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Report: Day care worker built 'drug den' inside cabinet, exposed infants to meth

Report: Day care worker built 'drug den' inside cabinet, exposed infants to meth


The woman, who is accused of exposing infants to meth, told officers she had decorated the cabinet as an area to "go on breaks and get away."​​

The woman, who is accused of exposing infants to meth, told officers she had decorated the cabinet as an area to "go on breaks and get away."​​

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The 5th Line set another #CBJ attendance record at Nationwide Arena on Thursday night! ...


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Everyone showed up, except for the team 😂

And one of the most silent crowds yet...

2 bad they lost, lol. Go Pens


And they let us down by losing.

Should have been another 20 on there, but the team never showed up... Let's get it back in Washington! Go Jackets!

It's too bad Columbus has to many negative fair weather fans

yeah the fans showed up the team did not.whether its that they were tired from that 2 ot game.its playoffs u gotta battle thru it.that was a awful game 4.just like game 4,game 5 is a must win for jackets

To bad they can't win at home and are losing to an old capitals team using a goalie they benched who did that before.....oh ya Pittsburgh with fleury same result.

Amazingly that many folks paid good money to watch that fiasco. Come on Jackets people want to see playoff hockey not pre-season half-hearted performances.

CBJ folded at home... This is the truth... Bob is giving up 3.3.goals a game!!! That's a loser in the playoffs!!!

And they played like it was a preseason game with no crowd

Would have been better if we had won the game. Soo good to hear the team is making mad fat stacks of cash.

And they phoned it in and lost a Huge chance to gain some ongoing fan equity and investment going forward.....

Too bad the team gave them the middle finger

Better show another attendance record and a win #5thLine CBJ

Whew. Glad I didn’t pay that $150 a ticket. someone asked if I wanted 2.

Lets go jackets......bread mans got a huge delivery to make.

Too bad the team was a no show.

How many on Tuesday, I was there

Alison Good Gallagher

Morgan McClure

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8 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Back in D.C. ...


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Stop with the sad-face reactions! This is called the Stanley Cup Playoffs - we won the first 2, they win the next 2. Now it's back to game-on. Shake it off, and get back to your game - as bad as we played yesterday, we were only down 2-0 going into the 3rd. That shows the resilience and ability to be in any game we get ourselves into....! GO JACKETS!

They need to get it together! Last nights game was atrocious!

Want to see the Columbus Blue Jackets that was on the ice Tuesday night. You can do this!! Believe in yourselves, I believe you can!

We are the 5th Line.. keeping the faith!!! March with us!!! Lets go jackets!!!

One game at a time guys, put the last game behind you and focus on what’s ahead. You guys have beat them twice in Washington already, you can do it again! Go CBJ!

Go Jackets!!!!!! Win there and then come home and win it all!!

Bob is gonna have to have the game of his career tomorrow. Especially with the way Holtby is playing. I hope Wennberg plays

You took the first two games in Washington, so we are back for another on. Get the puck in the net and help Bob out. March on Jackets!!!!

Pick your heads up and play better. We had more turnovers than a Kosher bakery during Passover in game 4 🙄

I have a feeling this is going to game 7 and the next round the team that advances gets swept. Pittsburgh is on fire. I hate to see the pens win but it's reality over hallucinating

They have some good lookers, don't they?

Here we go boys!!! The whole city is behind you 100%.

Get back on track guys. We are way better than how we have played the past 2 games.

Go kick their butts guys!! #BLUEJACKETSINALLCAPS #CBJ

Keeping the faith. I know you guys are exhausted, hoping we can keep pushing and chasing that cup! Lets go #Jackets!

Come on Jackets.,YOU have to skate faster and SCORE.,Beat Capitals..,.,

Pass has to be on the tape and passed on fast guys no holding it for 3 to 4 seconds Caps smother a player and your along the boards turn towards the middle of the ice you can’t see another player to pass to if your facing the the popcorn vendors half the game ..... ok now go kick their azz!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love the comments. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. After last night, seeing you all encourage the team brings me warm feelings

Love trench coat Bob (Inspector Gadget) !!

