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Semi hauling dish soap overturns on I-70 EB in Preble County after driver loses control

Semi hauling dish soap overturns on I-70 EB in Preble County after driver loses control


WHOA: Troopers said each bottle of the 35,000-pound haul had to be removed by hand in order to lift the trailer. The driver was traveling cross country with this dog.

PREBLE COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A semi driver on his way to New Jersey over-corrected while on I-70 eastbound Monday morning, turning his trailer on its side.The crash happened just before 9 a.m. in Preble County at U.S. 127. Trooper Kimberly Trout with

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13 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Man charged in murder of a Cleveland Heights mother found dead in a garbage can appeared in court this morning: ...


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He thinkin about that cornbread he didn’t eat this morning

Public hanging

It is sad he had to kill her for what reason just sad for her family and sad in general now his life is over could have moved on with his life meet a new person that might have been better he will never know that because he chose to murder just wrong its gods job to decide when your life is over.

Yo Kenny there? Y’all about to kick it?

Look at him looking stupid

I know some will say prayers won’t help at this point, but it’s out of respect

Can't believe I went to HS with him.. smh

Lost man!

Hope he rots.






Hi cuz



Jordan Duke they need to public hang the whiteboys who shooting up schools churches and restaurants. You racist kill me


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14 minutes ago

WTVM News Leader 9

JUST IN: Valley police are investigating a drive-by shooting at Waffle House
Here's what we know>>>http://bit.ly/2Jtb0kI

JUST IN: Valley police are investigating a drive-by shooting at Waffle House
Heres what we know>>>http://bit.ly/2Jtb0kI

57 minutes ago

FOX Sports Ohio

Larry Nance Jr. had a flashback to being amongst the Cleveland Cavaliers' crowd when LeBron James sank a similar game-winner in the 2009 conference finals. ...

2 hours ago

Fox 8 News

Draft day is finally here!

Any predictions?

More here: via.fox8.com/XyQ8n

Draft day is finally here! 

Any predictions?

More here: http://via.fox8.com/XyQ8n


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I predict that they will pick a dude from left field that has nothing to do with bettering the team... I'm having flashbacks to literally every single draft in Browns history.

Vontae Mack no matter what!!

I have mercy on them it doesn't matter who they pick they still suck. Come to the Steelers side.

You guys act like the draft is a big deal for the browns . They need all the help they can get. Come to the Steelers side.

Trade number one .. Chubb at 4 .. at 12 u take Lamar or Rudolph .. 22 take your left tackle .. we will get two first 2 seconds and a one next year .. we now would have 5 seconds to move back up into the first as well so if we need to move up from 35 to take guice late in the first we can .. do this win GM of the year already

Draft Allen first. Trade number 4 to buffalo for 12 and 22. Draft McGlinchey 12th and Guice 22. Playoff bound.

Darnold and trade the 4th pick to Buffalo for their first round picks this year and a first next year.

Draft day. Somebody must have left the door open.

I would take Saequon Barkley at 1, and a QB at 4. Barkley is a beast and won't be there at 4. There are 4 QBs that everyone indicates can be franchise QBs in the NFL. I guarantee that Mayfield will be there at 4, so if the Browns believe in him, take him at 4. And I would bet that 1 of these 3, Rosen or Allen or Darnold, will also be there at 4. And if we take Barkley, maybe the giants call and ask about a trade. In my perfect world I would go Barkley at 1, and Darnold or Mayfield at 4.

Darnold at #1 and Chubb at #4...stop trading down to get second tier talent. Get top notch playmakers and maybe use one of your second rounders to trade back in 1st round and take a running back or left tackle.

no matter who they pick they will always suck. The Steelers don't want any browns players to bring our team down do please stop saying come to the Steelers. We want real men who can actually play and that will never be a Browns player.

This day has work out so well for them in the past

FINALLY, we can stop talking about this at 8:05 pm .

With the first pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Billy Manziel!!!

