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Ohio court upholds death sentence for Craigslist killer of 3

Ohio court upholds death sentence for Craigslist killer of 3


Richard Beasley was convicted of partnering with a teenage boy to lure victims with promises of jobs on an Ohio farm.

The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence for a man convicted of killing three down-and-out men lured by fake Craigslist job offers.

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From Chief Muterspaw:

Responding to all the messages and e-mails. I apologize for not responding personally. We simply can't keep up with them.

First, what a surreal time in America right now. The horrific school shooting in Florida and the murders of numerous police officers over the last few weeks has overwhelmed just about everyone. You hear and see these things and you just wonder what pushes people to do things like this. What is in their head before they pull they do it?

Everyone needs to take a deep breath. So many reactions to this and its all over the news, social media and radio. Everyone seems to be an expert on what the cause is and why it's happening. I am not an expert and will be the first to tell you that, but what I can tell you is this. It starts with the person involved, not their past, not the weapon type, not the laws, not their surrounding, not the Republicans, not the Democrats - it starts with the person committing the act. Nothing more, nothing less. We have lost sight of that in America. We literally have taken the same types of weapons these shooters used off the street here in Middletown and they were all obtained illegally - what good is stricter laws if the person committing the crime doesn't follow the laws as it is?

There are mental illness issues in this country, pharmaceutical problems, gun control issues, law enforcement failures, background check failures, early parole and probation failures, criminals slipping through the cracks and so many problems - these all need checked, challenged and reformed if needed. I certainly dont have the answers and I will tell you I will not debate gun laws with passion on here because I see all sides of the argument. But we all know this will take years for laws to be amended, changed or left alone if everyone can agree with them, but in the meanwhile while talking heads are pleading their cases, defenseless children are getting mowed down as casualties of a sick war.

There is absolutely no reason at all, none, why there cannot be an trained, armed person at the front of every school or daycare to deter sick people who want to kill kids. You have people who are begging to help. Begging! I hear the argument that if you do that, you may as well put them at movie theaters, malls, amusement parks, etc. The difference is here in Ohio adults can carry and are armed if they choose to be, kids in a school cannot. Gun free zones simply do not work. 300 people have been shot in gun free Chicago since January 1st and 60 were killed I believe. Criminals pay no mind to these laws. I also hear some of the schools have SRO's and they still get shot up. Yes, but SRO's are not stationed at doors. They are all over the school handling problems, dealing with students, handling traffic, going to court, transporting students home, etc. They aren't always right there at the entrance.

Sheriff Jones here in Butler County put out his hand to offer free CCW classes to teachers. He has been saying this needs to happen for years. Over 300 teachers responded immediately. 300! What does that tell you? It tells me teachers are worried about this issue and are desperate for help. They want to protect their students. I do know teachers who don't want to do that and I fully understand why. I can't blame them. But there are those who want to help. Times are changing and for some reason people still want to believe there are not evil people out there whose only intent is to harm people. Trust me, we see it daily.

Ask yourself this. Do you think at all these school shootings in America, the victims or families of the victims would wish there would have been an armed good guy standing in that doorway, between the bad guy and their kids, who was willing to put the bad guy down before he got to the kids? Think about that for a minute before you respond. I have three kids. My answer is yes, absolutely. People say more guns are not the answer. I fully understand the reasoning behind that because guns are why we are even having this conversation in the first place. Armed personnel may be a "band aid" approach, but if it stops the bleeding until we can all figure out a better way, then lets do it.

In this country we will spend hundreds of thousands on turf football fields, another million on new gyms and new scoreboards - but use the excuse we don't have the money to pay more efficient security and safety for children. We need more counselors and more social workers to deal with troubled students who show red flags as well. Teachers are mentally drained. I know here in Middletown they work their tails off for your kids. They are expected to teach, improve kids, deal with parents and also spot all students problems. They need help. That is a key. We are all missing these red flags or just choose to ignore them. All of us miss them at times. We all should take the blame.

What is the cost of one kids life? To a family it priceless...We can all challenge the laws and the process, but in the meanwhile we should put this "band aid" on the problem to at least stop some of the bleeding. I don't have all the answers, but I do know the end result is the safety of our children. If we can't agree on that, then I guess we can't agree on anything.

Stay safe Middletown.


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I don't buy the NRA's answer to everything: more guns. I don't have a problem with having armed security personnel in schools but I detest the idea of arming teachers and support staff. That's just nuts and not the kind of crazy world I want to live in. Teachers teach. That's what they train to do. We should not ask them to take on law enforcement responsibilities.

Well put Chief. We have a armed security team in our church we need to do the same in our schools. SRO s are great but they can't be everywhere at once.

Well said Rodney. These are terrible times we live in today. Nothing like I've seen in my 74 years.

Very well said. We must protect these children. Their safety must be the number one concern.

Perfectly put chief! CCW holder mother of 4 here. It’s time we take a stand and protect our children.

Police officer need show some. Respect. To people to. Everyone not. Dope head. Especially. MPD

Well said Chief you can have it both ways

I sense your frustration and your heart-deep need to make changes. Please don't give up, we need you.

A lot of people can't grasp the idea that guns have always been around and they haven't always been a problem. They still are not the problem. A person who wants to kill will find a way to kill. A truck, pipe bomb, a razor, poison, or a million other things. Cain killed Able in the bible with a rock, I believe. The very best we can do is reach out and try to help those people as much as we can. If we can't help them, the next best thing we can do is protect ourselves and prepare for the worst. Criminals don't follow laws, but wolves search out the most defenseless sheep.... and what's more defenseless than an entire building that is "gun free"?

