://t.co/HhnLZ8eAqW

@KingJames is a bad man.
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Good morning, Cincinnati Here's what you need to know to kick off your busy business day https://t.co/kQ13OQuimC

Prince William to be best man at brother Harry's wedding https://t.co/QZHxyHXcau

About last night.
What a finish in The Land to go up 3-2 in #CavsPacers!
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A new premium seating option for @fccincinnati this season, and it's right on the field! https://t.co/YIdMxTtZ0F

. @AberlinSprings, the first agrihood in Ohio, has finished construction on its first homes, take a look #RealEstate https://t.co/FeOmWD0JoH

Ronny Jackson withdraws from consideration for VA chief https://t.co/xtMFV8PNlI

Trump VA nominee withdraws from consideration https://t.co/RvvNUMonUC

Cannon Fodder podcast: It's a wrap! Welcome to the offseason https://t.co/ghEj9byPgF

Men charged in murder of woman found in garbage can to appear in court https://t.co/DHEOnoQN83 via @fox8news

Women runners with naturally high testosterone must lower levels, world sports group rules https://t.co/njerYVLJtz

Julia Louis-Dreyfus tweets hilarious name suggestion for new royal baby https://t.co/z66iGMcWIY via @fox8news

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Only In Columbus

A picture-perfect sunset in Antrim Park captured by Ryan Muncey (via Only In Ohio). ...

A picture-perfect sunset in Antrim Park captured by Ryan Muncey (via Only In Ohio).

33 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Man charged in murder of a Cleveland Heights mother found dead in a garbage can appeared in court this morning: ...


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Public hanging

I see he all ready got a thermal shirt!! For anyone who knows about jail that’s one of the first things other than hygiene that you try and get. Usually only those who are striving in there get those, it’s almost like a status

He thinkin about that cornbread he didn’t eat this morning

It is sad he had to kill her for what reason just sad for her family and sad in general now his life is over could have moved on with his life meet a new person that might have been better he will never know that because he chose to murder just wrong its gods job to decide when your life is over.

Can't believe I went to HS with him.. smh

Yo Kenny there? Y’all about to kick it?

I know some will say prayers won’t help at this point, but it’s out of respect

So this man was killed ???

I totally agree Bob

Justice for my baby girl

Lost man!

Hope he rots.







Hi cuz



He should end up in a garbage can


Sick peoples


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1 hour ago

Ohio State University Football


1 hour ago

Ohio State University Football



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My favorite team in the world!

I love it go Buckeyes


Kinda plain

2 hours ago

Fox 8 News

Draft day is finally here!

Any predictions?

More here: via.fox8.com/XyQ8n

Draft day is finally here! 

Any predictions?

More here: http://via.fox8.com/XyQ8n


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I predict that they will pick a dude from left field that has nothing to do with bettering the team... I'm having flashbacks to literally every single draft in Browns history.

I have mercy on them it doesn't matter who they pick they still suck. Come to the Steelers side.

You guys act like the draft is a big deal for the browns . They need all the help they can get. Come to the Steelers side.

Trade number one .. Chubb at 4 .. at 12 u take Lamar or Rudolph .. 22 take your left tackle .. we will get two first 2 seconds and a one next year .. we now would have 5 seconds to move back up into the first as well so if we need to move up from 35 to take guice late in the first we can .. do this win GM of the year already

Draft Allen first. Trade number 4 to buffalo for 12 and 22. Draft McGlinchey 12th and Guice 22. Playoff bound.

Darnold and trade the 4th pick to Buffalo for their first round picks this year and a first next year.

Draft day. Somebody must have left the door open.

