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Royal wedding flowers were donated to hospice patients

Royal wedding flowers were donated to hospice patients


What a lovely gesture from the newlyweds!

No, you're crying over this sweet news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle donated their royal wedding flowers to charity.

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Once operational, the network will let users stay connected to Wi-Fi whenever they leave their home network range. https://t.co/1WYAwEmPtQ

Last of Black Pride 4 protesters given probation and community service https://t.co/mWh6nsM9wf

“All we’re asking is to for him to be able to live," woman says of her husband, and #undocumented
immigrant who needs a kidney transplant. Read more:


“The hard decisions … have been made in the past and are being made now.”

“There’s a feeling of tax fatigue that I hear in the community."


The company's executive team will be reorganized https://t.co/CUO0xpV36p

Are you an entrepreneur from abroad? Did you start a business in the Columbus? Reach out to @DanaeKing and I — we'd love to talk to you about your experiences in the next few days!

My column on a favorite cause

Trump announces plans for Pentagon to create 'Space Force' https://t.co/10ItVhWzzU

Give us your basketball reason for LeBron to stay in Cleveland

You can call The Next Level at (216) 578-0850, or tweet @MattFontana83 and @JRCherry3!

Olentangy teachers OK new 3-year contract, with raises each year https://t.co/LHtpVhrJTK

The Next Level is LIVE on ESPN 850 WKNR and https://t.co/Rm2mIQTgJE! With Matt's wedding now complete, today's @SolonSpine twitter poll is asking what your best advice is for Fontana's wedding ring?

BREAKING: @ProcterGamble using $7 billion in ad spend clout to advocate the hiring of more women as directors of commercials. P&G ad chief says one goal is more accurate portrayal of women and girls in ads. https://t.co/olmF3JvGwC

“This is all about beauty rooted in plant science," says Lynn Hicks, P&G’s brand manager for North America for Herbal Essences." https://t.co/pZbtslGIHU

Apple sets up iPhones to relay location for 911 calls https://t.co/PxIhGVOlYe

Dog tips on a (this) hot day:

🐶🚫🚗Don’t leave your pet alone in the car on a warm day
🐕💉Be vigilant about vet care
🐶💦Avoid walking dog in the heat
😎🆒Keep home cool for your pets
🐩🥤Give them access to shade & plenty of water
🐶🥵Know which dogs are less tolerant of heat

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