Bethany, look at our boys 😍 Hope they play as good as they look

I am a newbie at this sport I have said this for other sports I don’t thonk they get enough rest time Especially theee young men Go get em blue jackets for my family and thousands of other fans

You guys got this, can’t wait for the game tomorrow 💙

Let's go boys let's get this W and back home finish this series. Go Jackets!!! #Themarchison

Fast start and no penalties let's do this and bring it home to Finnish it.

Gotta get after it sooner than mid second period. I have faith!

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FYI. The Franklin High School is conducting a Mock-auto crash to the rear of the high school. Frankin Police, Fire, and EMS, along with Careflight and Anderson Funeral Home, are demonstrating their expertise.

This is a drill and no actual emergency exists!


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Saw careflight fly over my work

11 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Alexander Wennberg joined the team for practice today ahead of their flight to D.C. ...


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Great news. Hope he replaces Milano because I am tired of watching the dump and Chase not work the last few games and him getting muscled off the puck every time

I'd be perfectly okay with the road team winning every game of the series. But do we REEEALLY want that kind of stress? Lol.

Hopefully Game 4 is out of their heads and they play like they have the first 3 games (That GWG in Game 3 was a lucky bounce). Having Wennberg back would definitely help too!

Omg that is huge

Did "Pride", "Heart", and "Accountability" show up because they're missing also???

Please. Stop. The. Dump. And. Chase.

We need him in there on Saturday!!!

An all out brawl would be totally OK with me in the next game. Turn a defeat into aggression and punish the Caps. They are coming off a high and are vulnerable for game 5. They think they have you beat and are looking ahead to Pittsburgh. Surprise them and score 6 on Holtby get him yanked! Some fans will be spending $1500 total by next game at Nationwide to either win it or tie it up. CBJ it is your professional obligation ( some of you make $4 million a year) to give the fans their moneys worth. Stop playing nervous.

Wenny is a key piece to the puzzle hopefully he’s good to go Saturday

Please be in the lineup tomorrow! 🤞🏻

Hopefully Wennberg will be a go for Sat. they could really use him.

Yes Wenny, we need you!!!


We need all the help we can get at this point.

Have a safe flight and go jackets!!

Great news! Go, Jackets! We believe!

Let's go Wenny!

Yes!! Awesome news!

Great news


John Amon

Nicole Kathryn Roe

Daria Campbell

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13 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets



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should have a pic of Boone up there. He's the only guy who played hard last night! Zach was awful.

Put more pucks in their net and less in ours. Bob is playing great, but we can't win a playoff series by allowing at least three goals in every game (which is exactly what we've done in EVERY playoff game in franchise history). Secondary scoring is also key, but we've got to bail out Bob by clearing those errant rebounds.

Stefan Christian I was making the same face during game 4

Wake up Zach. You sleep walked through the last two games. Very lackadaisical effort.

Good depiction of what he’s been looking like out there - in a daze some of the time

Zach, you need to really step it up. Thursday was about as bad as you have ever played for us☹️

Can't make the excuse of being tired for the last game because the Caps played the same game. Gonna have to dig deep into the energy, MIND OVER MATTER, and get this done in the next 2 games...!

No more own goals, please? Thanks.

Give a 100% effort Saturday not like Thurs. only 50% effort. Hopefully we get Wennberg back.

CBJ out there playing like the Papa Johns Jr Jackets

Most gorgeous hockey player alive!


K9 Colt chasing his tail in dispatch. Police dogs like to have fun too!! ...


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Handsome dog, but you might want to discourage tail-chasing. It could become neurologically imprinted and become a serious habitual problem.

LOL. They never figure it out do they?

Surprised he didn’t alert to it and want you to arrest it lmao

Makes me want a German Shepherd. So cute. Love it.

Awwwwww he’s so beautiful!

Beautiful ! He is , my husband wants a German Shepherd.

Nice looking Shepard!

Awe hes so cute

Love him!!

He is adorable....

he's so cute...

So cute

He’s gorgeous

Good boy !!!!

He's Beautiful!

So cute!!

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