I would take Saequon Barkley at 1, and a QB at 4. Barkley is a beast and won't be there at 4. There are 4 QBs that everyone indicates can be franchise QBs in the NFL. I guarantee that Mayfield will be there at 4, so if the Browns believe in him, take him at 4. And I would bet that 1 of these 3, Rosen or Allen or Darnold, will also be there at 4. And if we take Barkley, maybe the giants call and ask about a trade. In my perfect world I would go Barkley at 1, and Darnold or Mayfield at 4.

no matter who they pick they will always suck. The Steelers don't want any browns players to bring our team down do please stop saying come to the Steelers. We want real men who can actually play and that will never be a Browns player.

Darnold at #1 and Chubb at #4...stop trading down to get second tier talent. Get top notch playmakers and maybe use one of your second rounders to trade back in 1st round and take a running back or left tackle.

FINALLY, we can stop talking about this at 8:05 pm .

With the first pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Billy Manziel!!!

it won't matter they will pick someone good then trade him. and they still have a crappy coach. so until they change him they won't do any good.

Go find some other news feed if you not win the browns, I’m not on the steeler page hating and wasting my time.

So excited for a local player from Nordonia High School and The Ohio State University - amazing young man - wishing him all the best in the future - Go Denzel Ward

I'm predicting that John Dorsey will make the first pick for the browns. He is the only one that knows the pick because if someone else did it would of been leaked to one of the sports networks.

The Browns will trade all their picks!!!!!

I predict the Browns will screw up somehow. (The odds are in my favor)

Yeah the browns will continue to be losers so what’s new.

The Draft starts tonight...at 8:00

They’ll pick up a mad dog in a meat market!

Still going to be in last place ha ha get used to it

They do so well on this day!

Mayfield, Chubb/Barkley. I didn't say I liked it, but that's my prediction.

I predict that it doesnt matter at lol

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🗣 Denzel Ward talks about the feeling of being one day away from having a dream come true at the #NFLDraft

2018 #NFLDraft starts tomorrow on NFLN/FOX/ESPN

#GoBucks #BIA


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Go bucks!

O-H !!!!

22 hours ago

Ohio State University Football

What are #NFLDraft analysts saying about the #Buckeyes?? 👇

#GoBucks #DevelopedHere


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Ohio state is turning into DBU. A first round corner in each of the last 3 drafts I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I would love for Denzel Ward, Sam Hubbard, and Jamarco Jones to be drafted by the Raiders! I'll take any of them, but 2/3 or all 3 would be amazing!

What about JT? lolol

7-8 draftees and 12-14 will sign contracts. Built by Buckeyes.

How much of our d-line is returning?

Buckeye 4 Life!

You make Buckeye Nation PROUD!

1 day ago

Ohio State University Football



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Rest in Piece Bruce you brought us back from the Cooper years....

Now days truly good people are hard to find. Coach Bruce was one.

Would be a nice helmet sticker for this year - just sayin’ OSU.

He definitely bled scarlet and gray.

Should had never been fired much better record than Cooper.

RIP Coach Bruce. Thank you for all you've done for The Buckeyes.

Enjoyed a number of breakfasts at Hellas with Coach. Genuine as they come.

Classic, Meyer should wear a fedora on opening day,now that would be CLASSIC RESPECT.

That's a pretty slick tribute photo.

Awesome celebration of life of Earle Bruce on 10 tv this morning. Thank you

A CB sticker on the helmets would be a fitting tribute.

The Ohio State respects history and tradition. Its great to see them honor Earl Bruce's legacy.

Love it. And prayers for his family. Rest in peace Bruce

RIP Bruce you were a great one

Prayers for those left to grieve this awesome man.

very good coach and huge BUCKEYE man ! RIP !!


We were lucky to have you. Rest in Peace.

new helmet sticker?

Great post Buckeyes!!!

He is awesome

good by coach rip

Rest in piece

Great coach.

That’s great. RIP Coach.

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1 day ago

Ohio State University Football


2 days ago

Only In Columbus

What a serene shot of the Ohio Statehouse snapped by @kboateng_photography / Instagram! ...

What a serene shot of the Ohio Statehouse snapped by @kboateng_photography / Instagram!


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Gee, have we had THAT much rain?!? 😉

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