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Reds cruise past Brewers 10-4 to end eight-game skid

Reds cruise past Brewers 10-4 to end eight-game skid


Finally, some good news in Cincinnati baseball!

Billy Hamilton drove in three runs and the Cincinnati Reds ended an eight-game losing streak with a 10-4 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday night.

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As seen in Akron...

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Our thoughts are with the Bruce family as we remember the life of a great Buckeye and man, Coach Earle Bruce.


Our thoughts are with the Bruce family as we remember the life of a great Buckeye and man, Coach Earle Bruce.



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Dear Ohio State, please remember you fired him for BS reasons. Rest In Peace Coach.

Coach Bruce was the 1st OSU HC I remember watching as a kid. I was too young to remember watching Woody coach, & as he would want...O-H! #RIPCoachBruce

Coach Earle Bruce being carried off the field in The Big House on the shoulders of his players is forever etched into Buckeye History. Earle was fired on Wednesday and the team was a two touchdown underdog at kickoff. The Buckeyes won by two TDs and Earle rode off shaking his fist into the air. My eyes are teary now. Love you Earle Bruce. God Bless You. Go Bucks. 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

This should be a venue for respect of a former coach and great Buckeye. Don't use it to criticise the school and administration. Rest in peace Coach Bruce.

A gentleman with class O - H - I - O Pixie dust and a fedora. Now coaching the Angels. Oh! Come let's sing Ohio's praise, And songs to Alma Mater raise; While our hearts rebounding thrill, With joy which death alone can still. Summer's heat or Winter's cold. The seasons pass, the years will roll; Time and change will surely show How firm thy friendship O-hi-o.

A class individual and one of the fiercest Buckeyes ever. RIP, Mr. Bruce. May you proudly wear your Fedora in Heaven.😪

Met Coach Bruce at a book signing several years ago and we talked about the great win against #1 Iowa at The Shoe. I was at that game while a student at OSU and he fondly shared some great memories. Great man. RIP

He was a goodie.. his Brother Barry is too ;)

RIP Earle Bruce who won games, but who introduced Art Schilzter to gaming which caused him so much distress. Prayers for the family.

I grew up being a huge Buckeye fan through the great Woody Hayes years but, always felt that, Ohio State's athletic director at the time, did coach Bruce very dirty during the coaches years there! Rest In Peace Coach Earl Bruce and always know that, you were a Great Buckeyes Coach.

Rest in the arms of Jesus coach. You brought great joy to Buckeye Nation!

Godspeed Coach. He personified a True Buckeye.

OSU didn’t deserve Coach Bruce, but he deserves the admiration of Real OSU fans. Thanks Coach for bring OSU back to the game.

One of the best coaches Ohio State ever had!! He will be sadly missed!! RIP Earle Bruce!!!!

Rest in Peace Coach. Now you and Woody have the best seats in the house. 💕💗😢

A Wonderful Ambassador for College Football, A Class Act all the Way!

Thinking of your family and sending love and heartfelt prayers

#RIP Coach Bruce...thoughts and prayers for the Bruce family & friends, God Bless! #BuckeyeNationMourns #GOBUCKEYES

The Coach with the fedora!

Today we tip are hats to you coach RIP

My favorite Buckeye coach of all time. The man's blood ran scarlett and gray! Rest high, Coach Bruce!

Coach's love and passion for Buckeye football was unequalled!!! You will be missed Coach.

Rest In Peace coach Bruce! You were one of the best coaches in the Big 10! A gentleman and a class act!

Great coach and mentor. I still remember being there at the big house for his last coached game. RIP coach. Buckeye nation will miss you!

My sincere condolences to the family. The Ohio State Family will miss him.

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17 hours ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Thursday, April 19, 2018. ...


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Kris-Lakewood. Hey Andre next Saturday will it be decent for my daughters prom? I know that's far out.

Is this how summer will be?

Please tell me this cold front is ending

Hi Andre, From Twinsburg! Saw your brothers zucchini recipe. . Let us know how it is if you make it tomorrow. ....

Thank you for sharing this with us but before you go could I ask you a question do you think we are going to have a mild summer

COME ON SPRING! No more SNOW and bring on average temperatures, not 20 degrees below average.

Hey Andre where is the warmer weather.

Hi from Monroe township! No snow for once!!!

Hi from N Ridgeville. Are we done with the snow,??

Hello Andre you're late for dinner

Sorry I'm a Steeler all the way but love your forcasts

No snow in Willoughby today. Yay

Just shared your live feed

Cheers! Where is the sunshine?

Hi andre from lorain.

yaay spring time here in parkman

Good evening Andre

Hi from Cleveland

When will summer be?

I sent you an email back

Hi all from North Royalton!!

Cuyahoga Falls tunes in here

Hello from Grafton

It was yummy thank you

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See you all at 9 PM every weeknight LIVE right here on our FOX 8 Weather Facebook Page. ...

See you all at 9 PM every weeknight LIVE right here on our FOX 8 Weather Facebook Page.

CLE Security Manager Howard Phillips awarding @united employee Jeremy Kenepp for his quick thinking and actions to prevent a security incident at CLE back in February. ...

CLE Security Manager Howard Phillips awarding @united employee Jeremy Kenepp for his quick thinking and actions to prevent a security incident at CLE back in February.


