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Kent State shrugs off lawsuit deadline leveled by white nationalist group

Kent State shrugs off lawsuit deadline leveled by white nationalist group


In the age of white nationalism, schools are facing a free speech dilemma: allow controversial, race-baiting speakers to rile crowds, or bar them from campus to avoid potential riots or unrest. What should Kent State do in the case of Richard Spencer?

Kent State -- facing a so-called lawsuit deadline that stemmed from the school's refusal to allow Richard Spencer to speak on May 4 -- has doubled down, saying it lacks the venue space to

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JUST IN: "I have a student who shot himself in the bathroom. He has a strong pulse but I need an ambulance.” 911 call released from Jackson middle school. LISTEN: https://t.co/3EoTzdFaGT

Florida pastor charged in Tenn. sexual assault https://t.co/INWtxShp6B

Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Cincinnati's renaissance https://t.co/oqnnnHvrVq

More out-of-town love for the @CityofCincy. This time from the @dallasnews. https://t.co/DZHVmb5Ido

$10 million bond set for Michigan teen who made school shooting threat.

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION: We've got the report the OH National Guard doesn't want you to see. What does it reveal about the fatal crash that killed a father & his young son? Find out what investigators uncovered TONIGHT AT 6 PM. https://t.co/Mxn2JVEaDF

Hamilton County - Due to extreme flooding, U.S. Route 52 is closed in both directions at I-275. Expected time of re-opening is unknown at this time. Motorists should use an alternate route.

Hamilton County - State Route 32 is closed in both directions at SR 125 due to flooding. Motorists should use an alternate route.

Did you know the same ODOT crews that work around the clock to plow snow also work to patch potholes during breaks in the weather? Our crews stay busy during the winter just keeping up with Mother Nature. #WorkerWednesday #ODOTWinter

Hamilton County - I-275 short-term full closures cancelled

When you receive a weather alert or warning, what should you do? Take cover immediately, tune in to local media for info, & take action to protect yourself! #cincywx

Still worried about freezing rain & sleet overnight tonight through Thursday morning. This could really cause some problems if we get those higher ice amounts.

The driver was cited for reckless operation (M-3) & Fail to Comply (M-1). Her vehicle was impounded. She was given a ride off of the freeway. #CPD

Indians Francisco Lindor still carries pain from playoff loss: 'I still can’t get it out of my head'

RIP Billy Graham. on.wkyc.com/2CaW2QS ...

RIP Billy Graham. http://on.wkyc.com/2CaW2QS


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Billy seemed like a good guy. His legacy and name is being destroyed by his morally bankrupt, do-anything-for-power son. Too bad.

R.I.P u will be missed


Rest in Paradise😇💜



Amen. R.i.p.

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Delaware County Fair!

September 15-22 🐖🐑🐴🐄🐔

21 hours ago

This is Cleveland

Hungry? Lee Road has what you need.
More: ow.ly/ruqw30iw3YP


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Too many places, too little time! (Too little money to do so)! 😂

ITS the BEST !!!!!!!! but please tell anyone

Miss getting fun in the box on lee road.

David I’m hungry

Tad Jablonski

Orlando Briceno Gomez

Maansi Raheja Julie Serna

Heidi Bulick

Bruna Zampieri

1 day ago

Only In Columbus

Winter sure does look good on Ohio State! Photo by @katieemmonsphotography / Instagram. ...

Winter sure does look good on Ohio State! Photo by @katieemmonsphotography / Instagram.


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Check out our Instagram for more awesome shots of Columbus! www.instagram.com/onlyincolumbus/

Might look good but not good to live and walk in! Give me blue skies, sunshine and warmth! Pam Lea

My first office at OSU was on the second floor of this building directly above the front door. I had a great view of the Oval and the library.

My first class at OSU was at 8 am on the top floor-whew!

3 days ago

Only In Columbus



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ring a cowbell at a clippers game

We can't answer this question because we don't know it's wierd!

Wear nuts (Buckeyes) around their necks!

Yell "O H.." at random moments and expect "I O" in response.

drink pop vs soda

Know what the shoe and the schott are and know where to find a statue of a deer or a field of cement corn.

Have the owner of one of our professional sports teams try to pack it up and move it to Texas, even though said team won the national title in 2008, was the very first team when the league was created in 1996, and built the first soccer-specific stadium in America. But I guess it doesn't count since the owner lives in California, and could give less of a 💩 about Columbus. #SavetheCrew

Saying « O-H » to you expecting you will answer « I-O » ....first time I had to be explained..🤔

Idolize Woody Hayes.


Refer to the Buckeyes as "us" or "we"!

French fries dipped in a Wendy’s frosty!

When talking about "the game" on Sat everyone knows what that means....

Dip fries in a Wendy’s frosty

Play corn hole, say warsh instead of wash torlet instead of toilet hmmm what else lol

I chose to step over a xichigan floormat just this morning. Literally not good enough to wipe my boots on.

Wear pajama pants... everywhere!

Cut pizza in squares instead of wedges


Two cars at least,go through almost every Red Light!😳

Chili on Spaghetti. Skyline Chili

Homemade noodles on mashed potatoes

Wear a necklace full of nuts to the grocery store!

They end a sentence with a preposition. Where you going to

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5 days ago

This is Cleveland

This one’s for those days when you feel like you might turn into an icicle if you’re outside for too long. #ThisisCLE ...


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David Warshafsky Found our newest spot to play some shuff.

Molly Miketo did you see this?

5 days ago

Only In Columbus

What's the best show you've seen at the stunning Ohio Theater? (📸: @zutes_photography / Instagram) ...

Whats the best show youve seen at the stunning Ohio Theater? (📸: @zutes_photography / Instagram)


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Check out our Instagram for more awesome shots of Columbus! www.instagram.com/onlyincolumbus/

lion king


The Lion King

Lion King

Lion King

Peppa Pig with my granddaughter.

The Wiz



lion king

Lion King


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