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Physicist Stephen Hawking dies at 76

Physicist Stephen Hawking dies at 76


BREAKING NEWS: Physicist Stephen Hawking dies at 76

Hawking's scholarly pursuits dealt with time - whether it has a beginning and end, what happens in a black hole and whether time warps are possible.

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Cirque du Soleil performer dies after fall at Florida show https://t.co/1XhkZue8wu

First day of spring means Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen https://t.co/dU0v8OzLeP

Mansfield purse snatcher who dragged woman with car arrested in Alabama https://t.co/N3iPtGiBou

Thanks to Abubakar Asiddiq Islamic Center in Columbus for hosting the #FBI, @SDOHnews and our partners today for a discussion about ways to strengthen and protect our community.

Stolen memorial bench found, but severely damaged https://t.co/gZ6wgt84B6

Some wanted Florida school shooting suspect committed in 2016

Police: Kidnapped woman who escaped from trunk was sexually assaulted

Ohio Rep. Kaptur becomes longest-serving woman in US House

Report: Cavs to sign free agent Okaro White to 10-day contract

Renowned architect @dadjaye @AdjayeAssoc to headline @CleveFoundation 2018 Annual Meeting Presented by @keybank. Meeting inc. State of the Community address by Ronn Richard & the Homer C. Wadsworth Award. Join us for "A Sense of Place." Tix available 4/2: https://t.co/VAWSFSKFIe

Trump elevates simmering Mueller, McCabe grievances to boil

Thrilled to announce @dadjaye @AdjayeAssoc, lead designer of @NMAAHC, as the Robert D. Gries Keynote Lecturer of our 2018 Annual Meeting Presented by @keybank. Tix available 4/2 via @playhousesquare. Story @steven_litt: https://t.co/WHfRKh1sys #architecture #placemaking #design

Deck collapse at Georgia bar injures 14, two seriously

Beachwood Place Mall to reopen after Saturday’s shooting

Cleveland police: Man hurt after suspect gets in his car, shoots him https://t.co/e0OHff7iNz

2 hours ago

Fox 8 News

Did you know that today is National Awkward Moments Day? Tell us your most cringe-worthy moments, below (keep it clean), then share this post with a friend who you think would most appreciate it! 😬 ...

Did you know that today is National Awkward Moments Day? Tell us your most cringe-worthy moments, below (keep it clean), then share this post with a friend who you think would most appreciate it! 😬


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I forgot it was Ash Wednesday was at the library and nicely said to a lady you have some smeared on your forehead. That was Awkward.

I just lost brain cells reading this post

Came back to Ohio from my godfather's calling hours. Explained to a casual acquaintance that I hadn't seen my godfather in probably twenty years, and he looked exactly the same, except ... then we calmly and simultaneously said "less animated." In retrospect, I guess that's more funny than awkward.

Shopping with a friend, years ago, who pointed out a pair of shoes she deemed "hideous".... I had just bought them a few days prior 😁 we laughed, she was embarrassed!!!

Today is my birthday, my life is akward lol

Ashley Deans we will never see these people again. 30 minutes later they are at the mall. Hahaha


8 hours ago

Cleveland Indians

Most know about Francisco Mejia, but Eric Haase is another catching prospect "widening" Terry's eyes during #TribeSpring. atmlb.com/2poI0Sz ...


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Good problem to have, but Gomes and Perez have got to hit. The best players should play.

Mejia should be our starter. Gomes and Perez are below average at best

Terry needs to stop talking !!!mhe is ZERO out of 3 in the playoffs!! He has has 2 teams that was a lay down to win a w.s, but terry jus has to keep making changes in the playoffs!! some will never learn. by the way I wonder how mike hargrove is doing and marty schocttenheimer is

Can't wait for baseball the only American sport left please don't Mess this up

4 catchers? Better train one for the outfield.

Former baseball star here, I must say, as an Indians fan (they’re also the team I wanted to play for if I had opted to go pro), we’re very lucky to have Francona. I approve of all that he does.

Ours Catchers are 💯 & if you don't know that you're definitely not paying attention!

