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Pizza al fresco: Domino's will deliver to beaches, parks

Pizza al fresco: Domino's will deliver to beaches, parks


No need to leave the great outdoors! Domino's will bring the pizza to you

Domino's, which has been bringing pizzas to doorsteps for more than half a century, will now deliver to the great outdoors.The pizza chain said Monday that its drivers can meet customers at U.S. beaches, parks and landmarks to hand over pizza, cheesy bread

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Company is consolidating its HQ in one location, and it's not here. https://t.co/04k27qmxTK

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Check out https://t.co/KpeqK4RKUm's Draft Central!

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Day 4 of the Shawn Grate trial continues. WATCH LIVE:

The sun is back. #Cleveland #weather

Good morning, Cincinnati Here's what you need to know to kick off your busy business day https://t.co/kQ13OQuimC

A new premium seating option for @fccincinnati this season, and it's right on the field! https://t.co/YIdMxTtZ0F

. @AberlinSprings, the first agrihood in Ohio, has finished construction on its first homes, take a look #RealEstate https://t.co/FeOmWD0JoH

Waffle House shooting survivor played dead to stay alive.

#TrafficAlert: Accident reported on E Broad St at N Remington in @CityofBexley. #10TV @10TV

The deep and deadly costs of distracted driving hitting all Ohio residents. @JonathanWalshTV

@WEWS https://t.co/YcUSNlRS6P

BREAKING: White House doctor Ronny Jackson withdraws as VA secretary nominee, calls allegations against him 'false and fabricated' https://t.co/99bA04rmyb #10TV

Federal judge blocks Trump administration from cutting Planned Parenthood program funds.

Here are the weather headlines for NE Ohio today. Overall, not a bad day! We take a step back on Saturday, then run right into early Summer next week!

Wolfpack Gunshot Response Team helps gunshot victims in critical moments before EMS arrives. @KevinBarryWEWS

14 minutes ago

News 5 Cleveland

Day 4 of the Shawn Grate trial continues.
The latest: on.wews.com/2r0H34K


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Day 4 of the Shawn Grate trial continues. The latest: on.wews.com/2r0H34K

What's going on here

Yes what had happened

He murdered multiple people and left them in some abandoned houses

36 minutes ago

News 5 Cleveland

A Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioner caught on camera delivering an expletive-laced tirade to police officers during a traffic stop has resigned. ...


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They gave her an option.....she decided to leave with her head up

She is just teaching her daughter how to treat others! Mother of the year awards goes to this woman! The police officers were amazing dealing with her.

I have been reading how black people are the only ones who abuse our police officers,how about this?

If she was a man white or black they would have got a tune up

She thinks she is privileged.

Guessing it was more of a you can resign or we can terminate you

Police officers put up with this on a daily basis. Not the first time and not last. She was rude and disrespectful.

so....what did the cops do BEFORE this out-of-context video?

I'm glad those cops handled her with respect when she should not be even be involved

What an idiot! Great example to kids today, NOT!

Despicable witch! Parenting at it's best! And we wonder why this generation is troubled!

Pathetic witch, what a great role model for her children.

Oh please like nobody ever fliiped out on the cops,if she were black ud be calling it harassment.

Wow! uppity uppity biotech! God bless the men and women in blue!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Amanda Argauer bye🎉👊🏻


This lady needs a chill pill

I wanted to slap her the whole time!

She's lucky she wasn't eating dirt...

is this on the police's dash cam?

So disrespectful

She’s never gonna get another job!!!

Who was filming this? the police PLease!



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2 hours ago

News 5 Cleveland

It's National Pretzel Day! Who loves pretzels as much as Stanley? ...

Its National Pretzel Day! Who loves pretzels as much as Stanley?

19 hours ago

Ohio Amish Country

Wow, have a look at this clip taken one year ago, April 25th 2017 near Fredericksburg, Ohio. Look at them leaves. Spring is having a hard time getting started this year. JD ...


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So pretty!

So pretty, so vibrant.

Beautiful and so much more color than this year!!! It’s coming thou!!!!

Beautiful!!! So ready for this!!

What I see is the many hours of hard work they do to keep things up and looking so gorgeous. Thank you again Jd Schrock

Would love to see and compare today. Will be there in 2 weeks! Hope things are blooming like crazy!


Beautiful video, JD. Can't wait for spring to be here "full time ".

What a difference!

Sure doesn't look like that here in Virginia this year either.



Ready for spring! this is wonderful!

Such a beautiful place!

Our local weather forecasters are saying that we're 3 weeks behind with our trees and spring flowers!!!