Well said!! I think armed trained personnel is a great idea or a military presence. I think the teachers shouldn't have to worry about protecting themselves and the children, they have so much on their plate already teaching the kids. I feel it's time to start protecting our teachers and kids now and not expect the teachers to do it.

Amen you said it exactly how it is right on

Well said. The run, hide and die moto doesn’t work.

Everything you said makes all the sense in the world

Thank you for your insight. There is no empathy. People don't think about consequence or how their actions will affect others. Hearts are breaking all over our country.

Very well said Cheif

Well said, Chief. 👍🏻

Very well said

Thank you!

Very well put❤️💯

Well done.👏👏👏

Very well said!

Excellent response

Well said!!!

well said

Well said.

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There is no doubt that Josh Allen has a ROCKET ARM. ...


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He'll show up at Combine. Barkley at #1 and Allen at 4.

JaMarcus Russell did the same thing. We all know how that worked out.

So did Derek Anderson

But he doesn’t have accuracy

Not sure what exactly this proves. If he is playing in the NFL and he is on his knees he is already down or he is about to get a big welcome to the big leagues.

I remember Kyle Boller doing that

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Delaware County Fair!

September 15-22 🐖🐑🐴🐄🐔

3 hours ago

Middletown Division of Police

The City of Middletown was just named one of the best places to work for in the area by the Dayton Business Journal - an incredible honor! Can you see the love in this picture of some of our finest? ❤️💙🖤 ...

The City of Middletown was just named one of the best places to work for in the area by the Dayton Business Journal - an incredible honor! Can you see the love in this picture of some of our finest? ❤️💙🖤


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Keep up the awesome work MPD !

Like working for the city or in the city??

Congratulations...great team of Police Officers.

Congratulations to you all.

A great looking bunch of police officers. Very deserving! Congrats

You got that right THE FINNEST THERE IS!!!

Congrats that’s awesome


Yes I can!!

Lori Barker Ward Stan Mccolts

4 hours ago

Middletown Division of Police

Sharing for Fairfield PDFairfield Police need your help to identify the two people in this video who stole an unsuspecting woman’s wallet out of her purse as it was slung on the back of her chair in a local restaurant. In the video you will see the two suspects move a table and chairs to get close to the woman. Then suspect #1 acts as a lookout while suspect #2 removes his jacket and covers his right arm with it then reaches into the woman’s purse to steal the wallet. Suspect #2 then reaches back into the purse a second time to see if there is anything else to steal. The two men are nice enough to move the table and chairs back before they leave and rack up thousands of dollars on the woman’s credit cards. If you can help identify these thieves, please call Sgt. Pete Lagemann at 513-896-8246. You do not have to leave your name. ...

Video image


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God is watching. I'd hate to be those two on judgement day.

Grab your umbrella, it's going to be a wet day! You know the drill, slow down and give yourself plenty of time. Drive safe. ...

Grab your umbrella, its going to be a wet day! You know the drill, slow down and give yourself plenty of time. Drive safe.


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You all stay dry and safe as well have a great day

Come on Spring ❤️💯🐾

23 hours ago

Kings Island

Temperature today at Kings Island: 74 degrees! ...

Temperature today at Kings Island: 74 degrees!


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Let’s ride?!!!

Never never ever ever ever get excited about 70 degree days in February

Can't wait till opening day!! Its not to far away!!

Number of rides open at Kings Island today: 0!

Perfect day to be on Diamond back

And in Oregon, we're having our 1st run with winter and snow this year! Looks like I need to book a trip! 😀

Dustin Cannedy the hill on diamond back can’t wait to go this summer 😱

Putting trains on tracks yet Kings Island?

Too bad it isnt open!

Good day to be at the park huh??

Let’s open it early!!!!

My son was wishing he could ride DB and Banshee as we drove to school this morning.

let's roll!

That's coaster weather y'all!!

Mike Stasek you should move to cincy its warmer down there

You could open it for just a couple of hours

perfect day to open the park

Open for 1 February day

Bring. On diamond back

I thought the lift was yellow 🤔

And they’re closed.

are u open? 😂

Can't wait!

I agree Tom Batsche

Let’s ride

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In more ways then one it does but most importantly its killing the tax payers that fund their habits and pamper them... i dont know what the solution is but we gotta find something better then what we're doing...our town is struggling, police force working their ass off and the justice system just release em back on the streets for police and citizen's to deal with again... OUR state law makers need to pull their heads out of their rearends and help figure out a better way to help the situation...

2 days ago

Kings Island

Hurry! Your chance to save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day sale ends at midnight. bit.ly/2tbkldg ...

Hurry! Your chance to save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day sale ends at midnight. http://bit.ly/2tbkldg


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Can a season pass holder buy a discounted fast lane plus pass without buying the admission ticket?

As warm as it was today, Kings Island could've been open for President's Day! But, I understand it's not ready yet!

So I really feel like we should be able to customize our passes more- meaning, some of us love to go to Halloween Haunt, but could care less about Winterfest. Now for all six of us to get gold and food passes it's going to cost over 1400.00. Thats a little ridiculous....

Julius McCracken

3 days ago

Kings Island

Save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day weekend sale. Act now! The opportunity to save big when planning your visit to Kings Island ends Monday. Details – bit.ly/2tbkldg ...

Save up to $89 on admission and Fast Lane Plus with our Presidents Day weekend sale. Act now! The opportunity to save big when planning your visit to Kings Island ends Monday. Details – http://bit.ly/2tbkldg


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Got mine not coming till August hope the weather better than it is in the UK

Any meal plan deals?

Wendy Karon Seri you should get this for Maya Lol

Rachel Thompson

James Minx

Olivia Adams

Winona Chischillie

Nancy Starr

Kristen Ash

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