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Police: Car carrying 7 teens flipped, killing 2, injuring 5

Police: Car carrying 7 teens flipped, killing 2, injuring 5


Investigators in Florida say a 14-year-old boy was driving a stolen car when it flipped over, killing two and injuring four female passengers between the ages of 12 and 14.

Broward Sheriff's officials said witnesses told them the teen lost control of the car early Sunday before it left the road, hit a palm tree and then a metal pole of a railway crossing gate.

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The #Browns with some roster moves today #WEWS

JUST IN: Producer and DJ Avicii has been found dead at the age of 28 https://t.co/dtaij47ULQ

#BREAKING: Swedish DJ Avicii dies at age 28.

Avery Shane won $11,533.33 from a machine he'd been playing on at the Hollywood Casino in #Dayton. He didn't get to keep a dime of it because the casino said he was trespassing. https://t.co/EAOJLW4yfK

Mourners pay their respects to former First Lady Barbara Bush in Houston. https://t.co/PWGstAKgQd

Buckle up for the ride of the summer: Take a virtual ride on Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance.

Girl, 12, accused of giving edible marijuana candy to other students at Oregon school: https://t.co/7brlngJjbK

Three Cincinnati City Council members call a special meeting for Saturday to vote on firing City Manager Harry Black, after one council member says he'll change his vote. https://t.co/vi0AvPaiFu

DNC files lawsuit against Pres. Trump's campaign, blaming election loss on alleged Russia alliance https://t.co/lerT8bGiZY

[email protected] will not be attending tomorrow's council meeting. He says his wife's grandma turns 93 tomorrow but he would gladly attend a special session Monday. So, PG, Dennard and Young will not attend

6-year-old boy with autism handcuffed by Florida SRO. https://t.co/RTvaFB6CB8

Deputies shut down a North Bend apartment building after bodies were found and neighbors complained about drugs. https://t.co/0dBkJHADaP

Florida-Georgia Line announced as headliner for Y Live event https://t.co/ZfEokiUHii @FLAGALine

[email protected] announces new location on the West Side.

TJX announces is it pulling out of a project to build a Homegoods facility in Lordstown, OH https://t.co/jfvDhz39Rb

14 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

It’s Fri-yay! We have some cute little adoptables to help us celebrate! They’re also looking for new homes - and to spread the word about a new event coming up that will help them and give you the chance to win $$ while kickin’ it with Kenny Crumpton! ...


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wish I was closer. But I'm in Anchorage Alaska

Oh ok pass thanks i had 1 dog there before

Poor sweet wonderful baby. Those wounds look like they really hurt I could just cry.

Valley View off of Granger Rd

Cuyahoga County Kennels

Same as the city kennel ??

Mr Mistoffolees was a cat in Cats

Whete is this location ??

Hello furr babies ❤️🐶❤️

She's beautiful!!


Whats it called

She's gorgeous!!!!




Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter

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52 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Oberlin High School students walk out to protest gun violence via.fox8.com/FKgmS ...


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I applaud these kids. They brought more attention to this issue than the senate and congress. They need to keep doing this. 👏🏻👏🏻

Its fellow students killing you. Try not to bully! Protest Bullying and take some personal responsibility for once!

It would be awesome to see this same coverage of students who support the 2nd Amendment. #MediaBias

Teachers should be all fired and the super attendant

Why are they waitng so long after the rest of the schools.could it be nicer weather for them to get out on a friday

Why not March for all the unborn babies that don't get the chance to go to school because of Planned Parenthood.

So FOX 8 Turn it off and go back to Cleveland!

Funny you don't see them protesting against bullying or to support mental health awareness, the true reasons that ANY violence is being committed in schools...

This is so dumb. Seriously, is the government gonna listen to a generation that eat Tide Pods and snort condoms? Kids these days don't know how good they have it.

Andrew bracken I think the government is paying these kids to protest.

And because it was National walk out of school day I'm quite sure all of the School's attendance records were at an all-time high this morning. Otherwise these punks don't even bother going to school.

Oberlin Ohio is run by the liberal college. Follow the money trail and you will see why these kids were put up to walking out. Instead of gun control, why don't we admit there's a drug problem in Oberlin?

Kids need to do more research on gun laws before they open their mouths! Why don't you protest on all the babies that are killed daily?

Y’all don’t want to do anything but have babies 👶 and blame the system now...Save YourSelf Time Energy and Money share.legalshield.com/mltaylorfullilove/legalshield

Ok so they want all guns band ok when someone breaks in your house what are you going to do call the law remember they don't have guns either

They got a helicopter for a school with a graduatind class of around 100. But not literally any other school with graduating class numbers of 500+. Theres 2200 kids in Lorain high alone

Get in class...that's how you support this country, get an education, rather than protesting and rallying behind liberal motivated propaganda! Step up parents, teach your children to support rather than protest...

I would like this done on the weekend just saying, how many would like any distraction to get out of class and do the parents have a say as to if they want their child to participate?

Really preparing them for the real world....because you can totally walk out and protest work. Smdh. Go to class and learn something. Any excuse for them to be lazy

Go back to class and have a teacher teach about bullying and then go home and have your parents be parents teach you right from wrong instead of letting so what ever you want!!!!

They need to go back to class and learn something, I dont send my kids to school so they can walk out over something they know nothing about!

It’s a joke. What about the kids that get shot / crime in Cleveland / quit the bullying maybe that is where it starts ! March every time a child get shot in Cleveland!

"Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil." ~C. S. Lewis

Can’t do nothing to them but say “...Thomas sit down or; (Thomas says...while in the teachers 👨‍🏫 “or what “) nothing.🤔👶👋👀🤬🤣😂🤣

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1 hour ago

Fox 8 News

It certainly feels that way, doesn’t it?

