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Meet the robot that can mow your lawn for you

Meet the robot that can mow your lawn for you


Would you want this for your yard?

It resembles a mini-Batmobile, and it does all the work for you.

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“The State of Ohio should not be executing mentally ill people.” - Attorney for #RobertVanHook says he suffered from mental illness due to a traumatic upbringing and the help he needed was never made available to him. @FOX19

Here’s #RobertVanHook ‘s final statement. He addressed the first half toward David Self’s family, then recited the “Norse Viking Prayer” from “The 13th Warrior” film. The media witnesses say Van Hook sang a song as the lethal injection was administered. @FOX19

What is 'Detroit Style' pizza? Take a closer look at how Taglio in Columbia Tusculum is nailing the Motor City staple. https://t.co/qKCnmfv2zQ

Bear attacks elderly NH woman after breaking into house to look for food https://t.co/Kf3dZuS0EZ

Workin’ w/ da bros https://t.co/yRVNgZ77pm

New Ohio State-area Target making big news for its small format https://t.co/5fL1OKxvqp

Bring back the lunch break! https://t.co/zH2S0SWoKu

A day after back-tracking, Trump defends summit performance https://t.co/HY8V5sZxLZ

Van Hook cried as he apologized to his victim’s family. “I’m no good,“he told them. He then sang an unidentifiable tune as the drugs began to flow into his body. He breathing was labored and he appeared to wheeze before he fell still. https://t.co/WOxSyJDUvD

On this day in 1921, John Glenn was born. Here's a look back at his life in photos. https://t.co/cg8qvjRiVF

Man admitted suffocating 2-month-old daughter, will be parole-eligible in 15 years https://t.co/yahutXuNTs

State Sen Vernon Sykes : “CVS Caremark claims they are trying to protect proprietary information, but what they’re really worried about is Ohioans realizing how badly they’re getting ripped off.” Pharmacy middleman pricing report stays secret -- for now https://t.co/af01qMfgk6

BREAKING: #RobertVanHook executed at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. Time of death: 10:44am. @FOX19

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Robert Van Hook is dead, executed 33 years after strangling, stabbing and mutilating David Self inside a Hyde Park apartment.

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