Both of those guys were really fun to watch in Akron last year. I can't wait to see what they do up in the big leagues!

My wife and I remember Eric well and he stayed at our house for about 1 week when he played for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers.

Looking forward to seeing Mejia this summer!!!

Terry talks to much ,Zero out of 3 in the playoffs is not to favorable.

Caitlin Jo

George Brown

Scott Kommer

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Rajai Davis is 37 years young. Athletes his age usually get slower. Rajai is clearly not. atmlb.com/2DARxLm ...


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His HR in Game 7 lives in infamy.. Too bad they lost, but for that one moment, C Town was rockin louder than when the Cavs won.

I Used to love stealin on lefties... so satisfying.. especially battin cleanup.. they don’t expect a burner at the 4 spot..

You can steal bases at this point in his career but that's about it

So glad him and Zimmer will be on the basepaths this year...give to the pitchers something to REALLY worry about.

One of the most visceral, off-the-hook moments in my Cleveland sports viewing life: I will always remember that Game 7 homerun.

Welcome back to our side, Sweetie. We missed you. Have a fantastic season!

Anyone know if there is a Star Wars night again this year for a Cleveland game?!

Y'all better not cut him!!!!

Davis makes everyone around him better :)

Glad we got Rajai back, but why not keep Austin Jackson too? Guy signed for pennies with SF

I really like Rajai. Of course that homer but also cause he's my age 😁👍

Had no idea this guy is 37! I’m 34, guess I need to step it up! Cleveland Strong!

Tina Skii - cookies were burning!! ❤️🍪🔥

He is a terror on the bases. He is not just fast, he reads the pitchers and knows when to run. He sees their tendencies and exploits them. I hope he can continue to share his base running knowledge with the younger players. Welcome back Rajai!

Ryan Merritt needed someone to throw the towel today. Man, that was ugly

From the stands I visualized in my mind him hitting the ball exactly where he hit It, in Game 7. I'll probably wonder all my life if I really made it happen, saw the future, or if it was just coincidence.

If it’s fouled into the glove he has to go back to first

He is what we missed last year. Disruption on the basepaths

He needs to make this roster. He meant so much for the young guys growth 2 years ago that they didn't have last year.

Glad he's back with us, for sure! #GoRajaiGo! #MyTribe4Ever! #LetsGetThisPartyStarted!

Love him. So glad he's back where he belongs.

Happy Birthday Raj! Enjoy your day!! ❤️🎉 Hope to be watching you daily back where you belong! Go Tribe!!

Want to watch him do this all season!!!!!!

Wish we'd had him in center last year

Big lead and great jump

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This is your chance to win an amazing custom RBI Game #OpeningDay Xbox One S console! Enter now: atmlb.com/2FR1MgE ...

This is your chance to win an amazing custom RBI Game #OpeningDay Xbox One S console! Enter now: http://atmlb.com/2FR1MgE


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Everyone that plays baseball games know the big boys play the show lol

Omg. Joe Dolak

Taylor Spencer omg could you imagine

Can I trade that junk in for a free pizza instead or something?

The hardest Xbox ever ! #RollTribe

Sure do miss the CHIEF on these post.

When is this going to be in stores?

Nicholas Childs well here’s your chance

Look Tjeerd Boer!! A xbox upgrade kit!!

Chief Wahoo!

William Troutman bro



Jessica Crawford something you and Chris can both enjoy!

Mitchell Keeline


Nikki West, Jason West needs another one for up stairs tv!! Lol

Megan Diane Blough Austin Marty Nieves

Mike Parker Korry Ewing


Samantha Rose

Steven Best

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2 days ago

Cleveland Indians

Bradley Zimmer with a leadoff HR to start our game against the A's! Rosey on the call today here: atmlb.com/2phM47X ...

Bradley Zimmer with a leadoff HR to start our game against the As! Rosey on the call today here: http://atmlb.com/2phM47X


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Rosey was voted worst play by play in American Sports..let alone Baseball. Horrid acting, fake inflections, nasal antagonism to public ears. Night. MARE

Walkin' past Hohokam Park earlier, watching cars roll in, I thought about what a nice day it was for a ballgame. Wondered who they were playing. Had I known I would have joined the crowd. Go Tribe!

