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LeBron James' triple-double leads Cleveland Cavaliers past lowly Phoenix Suns

LeBron James' triple-double leads <a href="http://ohionewz.com/cleveland-cavaliers/">Cleveland Cavaliers</a> past lowly Phoenix Suns


Jordan Clarkson scored 23 and Kyle Korver added 22 as the Cavs posted a wire-to-wire win.

James had 28 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists for his second triple-double in 10 days.

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40 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

"Airship Al" is donating about 100 boxes of rare airship materials related to Goodyear blimps to the University of Akron's Archival Services. ...

2 hours ago

WTVM News Leader 9


2 hours ago

WTVM News Leader 9



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Alert Center? Action Day? You mean like Hawaii?

2 hours ago

Cleveland 19 News

Tuna noodle casserole. 🙅 ...

Tuna noodle casserole. 🙅


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Liver and onions. When my mother made them we used the left overs to sole my shoes 👟

Not a meal, but tapioca or any homemade pudding with a "skin".

Liver and onions....and my parents back then did not play so there was no leaving the dinner table until we were all FINISHED!!

Beans with Hamhocks served with raw onion,yuck!

Some of y’all wasn’t getting the right tuna casserole.

Liver and onions. Mom had to make it every Wednesday. Gross! My dad would stop at a drive thru to eat before he came home. The kids suffered! Lol

Beans... baked, kidney, Lima..... anything other than green beans..... I dig those. And yes tuna noodle casserole is gross as well. And my moms spaghetti...

Soup beans and fried taters with cornbread.

Fish sticks and tater tots every Friday, yuck.

Pancakes to this day I can't stand even the smell of them

Depression Pot Roast....Still not sure it was actually meat?

Theres really not a meal but i refuse to eat those windmill cookies and those orange marshmellow peanuts 😷 all my mom ate lol

Anything baked beans, peas, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms and I could go on....

Corned beef hash, creamed corn. Love corned beef, but not hash. Love corn, but not creamed corn.

Beef stew with cut up turnips in it. They looked like potatoes...nasty surprise when you bit into them, yuck. Still hate turnips but love stew...just don't sneak a turnip in there!

Canned Samon fried into patties for sandwiches, cranberry sauce from a can doctored up, Pot Pies.......(so gross, leftovers in a pie)😣

Any kind of BEAN!!! Hate those nasty things. Also PEAS, just as bad.

Hot dogs split down the middle with mustard and mashed potatoes😝

Liver and onions here too Michael T Yaeger. What were our parents thinking?? hahahahaha

Pasta Fagioli. If you're Italian you know what this is. Most of my family and friends loved it but I couldn't stand it.

Hamburgers😑to much meat😣no thanks

If I didn’t eat what Mom made I went hungry so I ate

Dumplings 🤢🤢🤢 and fish.. still won’t eat them

Anything with peppers and/or onions

Roast with onions and potatoes bleh

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8 hours ago

Cleveland Indians

Most know about Francisco Mejia, but Eric Haase is another catching prospect "widening" Terry's eyes during #TribeSpring. atmlb.com/2poI0Sz ...


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Good problem to have, but Gomes and Perez have got to hit. The best players should play.

Mejia should be our starter. Gomes and Perez are below average at best

Terry needs to stop talking !!!mhe is ZERO out of 3 in the playoffs!! He has has 2 teams that was a lay down to win a w.s, but terry jus has to keep making changes in the playoffs!! some will never learn. by the way I wonder how mike hargrove is doing and marty schocttenheimer is

Can't wait for baseball the only American sport left please don't Mess this up

4 catchers? Better train one for the outfield.

Former baseball star here, I must say, as an Indians fan (they’re also the team I wanted to play for if I had opted to go pro), we’re very lucky to have Francona. I approve of all that he does.

Ours Catchers are 💯 & if you don't know that you're definitely not paying attention!

Both of those guys were really fun to watch in Akron last year. I can't wait to see what they do up in the big leagues!

My wife and I remember Eric well and he stayed at our house for about 1 week when he played for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers.

Looking forward to seeing Mejia this summer!!!

Terry talks to much ,Zero out of 3 in the playoffs is not to favorable.

Caitlin Jo

George Brown

Scott Kommer

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Rajai Davis is 37 years young. Athletes his age usually get slower. Rajai is clearly not. atmlb.com/2DARxLm ...


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His HR in Game 7 lives in infamy.. Too bad they lost, but for that one moment, C Town was rockin louder than when the Cavs won.

I Used to love stealin on lefties... so satisfying.. especially battin cleanup.. they don’t expect a burner at the 4 spot..

You can steal bases at this point in his career but that's about it

So glad him and Zimmer will be on the basepaths this year...give to the pitchers something to REALLY worry about.

One of the most visceral, off-the-hook moments in my Cleveland sports viewing life: I will always remember that Game 7 homerun.

Welcome back to our side, Sweetie. We missed you. Have a fantastic season!

Anyone know if there is a Star Wars night again this year for a Cleveland game?!

Y'all better not cut him!!!!

Davis makes everyone around him better :)

Glad we got Rajai back, but why not keep Austin Jackson too? Guy signed for pennies with SF

I really like Rajai. Of course that homer but also cause he's my age 😁👍

Had no idea this guy is 37! I’m 34, guess I need to step it up! Cleveland Strong!

Tina Skii - cookies were burning!! ❤️🍪🔥

He is a terror on the bases. He is not just fast, he reads the pitchers and knows when to run. He sees their tendencies and exploits them. I hope he can continue to share his base running knowledge with the younger players. Welcome back Rajai!

Ryan Merritt needed someone to throw the towel today. Man, that was ugly

From the stands I visualized in my mind him hitting the ball exactly where he hit It, in Game 7. I'll probably wonder all my life if I really made it happen, saw the future, or if it was just coincidence.

If it’s fouled into the glove he has to go back to first

He is what we missed last year. Disruption on the basepaths

He needs to make this roster. He meant so much for the young guys growth 2 years ago that they didn't have last year.

Glad he's back with us, for sure! #GoRajaiGo! #MyTribe4Ever! #LetsGetThisPartyStarted!

Love him. So glad he's back where he belongs.

Happy Birthday Raj! Enjoy your day!! ❤️🎉 Hope to be watching you daily back where you belong! Go Tribe!!

Want to watch him do this all season!!!!!!

Wish we'd had him in center last year

Big lead and great jump

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We hope this #StPatricksDay is your luckiest one yet! 💚🌈☘️✈️ ...

We hope this #StPatricksDay is your luckiest one yet! 💚🌈☘️✈️


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Is this Cbus or is it photoshopped ??

This is your chance to win an amazing custom RBI Game #OpeningDay Xbox One S console! Enter now: atmlb.com/2FR1MgE ...

This is your chance to win an amazing custom RBI Game #OpeningDay Xbox One S console! Enter now: http://atmlb.com/2FR1MgE


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Everyone that plays baseball games know the big boys play the show lol

Omg. Joe Dolak

Taylor Spencer omg could you imagine

Can I trade that junk in for a free pizza instead or something?

The hardest Xbox ever ! #RollTribe

Sure do miss the CHIEF on these post.

When is this going to be in stores?

Nicholas Childs well here’s your chance

Look Tjeerd Boer!! A xbox upgrade kit!!

Chief Wahoo!

William Troutman bro



Jessica Crawford something you and Chris can both enjoy!

Mitchell Keeline


Nikki West, Jason West needs another one for up stairs tv!! Lol

Megan Diane Blough Austin Marty Nieves

Mike Parker Korry Ewing


Samantha Rose

Steven Best

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