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Ohio shooting survivor: Honor Florida victims nonpolitically

Ohio shooting survivor: Honor Florida victims nonpolitically


Logan Cole, an Ohio student injured in a school shooting, says the #NationalSchoolWalkout is oversimplifying the problem of school violence. http://bit.ly/2pf2r4D

WEST LIBERTY, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio teenager wounded in a school shooting last year says he thinks it's disrespectful to victims of the February

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Thinking green. ⛳️ #StPatricksDay

Did you get any freezing rain in your neighborhood?

@BrandonOrrWx says while the risk of freezing rain is moving out of the Tri-State, we'll still have a rainy St. Patrick's Day: https://t.co/o8fk32eJpq

And then there were 32. The second round of the NCAA Tournament begins this afternoon | https://t.co/cGzqsxs5Hr #10TV #marchmadness

It’s @CincyAHA #HeartMini41 This Weekend! The Duke Energy Convention Center has people signing up and picking up their race packets and signing up for Sunday! @Local12 is a proud sponsor of the event! #HeartRun @Cammy_Dierking @JohnLomaxWKRC12 @lbonis1

Want to find something to do today? A 2.5 hour drive south on I-75 will bring you sunny and 75° while Cincinnati stays in the low 40s. Not a bad day trip if you ask me...

ICYMI: #Bengals lost another of their own free agents they weren't planning on bring back and a free agency update for the team: https://t.co/00hjRA2zVP @Local12 #NFLFreeAgency2018 #NFLFreeAgency

Xi reappointed as China's president with no term limits https://t.co/sJPBpzufQi #10TV

Florida Department of Transportation officials said an engineer left a voicemail about cracking on the pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Miami two days before the tragedy. That voicemail wasn't picked up until after: https://t.co/6t96pQVblj

Starting the day with some amazing breakfast tacos, from @sundinernash
Awesome food and great people!

[email protected] unveils plans for main stage renovation: https://t.co/UwBh8ibyRC

#Xavier and #Bearcats starting times set for Sunday: UC will tip at 6:10 p.m. and #Musketeers will tip at 8:40 p.m. - both EDT #NCAATournament

10 dead as small plane slams into house in Philippines https://t.co/QOOq2tZ1fK #10TV

No. 1 seed #Xavier
on to 2nd round with rout

POSTGAME: https://t.co/0p3oWTQAFI

@XavierMBB @TXSOTigers #MarchMadness #LetsGoX #Musketeers #NCAATournament

Ohio Amber Alert suspects arrested in Warren County: https://t.co/OSvRzVjp9J

[email protected] vs. @ZagMBB #NCAATournament preview: Game info; TV; Starters/Key Subs; Story/Video Links and a Prediction: https://t.co/ThAlQB96qU @Local12 has the game
#MarchMadness #Buckeyes #OhioState #ZagsMarch

Tag a friend who would do this for St. Patrick's Day!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you every morning and night......Happy St.Patrick's Day! ...

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you every morning and night......Happy St.Patricks Day!

Start the weekend off by asking your child the question below! For more conversation starters, request our FREE magnet: spr.ly/6188DVGHs #starttheconvo ...

Start the weekend off by asking your child the question below! For more conversation starters, request our FREE magnet: http://spr.ly/6188DVGHs #starttheconvo


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Honestly our family just likes to chill. We stay home and watch movies, paint, ride bikes, make cookies. Dont me get me wrong we also like going out to the store and park but my kids just seem happier at home playing with their toys and making messes. 😊

14 hours ago

Middletown Division of Police

Tonight we are going to try and help one of our own.....

Some of you may have heard about the tragic car crash that occurred Tuesday just north of Dayton. Two innocent brothers, only 7 and 8 years old, were involved in a very serious crash in Harrison Township Ohio just north of Dayton. The driver of the vehicle they were riding in was intoxicated and neither child was secured in their seats. These boys are K9 Officer Ryan Morgan's nephews.....

Both boys have traumatic brain injuries and have had brain surgery already. They are still unconscious. Eric had to have a titanium plate put in his head and his arm is fractured. Emmanuel has a blown pupil and several facial fractures.

As you can imagine, the medical bills are mounting. The healing process and road to recovery will take years. We are raising money for Officer Morgan to use for their medical bills, care and to help take care of his family during this horrific ordeal. He's going to need a lot of help, love and support.

Let's all come together and rally Officer Morgan through this tragic ordeal.

