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More than 200 million eggs recalled due to potential salmonella contamination

More than 200 million eggs recalled due to potential salmonella contamination


ICYMI: In healthy individuals, the organism can cause fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Rose Acre Farms of Seymour, Indiana has voluntarily recalled 206,749,248 eggs because they may potentially be contaminated by Salmonella Braederup.

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John soaking in the sun. Male lions spend 18 to 20 hours a day snoozing, while females get 15 to 18 hours of shuteye. ...

John soaking in the sun.  Male lions spend 18 to 20 hours a day snoozing, while females get 15 to 18 hours of shuteye.


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Snuggle buddy

Even in wild females operate on less sleep

Anthony Nast

Gosh I'd love to be a lion 😂

So gorgeous!!

TIL: I sleep as much as a lion

He is so handsome.

Beautiful John! <3

I’ve always thought the Lion to be such a Regal animal!!❤️

I’m jealous! I’m lucky to sneak in 5-6 hours

I want to be a lion

Jonathan Speicher

gr8 pict!

what an amazingly beautiful creature

John, you're so beautiful, but tell me why are the ladies getting less sleep?, lol! 💙

He is gorgeous

That is because the females have to do the hunting 😂

I love him

Gorgeous lion. Even in nature females work harder on less sleep and get less recognition. Lol


He is beautiful!

I need to be a male lion

Absolutely majestic! 💙💛

I need to come back as a lion.

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Fiona has such a wonderful ability to brighten people's day. ...


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Fi is a true ham!

Not only in person but also on social media. 😊

Like any celebrity, Fiona adores her public ♥️

She makes my day !

What a wonderful Zoo. I am going to go someday.

Our little princess has the best super power ever - the ability to spread smiles and giggles!

And I think she knows it and enjoys it!

Sara. Two Months exact!

Anne Marie ok we wont have to spend all day in her area but we diffidently have to get good pictures and be up to the glass. so some time is needed lol so many people lol

She brightens mine every single day.

we all LOVE to see miracles!

I love seeing the videos and pictures of her too!

Joeann Carman. boy in the orange and navy shirt looks like Erick!!!!

She's a rock star. She knows it too. 😊

AWW Fiona you are the best.

Can’t wait to see Fiona and bibi

Fiona's a doll!! A true angel

I never loved a Hippo before


Always puts a smile on my face! Just found the cutest hippo planter at Kohls, for those who are as hippo crazy as me 😍

Fifi is my hero! I love her.💋

Fiona.....she's such a little Starlett!! ❤

She is definitely a people person. ❤️

She absolutely does!

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14 hours ago

Cleveland Police

*** Robbery on Shelton Court in Middlesbrough ***

Police are appealing for information after a 22-year-old man was robbed after he left the shop on Shelton Court on The Greenway in Thorntree, Middlesbrough.

The incident occurred on Friday 16th March at 8:30pm when the victim was approached from behind and hit round the side of the head with a heavy item.

This resulted in the victim having a broken eye socket and he was treated at James Cook University Hospital. The victim also had his money and grey Berghaus jacket taken from him.

Anyone who may have been in the vicinity at that time who may have witnessed anything or know who is responsible are asked to contact PC Chris Lindsey on the non-emergency number 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111/ www.crimestoppers-uk.org or quoting event number 048414.

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Seems a bit much. Could have killed him. Over what?

Michelle Hughes 😑

14 hours ago

The Ohio State University Marching Band

Today, we've lost a member of our band family. Earle Bruce was one of TBDBITL's greatest fans, and we continue to be inspired by him. Our hearts are with the Bruce family. ...


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One of my best remembrances of Coach Bruce was the night he was let go by OSU (after just beating TTUN) and a group of OSUMB members went to his house to play school songs for him. He was a great man and coach that knew what it meant to be a Buckeye, but to see his tears as we played was very overwhelming. I was also able to play for his Tailgate Party last fall to see him one last time. RIP Coach Bruce.

Rest In Peace Coach Bruce! O H

I have an autographed picture of Earle dotting the "I" at the Shoe. Will Treasure It Forever!! RIP Coach Bruce!!!❤

One of the very special DOT honorees and coaches who knew the value TBDBITL brings to the game day experience for fans and the team!

How firm thy friendship O - hi - o ... Thanks for the memories, Coach Bruce.

He will be marching every game day with the band!

A wonderful man and coach! RIP coach! ❤

Rest in Peace Bruce, I will always remember your warm kind hearted smile. ❤

Thanks to TBDBITL for honoring him by making him an i-dotter! Go Bucks!

Rest in Peace Coach.

Thank you Coach, you are a GREAT BUCKEYE!

Rest in peace Coach . . . The Scarlet and Grey morn your loss.

Will be missed.



Do sad to jear!


