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Spring on hold as snow creeps back into the forecast, snowbelt could see up to 3 inches

Spring on hold as snow creeps back into the forecast, snowbelt could see up to 3 inches


"I love snow in April!" said no one ever.

Well, Cleveland, we may be moving forward through the year, but the weather is moving backwards.

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11 minutes ago


The donuts were hung where officers sometimes park to look for speeders. nbc4i.co/2F2SsVTOK... We can't stop laughing. Someone left these for us on W. 7th Street where our officers occasionally park to work traffic enforcement.

If it is a trap, it might have almost worked. We had to muster all our willpower but somehow managed to avoid the temptation. 🤣😂🤣

To whomever left these, thank you. We didn't eat the donuts but are really enjoying the smile that it put on our faces.

The donuts were hung where officers sometimes park to look for speeders. https://nbc4i.co/2F2SsVT


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somebody got caught!


23 minutes ago


Mourners pay their respects to former First Lady Barbara Bush in Houston. Leave your condolences in the comments below. nbc4i.co/2F3fU5o ...


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Mourners pay their respects to former First Lady Barbara Bush in Houston. Leave your condolences in the comments below. nbc4i.co/2F3fU5o


watching with respect for dignity and tenacity. from Canada.

May she forever R.I.P.

She was a lovely lady always help the public she'll be missed

my heart goes out to the family sorry for there loss


Prayers for the family's

good luck

God bless the family. A lovely lady.




Prayers 🙏


Reston peas your Barbara

My heartfelt condolences prayers for your family. Such a beautiful compassionate lady


Prayers. An a great lady.

Rest. In peace, dear Lady

Beautiful lady

My condolences to her family. R.I.P

You have my condolences

Formidable lady!...lost to the world...rest now!

She was a great person...

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51 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

Lakewood students walk out on anniversary of Columbine shooting bit.ly/2K1LofN ...


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Go back inside and take a history test or two. Dumb should not be given a platform, shame on the media for encouraging the imbeciles

If your point is to honor those who died during school violence, get back to class and get the education those who passed didn't have the privilege to do

Go back in class and treat your classmates better.. and make a real change.. treat everyone equal stop picking on kids who are different start with yourself to make a change

These kids aren't models to no one, they just want an excuse to get out of class

They are future leaders practicing leadership skills! Great models for other young people.

Columbine wants no part of it these kids are just finding an excuse to get out of school

Go back to class and learn something,

These kids weren't even alive back to remember columbine.

She has ZERO clue what this is about. And to laugh?

Kudos to the girl wearing an anonymous hoodie. I don’t think she realizes that the Anonymous group is against the government.

Funny how they walk out on state testing day

Must have walked out during world history class

Suspend all of them for skipping class

Go back to class and look up the word COMPLACENCY.

"So yeah wow ?" .....to think I thought you guys knew what the he'll your doing ......

Stand for something or fall for anything

Disrespectful to protest this close to the death of a First Lady!

You need to focus on kids being bullied cuz it the kids that are being bullied that is doing the shooting NOT GUNS... and its kids lime you bulling the less fortunite..

You have the right to PROTEST

If u where my kids you be put over my knee ..lol

Tsk tsk tsk -this has been organized by others

We need to protest against bullying 😕

wow huge turn out for that walk out.....

Someone showed these kids how to protest respectfully

You might want to recheckthat again...

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3 hours ago

Cleveland Police

N.I.C.E. work, officers.

www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/04/cleveland_polices_nice_unit_jo.htmlMembers of the Cleveland police department's newly created N.I.C.E. Unit helped deliver furniture that Northeast Ohioans donated to families who were devastated by a recent fire at the Rainbow Terrace subsidized housing complex.

Video image


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Oh social workers no longer doing police work at CPD

God Bless !

2 days ago

Cleveland Police

Missing Girls:

Heaven and Nevaeh Adams, both age 12 (twin sisters) left home on April 17, 2018 after an argument with their mother. They were located at home today but ran out of the house once confronted. Both girls were last seen in the area of Ostend Avenue. Nevaeh Adams is 5’ tall and was wearing a black coat and grey/black pants. Heaven Adams is 5’ tall and was last seen wearing a Grey hoodie and blue jeans with rips.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Heaven or Nevaeh is asked to contact police at 216-621-1234 .

Missing Girls:

Heaven and Nevaeh Adams, both age 12 (twin sisters) left home on April 17, 2018 after an argument with their mother.  They were located at home today but ran out of the house once confronted.  Both girls were last seen in the area of Ostend Avenue.  Nevaeh Adams is 5’ tall and was wearing a black coat and grey/black pants.  Heaven Adams is 5’ tall and was last seen wearing a Grey hoodie and blue jeans with rips.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Heaven or Nevaeh is asked to contact police at 216-621-1234 .Image attachment


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I guess the mom will never forget either of their names since they are essentially the same (backwards from eachother). I hope these girls are safe.

