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Officer jumps on moving crane to stop allegedly drunk operator who was smashing cars

Officer jumps on moving crane to stop allegedly drunk operator who was smashing cars


The driver said only two words when he was face-to-face with the officer. He was promptly arrested.

BROOKHAVEN, N.Y. — Its tires are as tall as a grown man, and its chassis is about the same size as six large pickup trucks put together. Now, a mobile construction crane is impounded and its driver is behind bars after he drove his 30-ton vehicle over some cars and into others while intoxicated, a...

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[email protected]: Sports Doc Minute: The Athlete's Mind: THE ZONE. https://t.co/YrJ0xwPkKX

Hopping on @wcpo at noon with @RyanWCPO in minutes to read you Robert Van Hook’s final statement - and tell you what I saw this morning in Lucasville. See you soon.

Ohio [email protected] offers terminally ill dog cheeseburgers for the rest of his life. https://t.co/fPuwprh9Hv

Ahhhh! breathe in... now breathe out. :) A #Wonderful #Wednesday in progress. Sunny with dry air. Temps top off in lower to mid 80s. See you at Noon @wcpo Enjoy!

Pres. Trump says new Air Force One to get red, white and blue makeover. https://t.co/9FAaTzxeDv

Jupiter's moon count reaches 79, including tiny 'oddball' https://t.co/cKVfQ0xEuI

VAN HOOK: Time of death 10:44 a.m. @wcpo

Cincinnati killer before execution: 'I'm no good' https://t.co/d0A46zPkN1

VAN HOOK: Time of death was 10:44 a.m.; he said in tears “I’m very sorry for taking your brother’s life. I’m no good. I hope that you now have some peace. I pray one day you will be reunited with him and your mother as well.” @wcpo

#UPDATE on the mystery safe.

This contraption is trying every possible code until it finds the right one. We’re still unsure when that will Be because there are hundreds of thousands of possible combinations!


Mom accused of letting men rape her 2-year-old daughter. https://t.co/PShk4YoCuY

The BOI established a Technical Laboratory in Washington, D.C. in 1932. The lab quickly grew to become a leader in the field of forensic science & provided services to the #FBI & other federal, state, local & foreign law enforcement agencies #FBI110 https://t.co/T8KqHLij6u

Cincy Soul: Estelle, Bilal and Big Daddy Kane to headline 2018 Cincinnati food festival https://t.co/JSQPSO9Jut

#BREAKING: Ohio executes Robert Van Hook in killing of man met in bar. https://t.co/WkYm6vY4lZ

JUST IN: Convicted killer Robert Van Hook has been declared dead; he’s the first man executed by the state of Ohio in 10 months https://t.co/d0A46zPkN1

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