Rest in Peace,Coach Bruce :(

Rest in peace, Coach....😢🙏🏻♥️



Russ Shillingng

Amy McBride Hempleman

Carl Myers David Leopard Steve Hull Barbara Ann Miller

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It's Photo Caption Friday! Come up with a clever caption for this photo and we will choose our favorite! The winner will receive a Billy Hamilton signed bobblehead. Good luck! ...

Its Photo Caption Friday!  Come up with a clever caption for this photo and we will choose our favorite!  The winner will receive a Billy Hamilton signed bobblehead.  Good luck!


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"This way to Fiona!"

“Come on guys! Florida is this way!”

Sheesh, Ingrid, you’re such a snob. Get your nose outta the air.

“Hurry guys, Fiona’s out today!”

And they are off!

Run quick! Those people are looking for yard ornaments!

Hurry Hurry! I think the Sunshine is over here!!!

Spring parade! Left, right, left...stay in line now!!!

Watch out here we come to see fiona

We escaped from his suit! Run

There’s doughnuts in the break room!

Hurry, the clouds are moving. Keep walking this way to stay in the sun.

Hurry up guys, no one is around. It will be lunch time before anyone notices we are missing and i need to make sure we get the window seats on the plane. Look out Florida, here we come.

"Come on girls, we're late for bingo!"

"Someone said they have palm trees here!"

Oh my!! Look at all the pretty flowers.. They are just beautiful.. beautiful I tell ya..

We heard the Red's have openings, let's flock to the job interviews!

Food truck is this way!!

I heard there’s all you can eat shrimp at this buffet downtown!

"Tiptoe through the tulips...."

You said you knew the way to T.R. Amrine!

"George are you sure we are going the right way"? " I think we are supposed to go that way for funnel fries" .

Its warm enough for Fiona to be out, let's go see her!

When the squad has to become a search party looking for spring.

It’s April and Spring hasn’t started yet. We’re outta here!

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15 hours ago

Kings Island

What's the most fun thing to do on a Friday night? Visit Kings Island of course! We're open tonight from 5-10 p.m. And while you're here, take a ride on Mystic Timbers, voted "Best New Ride" in 2017 by Amusement Today. ...


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I am so looking forward to my first official visit tonight!!!!

Are all the rides open today and tomorrow?

Early rides for gold pass tonight?

What planet snoopy rides are included in gold pass holder early rides tonight Kings Island?

We'll be renewing our passes this weekend but first I'm wanting to know something. In the past, we've renewed our passes a few days before park opening so we didn't have to pay for parking since it wasn't open yet. My question for you is when we show up this weekend, will we get reimbursed for our parking the day we get our passes renewed if we will renew them the day of visit or will we get a credit on the pass(s)? I'm planning on going tomorrow morning. Thank you!!

Want to go while in area in May but car troubles may dampen some of our plans. Gotta stay on budget. Will for sure get some outside park pics. Hotel is just down the street. Get a few rides on M.T for me K.I fans for me just in case.

We'll be there Sunday!! And the weather looks perfect!

Beast night ride before bed sounds fabulous to me!

Once on Delirium was enough for me !

I'm going in june

Be there tomorrow


Cory Byrd wanna go tonight? Lol

Ryan Kaufmann let’s go lol

Jesse Bruce

Tori Brown

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16 hours ago

Cleveland Police

Happy Friday from PD Ronny and PC Chris Green 😀😀😀 #mansbestfriend ...

Happy Friday from PD Ronny and PC Chris Green 😀😀😀 #mansbestfriend


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Go on Ronny lad. That’s not the police dog that lives on coach house mews that attacked and bit a lad last year is it? Did them 2 dogs ever get put down? The springer didn’t do anything wrong mind. A reply would be lovely. Thanks

Handsome and I don't mean the dog 😏

Laura Jayne Rudge here’s your fav 😂 xx

I think Ronny is saying, those shades would look better on me ! Lol Happy Friday PD Ronny & PC Green Stay Safe out there 😄🐶

You sure he isn't an ARV Officer with tattoos like that :-)

Awwww yep he is deffo saying hey its my turn to wear the shades and I will show you what cool looks like seriously guys looking good. X

Think PD Ronny is after your shades bless xx

What is PD Ronnie telling him? “ Hey Chris, I need a nice cooool ice cream please “ 😁👍

Very nice dog not bad either 😂

Phworrr 😍

stay safe both

Hope you are are keeping cool 😎 in this glorious weather 💞

Twit twoo

Dog looks interested 😂😂

That’s one handsome dawwgg ..... lol

pd ronny is absolutely pawsome, 💜😍

Lynsey Varley struggelin to work out which ones cuter 🤔

Where's my tea😉😂

Gorgeous photo!