I don't know the situation and I pray they get home safely, but I think you guys defending their mom if they did see this is not going to want to make the come home. Please realize that you may not know what's going on in their heads and don't just down play that. Yes it may just be over reacting but make sure. You don't know what could have happened

Heaven,Nevaeh please return back home I know your Mother didn't say anything out the way to you two that make you think it's okay to run way there's nothing out here but nasty old ass men that will try to take advantage of you and babies there's nothing more that your mother could have said to y'all to that make you all think that y'all was grown enough to run away please return home!🙏🙏praying for a safe return!!

Please girls go home. You can work things out with mom.

It is my understanding that the girls were found this morning. Scroll to the 2nd article www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/04/cleveland_police_search_for_mi_13.html

Go home girls you have no clue what the streets are about. You only have 1 mom respect that and know she only wants what is best for both of you.

Jesus take the wheel and bring these young ladies back home safely amen

Hope that the make a safe return home we are losing to many young girls I will keep them and there family in my prayers

Please go home there is nothing in the streets


Baby girls if you're reading this, please please go home to your Mom.

Jennifer Crowder check out the girls name! Praying for safe return

oh child you both should go home. you can't replace the family that loves you

My mom Karen Williams use to be their foster parent..

She's calling to police now

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3 days ago

Cleveland Police

A Message from Chief Calvin D. Williams

Recently, it has come to my attention there are those who believe the safety of our officers is not paramount to the Cleveland Division of Police and to the City of Cleveland, and this could not be further from the truth.

It has also come to my attention that many believe that our officers operate under a "no chase policy." This also could not be further from the truth. I want to make it clear that Cleveland police officers are authorized to and will pursue suspects wanted for crimes of violence and for OVI related offenses.

The current policies of the Cleveland Division of Police regarding vehicle pursuits give officers very specific guidance pertaining to when vehicle pursuits are appropriate and authorized. To be clear, vehicle pursuits are not authorized in cases of nonviolent crimes. Our officers will not become engaged in vehicle pursuits solely relating to property crimes. Chasing suspects at high rates of speed in vehicles solely to recover property is not only inappropriate, but it puts the lives of our residents and our officers in danger unnecessarily.

Officers are authorized to conduct vehicle pursuits in order to take violent suspects or intoxicated drivers into custody. This most certainly includes suspects who have committed violence, including attempting to harm our police officers.

The pursuit policies of the Cleveland Division of Police are detailed and follow best practice. The policies are in effect to protect the lives of officers and citizens alike. Taking violent offenders off of our streets is equally important and our officers shall conduct vehicle pursuits when this action is appropriate.

Since I became Chief, I have been committed to providing the best police services to the citizens of Cleveland while providing the highest level of training possible to ensure the safety of our officers. This commitment has not changed.


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Quoted "Officers are authorized to conduct vehicle pursuits in order to take violent suspects or intoxicated drivers into custody." Now, a vehicle a week earlier that shot shots and rammed a zone car a week later shoots 30 shots and some at officers is not "VIOLENT SUSPECTS" This was a bad call to stop the chase, you know it, I know it, the public knows it. Wake up and know what is going on in this city. We woke up a few years ago and know. They have had ATM machines hanging out the back of vehicles on at least 2 calls chasing the suspects in smash and grabs, and were called off. If it is the hard working peoples money this city wants everyone to throw on the ground to all the so called poor which is actually the ones this city and state has made lazy by giving them everything when they are perfectly capable of working but refuse to, and when it is not enough which is tossed to them they carjack, rob at gunpoint, break-in to houses case cars you name it they are doing it. And the courts are pathetic on sentencing, spin the door to catch over and over again because you are filling up the jails with murderers and claim no room. MAKE ROOM. People are sick of the BS.

we all heard the tape of the call. sgt. Hartman needs discipline. the fact that you are not punishing him, leads us all to believe that you side with no chase policy. you are ruining this city for us all with your worthless policies and federal ass kissing. my children have to live and grow here. they deserve safety. not your bullshit

Why are officers posting a whole different opinion. Just asking

How about going after the gangs in the city. Get rid of them if your in a gang you go to prison for life make Cleveland a safe place to live no one is above the law keep are police officers safe and let them do there job !!!!

the radio recording I heard was to end chase after suspects fire at a police officer .....trust me the bad guys know the brave men/women in blue's hands are tied. no disrespect chief but someone needs to clear up this policy

That radio tape says a whole different story. That criminal last week shot at an officer and his superior told him to terminate the chase. As a resident and taxpayer who pays your salary, I find this to be total bullshit! Funny how I tried to contract the mayor on this matter and have yet to receive a response back. City Hall must have forgotten that you work for us and we do not work for you!!!