Beautiful. I am missing all that green right now.

Beautiful, quiet and peaceful!!! I would love to be there now!


So pretty and peaceful.

Very beautiful

This is beautiful! Love to hear the birds singing!



I think we have to deal with a bi-polar mother nature this year. Hopefully she straightens out soon lol


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1 day ago

Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands

Tallest. Fastest. Wildest. The early reports are in; Cedar Point has another epic ride in its roller coaster lineup. Just another reason to plan your trip to Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands! bit.ly/2pAYfdM ...

Tallest. Fastest. Wildest. The early reports are in; Cedar Point has another epic ride in its roller coaster lineup. Just another reason to plan your trip to Ohios Lake Erie Shores & Islands! http://bit.ly/2pAYfdM


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Derrick Grove

Connor and Sean, get ready!

It was amazing! Fast and smooth. 🤠

Ryan Brodbeck

Nicole Gabbard

Alright Auntie Abbs!

3 days ago

Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands

The weather looks perfect for bird watching this weekend at Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands! Check out some of the top locations for spotting both rare and popular birds: bit.ly/2HLQrmt ...


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I couldn't get the link to work

John Hamilton Jr

I took this beutiful picture a few hours ago on 87. If you look there's 2 yes 2 Bald Eagles in the tree

Connie Bixler Becker

Will do that one of these days!



I looked up my yard 3 acres see all types of different birds and squirrels chipmunks deer raccoons pretty women jogging by beautiful beautiful life guy's☮😍😜😎👍👍

We have these same guys visiting our pond right now!

Candace Bores

I seen a duck in Akron last weekend that I have never seen before & I’ve lived here all my life. It was small & dark colored & dived completely under the water & would pop back up several feet away. It was so cool! Any idea what is might be called?

Beautiful places.

Excited to see

Heading up to Magee Marsh next Friday!

Too, bad the water so dirty for them

Nancy Wade Horne tell Henry!

Other than the wood duck I've seen the others here in Michigan.

Beautiful ❤

Have seen 3 of four this spring

I see herons near my house...I love them and like to see them fly. They look like pteradactyls in a way.


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6 days ago

Ohio Amish Country


Here is a really fun event coming up May 4-5 here in Ohio Amish Country! Dandelion is the theme, from Sausage to wine!


Here is a really fun event coming up May 4-5 here in Ohio Amish Country! Dandelion is the theme, from Sausage to wine!


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Never heard of this festival.

Wish I could be there for the wine!

New place we will need to check out. 🌻

Oooooo - wine!


oh yum...... love seeing grapevines.... oh course I use the grapes to make jelly in the fall!

Tried dandelion wine once and was not a fan.

Never tried any of those. I’ve heard of them.


I'm looking forward to seeing some dandelions in my yard. Bring on the sunshine!

Would like to get some recipes.

Very popular, very crowded event!

Will not be in the area for this festival

I tried the dandelion wine it was ok ! This festival is very popular!

Wish we could make it up there

one of these days will make it to this festival. Sounds interesting! :)

Sounds like fun!

Always have had an interest in dandelion wine.


Looks like a beautiful venue for an event.

Sounds fun!

Sounds like a good time!!

I to tasted dandelion wine one time and didn’t care for it. My cousin made it and figured he didn’t make it correctly. LOL

Not sure if I would be interested since I didn’t care for the dandelion when I lived in Ohio.

Tried the wine and had some dandelion gravy last year 😊

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7 days ago

Ohio Amish Country

Yes, it is April 19 here in Ohio Amish country. It's green and white and other colors mixed. ...

Yes, it is April 19 here in Ohio Amish country. Its green and white and other colors mixed.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Glad I was there last Thursday. Coming back on the 26th and hopefully this stuff is done!

Stop snowing!!!!

It’s hard to believe it’s spring 🌷

I was up there with a group on Tuesday. Not to much snow them but it was cold with some snow and the wind was blowing. Brrr!

Such beautiful pictures!


Going there in May hope the weather gets better and warmer

Tina Harpold

Craziest weather ever!

I think Mother Nature is going thru change of life this year.

We are on our way there. About 1 1/2 hours away!

I sent some white stuff over from Wisconsin

On our way there with the Message of Freedom Ladies Ministry

Yes June We are 38degrees & some snow!!We just can not get Spring!!

Beautiful , hope it's gone in June !!!

Cathlene Adams Rinehart.


The 109th of January.

Like Erie, PA on Tuesday.

It's beautiful!

Don’t think Spring will ever get here😪

Beautiful, waiting for warm weather.

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