If this dude could hit .270/.280, we’d have a great lead off hitter. CF - Zimmer SS - Lindor 3rd - Ramirez DH - Encarnacion LF - Brantley (for his 30 annual games he plays) 1st - Alonso 2nd - Kipnis C - Perez/Gomes RF - Depends on who’s pitching

If Zimmer leads-off, we'd have so much speed at the top o' the line-up. Yes!!

Wish I was able to make the game here in Vegas !

I hope he makes the team

Rosey is not a good announcer, he's a nice guy but he has a nasally voice and always seems overly self-conscious on the air and has trouble getting excited about big plays.

Zim looked great at the plate and in the field today.

B Zim!!! The sky’s the limit kid! We missed you!

He needs to pick it up a notch or 2

Love Zimmer!!!

Guy signed my hat I wear it everyday this kid is the future

We need this center fielder to have a decent yr! Go Tribe!!

I am ready to pull out my Zimmer Jersey!!!

They will just lose it all in the end! 2 years in a row all you had to do is win 1 game!! Go Indians!

The A's wear blue now!?

U rock Zim Shady❤️❤️❤️

Love that Zim swing!


Big show


Chelsea Colemaneman

Aaron Goff

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2 days ago

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Are you interested in becoming an Ohio Wildlife Officer?

Now is your chance to apply! Applications are being accepted now through Monday, April 2nd for the next wildlife officer cadet training school. The ODNR Division of Wildlife is seeking to fill 11 state wildlife officer positions throughout Ohio.

Learn more about what it takes to become wildlife officer how to apply to become a wildlife officer cadet: ow.ly/7wbo30iZw6f


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I wonder if they would consider a 54 year young retired Jarhead.

Chad I don’t think you need OPOTA, I think they run their own academy.

9.71 an hour?

I can’t wait till I’m 21! I’m only 16 though. :/

If only they were hiring in a county near me.

I wish, but I have tattoos 😕

They r hiring w or w/o Opota

Animal police

Question arises? How do you get a party endorsement, and the Division of Wildlife will deny any such connection of this you can be assured. Contact your local party chairmen in your County to discretely discuss this matter

Reality check for all those dreamers out there. Years ago many of us desired one of these what appeared to be "dream jobs". And although appointment is supposed to be civil service and upon the merit system politics and political appointment played a major role. Dreamers were often told by career counselors that if you didn't have the right political party endorsement don't bother to apply. What's the right party? Usually the one that is holding the Governor's Office at the time of your appointment. Usually, as life goes, not much changes under the Sun. Just a reality check for the dreamers out there.

Diana Moore Rhiel would your brother be interested in this ? Just thought it might be next step for a park ranger I dunno

I've wanted to join ODNR since I was in Scouts and 4-H for 10+ yrs. Now, finishing my BA Criminal Justice in December 2018 from Youngstown State University. I've already done OPOTA and the Associates Degree Law Enforcement

Do you guy have Practice/Training Session In the Cuyahoga area 😂 cause I cannot swim

That's if Governor hasn't drained all their 💰 to fund other stuff....

Justin Gillum, you should do this!

What districts are the positions available

This would be my dream job!

Brandon Hawk are you going to apply?

Jim Lacy this would be awesome!

Id love that job

Give me three more years.

Leah Kay Swope, Garik would love this! They’d even put him through the academy!

Taylor Wible- Maybe another option...

Ohio Division of Wildlife, do you have any lateral entry programs?

Hannah Sanderell, I thought of you when I came upon this post.

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2 days ago

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Your Wild Ohio - Explorer
Weekend Activity: Explore a Wetland

As spring draws near, we once again hear the familiar sound of the red-winged blackbird in Ohio’s wetlands.

Wetlands are areas of ground that remain saturated with water for the majority of the year. They are normally found around rivers and lakes as well as coasts and river mouths. There are many kinds of wetlands in Ohio: bogs, fens, wet prairies, marshes, swamps, wet woods, and vernal pools.