Please, as you celebrate this weekend, don't drink and drive. The effects of drinking and driving can change your life in a split second. The families that will be ripped apart because of your decision will suffer a lifetime of loss. Be responsible. Designate a driver and drink responsibly. Think before you drink.

We have set up a GoFundMe account for Officer Morgan.


Hug your children, hug your family and tell them you love them every single chance you get. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

#DontDrinkAndDrive #DrinkResponsibly #ThinkBeforeYouDrink #BuzzedDrivingIsDrunkDriving #DesignateADriver

#USPCA #policek9 #policedog #k9 #policedogs #kindness #BeKind #LoveOneAnother


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Awe. Yes I heard about this and saw some pictures. I live here in Harrison Township. Please let me know if there is something this way I can do. Maybe an account set up?

praying for complete heaing for these precious boys, ,and the families, gd be with them, comfor them and give them peace that he knows the situation and is with them

I was just talking about these babies tonight with friends and family. God Bless them and God bless Officer Morgan

God's speed to these children & their family...

Heart is breaking. Thank you to the wonderful medical team working so hard. This cannot be easy for them. Prayers for the loved ones.

Prayers for these babies and their families May God bless and keep you all.

Prayers for those sweet boys and their friends and family. This is so dang sad.

Prayers for the boys and the family

Praying for healing for these beautiful boys and their families.

My heart breaks for these sweet, Innocent boys🙏🏼

Prayers to the boys & their families. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Prayers for the family...

God Bless these babies! Donating and sharing ❤❤❤

Poor little guys. We'll be praying for them.

So sad! Prayers for Ryan’s nephews











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Don't add a DUI to your shamrock shenanigans.....designate a driver!

#DontDrinkandDrive #DrinkResponsibly #DriveSoberOrGetPulledOver #DriveSafe #StPatricksDay #DontPressYourLuck

Dont add a DUI to your shamrock shenanigans.....designate a driver!

#DontDrinkandDrive #DrinkResponsibly #DriveSoberOrGetPulledOver #DriveSafe #StPatricksDay #DontPressYourLuck


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My father was killed when I was 6 by a drunk driver. He was the drunk driver. PLEASE, PLEASE don't drink & drive!!!!!!!

8 com Middletown PD will be cracking down on drunk drivers this holiday weekend don't risk it it's not worth getting a DUI & going to jail !

From the Chief:

Wednesday was the National School Walkout Day around the country in response to school shootings around America. Whether you agreed with it or not, regardless of your political opinions, it didn't change the fact that millions of high school students around the country did it or felt compelled to do it. I

After talking to some other agencies, school districts, Police Chiefs and reading some of the things that occurred during this event, I just wanted to publicly say how proud I was of Middletown High School students and how they responded and conducted themselves during this walkout. Apparently not every district had it so good. Seeing the fights and disregard for staff and others with different views on TV made me realize what a great job Middletown High did.

Middie students walked as a collective group to the arena inside the school and honored the 17 students killed a month ago in Parkland, Florida. They did it with class and with conviction. Our officers reported that the students were well behaved, focused and listened to and respected instructions from staff and the police.

So to all the Middie students who participated in this day, thank you for doing so in a respectful manner. It is very much appreciated.

Chief Muterspaw


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Reguardless of your stand on gun control you have to realize these children are being slaughtered, and they know it. It's is our job as adults to keep them safe & we have failed, badly. The posts I see that make out like these kids are a bunch of punks or just want a free day angers me greatly. I also am proud that the students in Middletown honered the 17 fallen students in a respectful honorable fashion. Mass respect.

Just want to say I don’t live in Middletown any more but I love it. All the memories. Middletown gets a bad rap and some justified. There is problems in every town. There are a lot of good people in Middletown, good families they have a fantastic police department and a great teachers in the school. So I am proud to have been part of it.

I hope this shows up on all the local news channels. #middiepride

Wonder how many of these children really know what they are protesting about. Did they use this to be able to walk out of school. Or did they do it because those wonderful children lost their lives. Do they know about the gun laws and their legal rights for having a gun of any kind. Just asking...

As a mom of a MHS student I am grateful to MPD and all the school faculty for being there to ensure their safety while they participated.

Do all schools have doors as exit only with secure identity requirement entrance at front of school? Warren County Career Center, where I was employed, did this 20 years ago!

These are the age group of people telling us to lay down our guns...what a joke that is

Middie Proud!! Thanks, Chief for posting this message. Good deeds should be shared:)

Way to make us proud, Middies.

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