This was sent to us by a viewer in Akron. Don’t worry, warmer weather is on the way! 🌸☀️

It certainly feels that way, doesn’t it?

This was sent to us by a viewer in Akron. Don’t worry, warmer weather is on the way! 🌸☀️


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I guess that Nutra-System works.

I saw that too! Made my day!

I live by these people, they updated it today. I wish o could show the picture here

And waiting some more!

Someone has a great sense of humor!!

Waiting for Trudeau to resign...:(

So truthfully funny

Me Too !! 🦋🌈🍺🍻

Deby Barle Bretz

2 hours ago

Fox 8 News

This is a new one...

A woman is wanted after making off from an Ohio conservatory with a rare neon blue 'morpho butterfly.' Video shows her scuffle with a conservatory worker.

Hit 'share,' and read more here: via.fox8.com/uUrYj


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Ok, how is she planning to keep it alive out of its special environment. Stupid lady.

She’s not making much profit from it is she. $60 for a rare butterfly? It’s not worth all the fines and jail time. Now if it was worth over $1,000 then it could be worth it. Lol

Exactly why we can’t have nice things...Always an idiot doing something stupid.

I always wondered what would happen 'if' some1 got tempted!

Always that one idiot to ruin it for all.

I LOVE butterflies, but I would never steal one! What a moron!

Idiots will steal anything these days...

Beginning my search now for the fall, my son will be in AM kindergarten at Bowman. Looking for either an in-home daycare or possibly a center located in Lebanon that is on the am bus route. I need someone who will allow for a little flexibility with the schedule because we maintain shared parenting with my son and he spends approx. 40% of the time with his dad. Must be a non-smoking home and able to provide feedback or testimonials from other families. Anyone have any recommendations, trying to hopefully beat the rush before everyone is full. Thanks! Ashely Brammer☺️ ...


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Try to Remember that Lebanon made changes this year to the busing routes. Your child needs to be picked up and dropped off Monday through Friday at the same location no exceptions except for Wednesday afternoon when it’s early release.

All day kindergarten at Lebanon Christian does not cost that much more than half day after school care worth looking into ! 932-5590

My daughter's bus picks up at the day care next to ameristop

2 hours ago

Lets TALK Lebanon Ohio

Opening night GODSPELL 8:00 PM ...

Opening night GODSPELL 8:00 PMImage attachment

4 hours ago

Cleveland Police

*** Robbery on Shelton Court in Middlesbrough ***

Police are appealing for information after a 22-year-old man was robbed after he left the shop on Shelton Court on The Greenway in Thorntree, Middlesbrough.

The incident occurred on Friday 16th March at 8:30pm when the victim was approached from behind and hit round the side of the head with a heavy item.

This resulted in the victim having a broken eye socket and he was treated at James Cook University Hospital. The victim also had his money and grey Berghaus jacket taken from him.

Anyone who may have been in the vicinity at that time who may have witnessed anything or know who is responsible are asked to contact PC Chris Lindsey on the non-emergency number 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111/ www.crimestoppers-uk.org or quoting event number 048414.

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Seems a bit much. Could have killed him. Over what?

Some right horrible b******s about 😠😠

Michelle Hughes 😑

Please post anonymously
I am looking for low rent in Lebanon. I am pregnant and due any day now and my Boyfriend just got a job that he can walk to we work at the same place. We don't have a car or license. I have to find a new place to live in this area cause this is where work with a decent pay but part-time Like anything low-income income based.

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Maybe contact the inter faith hospitality network. They would know of affordable apartments available

American Village & Cedars of Lebanon

Bell flower appt usually has a place to rent & I think their rent is around $500

Do you need anything for the baby?

La luz apartments is income based

La Luz Apartments

La luz has a sign out

Bellflower is $600 now

7 hours ago

Cleveland Police

Happy Friday from PD Ronny and PC Chris Green 😀😀😀 #mansbestfriend ...

Happy Friday from PD Ronny and PC Chris Green 😀😀😀 #mansbestfriend


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Go on Ronny lad. That’s not the police dog that lives on coach house mews that attacked and bit a lad last year is it? Did them 2 dogs ever get put down? The springer didn’t do anything wrong mind. A reply would be lovely. Thanks

Handsome and I don't mean the dog 😏

Laura Jayne Rudge here’s your fav 😂 xx

Awwww yep he is deffo saying hey its my turn to wear the shades and I will show you what cool looks like seriously guys looking good. X

I think Ronny is saying, those shades would look better on me ! Lol Happy Friday PD Ronny & PC Green Stay Safe out there 😄🐶

You sure he isn't an ARV Officer with tattoos like that :-)

Lynsey Varley struggelin to work out which ones cuter 🤔

Think PD Ronny is after your shades bless xx

What is PD Ronnie telling him? “ Hey Chris, I need a nice cooool ice cream please “ 😁👍

Hope you are are keeping cool 😎 in this glorious weather 💞

pd ronny is absolutely pawsome, 💜😍

That’s one handsome dawwgg ..... lol

Where's my tea😉😂




Phworrr 😍

Sarah Cameron

Scott Hawkes

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9 hours ago

Cleveland Police

All of our current vacancies can be found at

All of our current vacancies can be found at
https://careers.cleveland.police.uk/Image attachmentImage attachment


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Courtney Anne Hunter any good?


Most of these posts have expired

John Douglas I need to apply

Chris Lowerson


Phil Christie

Fiona King

Dominic Yeates

Anna Magowan

Katie Leah

Philip Kreczak Karen Kreczak

Julia McGough

Sophie Read

Jem O'hora

Linzi Wilks

Richard Eagles

Ben Stephens

Barry John-Hall

Deborah Walker

Jem O'hora

Paul Lowe

Kendra Slavin

Chloe Biggs

Tom Lister

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