Fwooooooooor👌🏻 Haylie

Sarah Cameron

Sarah Bradburn

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19 hours ago

Cleveland Police

All of our current vacancies can be found at

All of our current vacancies can be found at
https://careers.cleveland.police.uk/Image attachmentImage attachment


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Courtney Anne Hunter any good?


Most of these posts have expired

John Douglas I need to apply

Chris Lowerson


Phil Christie

Fiona King

Dominic Yeates

Anna Magowan

Katie Leah

Philip Kreczak Karen Kreczak

Julia McGough

Sophie Read

Jem O'hora

Linzi Wilks

Richard Eagles

Ben Stephens

Barry John-Hall

Deborah Walker

Jem O'hora

Paul Lowe

Kendra Slavin

Chloe Biggs

Tom Lister

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20 hours ago

Cleveland Police

*** Seventh Man Arrested Following Alleged Murder in Normanby ***

Police have arrested a seventh man in connection with the alleged murder of 27-year-old Steven John Willis in Normanby on Monday 16th April.

A 49-year-old man was arrested yesterday evening, Thursday 19th April, on suspicion of assisting an offender and he currently remains in custody.

A 32-year-old man also arrested yesterday on suspicion of assisting an offender has now been released under investigation whilst enquiries continue.

Police have charged five men with murder and two counts of wounding with intent. All appeared at Teesside Magistrates Court yesterday, Thursday 19th April.

A 17-year-old male who was taken to hospital following the alleged incident has now been released following treatment.

A 44-year-old man remains in hospital at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cleveland Police on 101 quoting event number 066570 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If you're visiting on a warm day look for this cutie in Gorilla World. This is Theodora, a black-and-white colobus monkey that was born this February. She was the first mammal born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2018. ...

If youre visiting on a warm day look for this cutie in Gorilla World.  This is Theodora, a black-and-white colobus monkey that was born this February.  She was the first mammal born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2018.


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Jade Clark

I love her name


How cute is she!! ❤️

I love her name!! She is so cute!

I am Groot.

What a beauty.

My name is Theodora. Love it......

Way toooo cute!

how cute is that??

Look at those cute little white teeth!

Bryanna Marie

Got a Jersey Shore haircut

What pretty little teeth!!!! <3

I love her hair style!

Jen Rupert I told you there was a baby!


Hi bb


Lily Christine Miele

Leslie Mulherin 😭😍😭

Andy Luken

Hello there

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1 day ago

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week! Please help us thank all the volunteers that really do help make our Zoo one of the best in the world. In 2017, our volunteers donated 140,000 hours to the Zoo! They are an amazing group. Please thank them for their service! ...


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Thank you volunteers!!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you for all you do to keep our zoo running beautifully!

Good job, Jim Niewahner !

Thanks to an awesome volunteer team! ❤️

Thank u to all the volunteers for giving ur time and helping around the zoo no matter what it might be. Without all of u it would be hard for the other employees to do what needed So thank u again for all the help u all are an aweome team 💜❤️

You make a tremendous difference in the lives of the animals, and the people who come to visit them. Thank you for doing what I am unable to do to help the Cincinnati Zoo! Your service is one of the reasons the Cincinnati Zoo receives so many visitors from all over the world.

Thank you so much🐝🐿🌻🦁🐵🦉🦆🦅🐘🦍🦏🐫🐪🐾🐾🐾

Thank you!! Your selfless service makes each visit wonderful! ❤️

Thank you very much!

We went on a field trip to the zoo last week, and the volunteers were wonderful. They were knowledgeable and very kind to our kiddos. Thank you volunteers!

Many Thanks ❤️

Love the pix! You guys do a great job, & have fun doing it, congrats!

Neat pics and thank you all.

Thank you for your service

Thank you 😊

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These two have so much fun together! ...


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Just love her open mouth thing she does.

Bibi is such a great mom to her girlie!

Regina Cyrus-Cross

They are adorable.

I’m so happy Bibi loves and cares for Fiona! I was worried that she wouldn’t, since Fiona had to be kept away from Bibi and Henry when she was younger! ♥️

I Love seeing the Videos of these two special Hippos playing together.... Oh Fiona your gonna catch up with your Mama Bibi one day soon....

Good mama

Love these two!!❤️😘❤️😘

Mom and daughter time

Yasemin K

BiBi is a wonderful mother

I hope you never stop posting these two!

You are too funny Fiona! Thank you for brightening my day Fiona. My mom is having surgery today, and you put a big smile on my face Fiona. Thank you for that hope to see you and Bibi soon.

such a big tough hippo!

Awwww, Taylor Cach


Holly Grubb 😍

Too cute! I wonder if they miss Henry ;o(

So fun to see them play!😊

“I can see Fee own ne ah”, little boy said. How cute!

Momma is so patient!

Alicia Reinersman

Robyn Roland

So playful! 💜😍

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