Before European settlement, wetlands covered nearly one-fifth of the state. As population expanded, over 90 percent of the state's wetlands were drained or filled for agriculture and development. But wetlands are very important to our environment. They store excess storm water and help filter sediments and pollutants from our water. They also serve as habitat for many species of plants and animals - making wetlands some of the best places for wildlife watching!

Learn more about wetlands and find a map of some places you can go explore (page 6): ow.ly/7wGQ30iZ90t


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Very territorial bird. A good reminder for me to get my fishing license.

I always thought these were orioles. How do I get a license to scavenge feathers, bones, and talons of native wildlife?

One of my favorite birds 😍

One of my favorite birds! Them and the swallows (barn and tree)...Saw and heard my first RWBB of 2018 3 weeks ago.

True sign of spring-red winged blackbird

Here at Indian Lake in Logan County I started to see them this week.

Very nice bird ;) And interesting behavior

saw one at the Nature center last Sunday

Had one that would greet me everyday when I got home from work,,,,

Seen 'em.

Emily Marie i was just telling you about these this morning!

Cat-tail Diner.


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2 days ago

Cleveland Indians

We know about Brandon Guyer the baseball player. But Brandon Guyer the guy? He's pretty awesome. Brandon donated 120 bats to his former little league (Reston-Herndon Little League) after they needed to replace their outdated ones. atmlb.com/2tXJQj2 ...

We know about Brandon Guyer the baseball player. But Brandon Guyer the guy? Hes pretty awesome. Brandon donated 120 bats to his former little league (Reston-Herndon Little League) after they needed to replace their outdated ones. http://atmlb.com/2tXJQj2


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MY FAVORITE PLAYER. Absolutely clutch when it counted in Game 7. I was talking him up from the moment they brought him in. He did everything possible to win it

Ive met Brandon and his wife recently.. He was rather commical and very down to earth. What he said to his wife when I realized who he was ..was priceless😂😂.. Keep it real Brandon!

We had whatever bats we all owned in little league......most had a crack or two

I wonder if Brandon would rather be hit by a pitch or get a hit :D I am kidding and classy move Mr Guyer. Let's Go Tribe.

Brandon doesn’t use bats, anyway. His body is enough.

A classy Cleveland Indian and Herndon Hornet thing to do!

Schyler. HEY # 6! YOURE MY GUYER

That's our Guy-er! We're very lucky to have him doing great things on n off field. No surprise he set their team up! 😀💯

I saw a blurb about this on the RHLL site and commented there: I was a Tribe fan l-o-n-g before my grandsons started playing for RHLL. It's terrific to see someone from my first "favorite team" helping out my new favorite teams (the ones TnT play on).

That’s awesome close to my neck of the woods. Love when pros give back gives our youth someone to look up to. Cannot wait to share with my 8yo ball player.

Wow coming from someone who helps run a local little league that is so awesome!! That is very generous of him to do.

Love is what you do, not what you say. Thank you, Brandon.

With the last name of Guyer how can he not be a great Guy

Man all I wanted was used BP balls so fill our supply

Very nice, the kids really look up to the MLB players.

I vote definitety no on the new uniform!

Way to go Brandon!!


Guyer the guyer Thomas Janoske Eric Davis

Suzanne Fyffe Pavlus Ron Shultz Janet Shultz Machak

Go Indians

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2 days ago

Ohio Attorney General

#SmallBiz owners - don't forget to register for our #CyberOhio Business Summit! The summit takes place one week from today!

CyberOhio Business SummitMarch 23, 2018, 8:00amCleveland Marshall College of Law 1801 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115This FREE summit hosted by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's Office and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law will feature cybersecurity experts from across the country who will provide business owners with practical, understandable, and actionable cybersecurity information, so they can better protect their businesses and consumers from evolving cyber threats. Register Here: www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Business/CyberOhio/CyberOhioBusinessSummit #CyberOhio

CyberOhio Business Summit
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