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Great job Jeremy!!

Great job Jeremy!

2 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Wednesday, April 18, 2018. ...


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Remember the show Fantasy Island ?? what was tattoos favorite candy ? M & M's the plane the plane, haha. Just a joke for the night Bye all.

When can we expect some CONSISTENT Spring weather around here, or is that not going to happen this year? What is going on now is really unacceptable.

Have you ever or would you like to be in a hurricane reconnaissance aircraft? I think that would be an amazing opportunity and experience.

Hello from Perry.... hope you are well tonight and bring us good weather lol

But we heard one Sunday when the warning was out for Stark Co.

Thanks for answer I grew up in Newbury but still tired of the snow.

Is the eastside Cleveland going to get any inches.. ??

Took Mick out at 5 a.m. the day after this Fireside Chat, and at 32 degrees, the "snow" was little more than little bitty raindrops; hadn't turned to snow. I am not disappointed; not complaining!

Boo No Snow NO Give it to The Sahara Desert.

Hi Andre , Cavs are winning this game2 by 10 points .

When is spring and summer coming old man winter needs to go away we are tired of the cold and snow

Hi Andre! It is getting to look like Christmas!!!

Good evening Andre from Norwalk..freezing to me mother nature needs help

Did some yard work during our 5 minutes of sun.

Are we going to skip over spring? What’s May going to look like? I hope we don’t go winter to summer!

What's with the weird weather Who put the jinx on hahaha

Thanks for sharing stay warm my friend

Update on the Cavs : Cavs 90 Pacers 86 3: 43 remaining in the game .

Why do planes fly when there are tornado warnings?

Love living in the snow belt Geauga County Maple Country

What is the latest NE Ohio ever had snow ?

I'm guessing 2 hr delay for Norwalk

I would give anything to hear love you mom from my late son

Still playing sorry I put on my glasses..lol

God Bless Our Family loves you too,GN and Stay Blessed..

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3 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Tuesday, April 17, 2018 (NOT quite TAX Day!). ...


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HEY! PLEASE tell me that the snow is DONE and SPRING is finally coming? We should not even be talking about SNOW this time of year.

I am sure the forecast will change back to below normal by the time we get to next week, seen it so many times in the last 6 weeks

Going in for knee replacement next week are we gonna be ok on weather

Is there room by the fire for me & my buffalo robe? I am COLD!

Please tell us the snow will stop sometime soon! To everything there is a season...

Hi Andre,looking forward to the pictures!

May 26th? SNOW??? Heck it is almost SUMMER by then!

Uniontown watching we love you informed information

Hi Andre... Pam in New Philadelphia

Good evening Andre and everyone!

Hello from under water Barberton

The IRS computers probably FROZE!

I actually got the pop up notice!!!!!!!!

Good Evening from Cuyahoga Falls

I did get my pop up.

Hello From Garrettsville Ohio

HI Andre from Twinsburg!

Thank you all at Fox 8

HI there from Ashtabula

Hello from Garfield Heights

Hello From Macedonia ,Ohio

Hello how was your week?

Hi from Waynesburg 🦋

i love carrabas!!!!

When is spring coming

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4 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Monday, April 16, 2018. ...


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I just wanna say thanks for all the prayers last week! I'm feeling great. On April 14th was my 1 year anniversary for a double lung transplant!! Thank you all :)

Pounding rain .... windy ... no thunder , or lightening . Looked like it was foggy outside , but no . then I put the TV on and there was a TORNADO WARNING !!! It sure was a strange night .

At least we're all in this together. It's been a rock-n-rolling weather year in April!

How are you andre I live in portage lake's Coventry town ship were tornado came through.awsome storm.

Maybe it will start to warm up as Scott Sabol said in his April monthly forecast 😂

The only way I found you on, Andre, was finally reloading the page, and you were already live!

Booooo 👎 on the weather!! Summer will be here soon enough lol - amber and Matt from Cuyahoga Falls!

Hey are we still getting snow for tomorrow and how much

Howling wind, roaring creek, heavy rains beating on the windows... Oh! Last night was noisy!

Cant you fix this cold weather or do I have to move to Fla.

About a city block hit burger king and wendys and acme.

BTW André Bernier Fan Page. I live 10-15 minutes away from Manchester Road (Coventry Twp). I heard the rain pelting my sliding glass door as the Siren went off... then suddenly nothing.

Sometimes it can be delayed by 5 min or so

Hello Andre from Garrettsville!

I hope it be nice for 27&28

Fox 8 is the BEST....

Will we see any warmth by June?

Hello! Osie Chaney! Lorain Oh! I got my pop up!!

Yes I did received one all the time

Uniontown watching love your chats

Good evening Andre

I sent you an email message

Hi from Waynesburg ❄️

It made a mess.

Hi from North Royalton

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From strong winds and heavy rain to colder and snow showers. Here's your Sunday night forecast with Jenn Harcher, Meteorologist ...


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You did a good job on this windy night, Jenn.

Great job last night Jenn, you sure had hour hands full.

Sides to go! BBQ now open on Concourse C! ...

Sides to go! BBQ now open on Concourse C!


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Outdtanding. About to go International. Worldwide reputation. Congratulations. Claude Booker.

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