I'm predicting that John Dorsey will make the first pick for the browns. He is the only one that knows the pick because if someone else did it would of been leaked to one of the sports networks.

The Browns will trade all their picks!!!!!


I predict the Browns will screw up somehow. (The odds are in my favor)

Yeah the browns will continue to be losers so what’s new.

The Draft starts tonight...at 8:00

Still going to be in last place ha ha get used to it

Mayfield, Chubb/Barkley. I didn't say I liked it, but that's my prediction.

They do so well on this day!

I predict that it doesnt matter at lol

Mayfield or darnold @1 [email protected] ... Go Brown's!!!!!

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3 hours ago

WTVM News Leader 9

News Leader 9 Morning
Thursday, April 26, 2018


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Good morning, Everyone! Love the HARMONY!

Good morning Cheryl and Chuck. Slow start this morning. Have a blessed day.

have a blessed day and thanks for bring the news to us

Good Morning and Happy Thursday

Listening to y’all and sirens in LaGrange.

GM.Enjoy your day Columbus With Love

Good morning y'all have a great day.

Ms.Cheryl would be an awesome judge

Good morning to you guys today

Good Morning Chuck and Cheryl.

Good Morning Everyone

Gd morning from sc

Good morning guys!

Good morning guys

I can see that

Good morning!

Going to storm later today.

Have a good day

Good morning

Morning Ya'll

Good morning

Good Morning! 😃

Good morning

Gm Cedric

Good morn

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9 hours ago

FOX Sports Ohio

The Pacers thought LeBron James's block on Victor Oladipo was clearly goaltending.

The Cleveland Cavaliers' hero thought otherwise.


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I watched that play over and over with eyes wide open, it's not goaltending.

It was! You can clearly see it go off the backboard first!

Who cares they will loose the next match up , and the queen will leave Cleveland just like before

Kenny smith on TNT said it’s not goaltending because it wasn’t above the rim. Didnt verify if that’s true but he probably knows more than I do so I took his word for it.

You guys better to be a referee if you think you are better than them..lol😁😂😝

Home Depot of whatever his name is......is a punk!!

So...oladipo gets 2 at one end for the goaltending and lebron hits the three at the other end for the 98-97 win. Cavs still win.

i play basketball, that lay.up was making the ball toward opposite in the backboard. its a finger roll, so it could travel a little time before it hit the backboard. so lebron block the ball 1st. its not goal tending.

Well this kind of controversy is what makes the game more interesting. Good call or bad call it happens thats what basketball is just like any other ball game.

It was goaltending

Reviewed by nba and admitted it was a goaltending. Clean? Stfu

Yeah its clearly goaltending but no call for referees. Still won give the 2points for the pacer 97-98😂

Goaltending or Not! Move On! It's Over! Hahaha. CLE 3-2

💯 goal tend but Lebron traveled 5or6 times

Ba ha ha you're so funny....It's

Was 100% a goaltend lol



Jameszina Ellis, Anna Thomas, Emanuel P. Hill, Willie K. Stewart

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10 hours ago

Ohio State Buckeyes

"(Earle Bruce) is an example of why there is only one Buckeye Nation." - Zach Smith

A celebration of a great life 🙏 Thank you Coach Bruce


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Does anyone know if the complete memorial service will be available on line?

All interesting, but Tony Alford’s comments were powerful.

Jim Tressel, a great coach who plain and simple deserved better and Ohio State knows it!!!

Earle ❤ you are the dot on our O- H- I- O you'll always be my favorite coach.. Keep them inline up there..🌰🏈

Great tribute to a coaching legend!

He was my favorite!

I love the 7 second delay reference. So true!

Earle will be missed but never forgotten. Go Bucks.


Good Bye Earl Bruce . Rest in peace. Go Buckeyes


RIP Earle. Love you Tress!

Did Buck I Guy give the eulogy?

Timothy, did you see this? At the end, Urban mentions Coach Tressel’s dad.

Matt Dante

May Parrott

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