How does the cop who was shot at and then told to stop pursuit feel? How do the other officers who have heard of this situation feel? The moral has to be so down in the CPD. They KNOW THEY DONT HAVE SUPPORT FROM THE SUPERVISORS AND SUPERIORS. I’m sure the motivation they have to do there job is sky high (sarcasm)

Tail wagging the dog. Anywhere east of downtown is little Iraq these days. When you don’t give your officers the autonomy to do their job out of fear of public perception and retaliation, you send a message to that community to do as they please with no fear of consequence. Chief of Police and Mayor need to go.

One question. The policy that was posted on another website say they can pursue for violent crimes or OVI, but says if that car blows stop signs or drives reckless the officers are to stop chasing! IS THAT TRUE?? If so then it is basically a no pursuit policy because a majority of cars not stopping for the police are reckless and do not obey traffic laws.

Sadly, what the rules state AND reality don't always align. What the brass says and what anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see/hear leaves the impression that there is a large disconnect between those at the top and those on the street. Please don't ruin what little credibility you have left by spouting policies that aren't followed in reality. IMO the unspoken policy (of the brass) is don't do anything that might end in bad guys getting shot. Rather then risk protest marches, you let the bad guys get away - to continue doing more bad stuff.

Actions speak louder than words. Your leadership is a joke. This City has turned into a shithole because of Frank Jackson and Chief Calvin.

What about when a suspect fires a gun at a police officer and then takes off? That chase was called off, putting other officers in danger!

This is so not the truth you say an officer being shot at was not a violent crime you say in officers car being rammed by another is not a violent crime!!!!! as I recall you called off both of those chases!!!!! Please just stop with the B.S.and let our officers do what they were hired to do Serve and Protect

Whatever policy may be... today's officers, with the disrespect and lack for authority, that seems to be taught and shows in even young teens towards officers- that we as a society need to abolish. You couldn't pay me enough to be an police officer. To go in everyday risking ur life then deal with the bs of those in higher rank on top of public day to day dealings of disrespect? I guess I'm starting to feel the gap of generations because when I was growing up we were taught to show respect for authority. And now it's becoming public knowledge that ranking officials dont even have ur back? I simply feel the people who take this huge responsibility of a job are highly UNDERPAID. Teachers and police should make way more than the business suits sitting behind desks,in meetings, or in public eye even. If your a police officer today I just want to say "Thank You" - whatever motivates you to continue I hope is met with support and public love for what you go out and do everyday. Can you imagine what Cleveland would be like without the men and woman who give so much everyday to uphold laws and protect its citizens? God Bless...

The safety of your officers means nothing to the administration. It is obvious the only thing that matters is following of the consent decree and the Federal Monitors. Who by the way are leaching our tax dollars and providing nothing.

I would expect any officer to chase any fleeing suspect no matter the crime they commit. Fleeing from police is in and of itself a felony. I find it completely irresponsible, highly unprofessional, and unacceptable for police to let a felon get away.

I'm Afraid for my life traveling in Cleveland imagine if the mayor was being shot at. How differt that would have been. Dont you have 24 hour protection outside of your house mr. Mayor, good for you. What about others. Try to go down to west 44 or Fulton after dark. Good luck on that.

Every criminal in the city knows all they have to do is keep driving. Now they know they can shoot at our officers with no consequences. I guess my definition of "violent crime" differs from yours.

I heard the radio traffic. Your Sgt was wrong to terminate that pursuit. He either had the support of the administration, or he did not. If he did not, he would be punished. End of story. If He walked, he had your support.

What if it was Jackson or you being shot at? Would that be different?? You are putting your men and women in blue in significant danger! Im really glad I dont live in Cleveland anymore. I live where the police officers can do their jobs and I for one feel safe....God bless all of the officers out there and may they be safe, without the backing of the admin.....

When our officers stop taking commands from that daft mayor, your safety won’t be a factor or even an issue. If something happens to our officers, their blood will be on mayor Jackass’ hands. Hold him accountable and quit enabling him/his ways.

If this is true then the supervisor who terminated that chase should be brought up on administrative charges.

Lies, your one of Mayor Jackass cronies, we Clevelanders the people who pay you want, need more police officers on the streets, in our neighborhoods with the right to do their jobs and have enough officer's to be safe.

DOJ also found that Cleveland Police officers have among the LOWEST salaries in the state...have you reported THAT to the citizens of Cleveland? Have you told the citizens that the DOJ thinks the CITY should have been doing much more to train and support the CPD? Mayor and Chief, start showing your unmitigated support by paying these officers competitive salaries! You can’t keep up with retirement losses and are losing newly trained officers to the suburban departments left and right. You farmed out recruit training to the subpar OHP academy, and recruits return to CLE needing to be re-trained properly. Don’t believe it? Look at the state testing results when CLE had the recruits vs when OHP took over. Interview your new PO’s about their experiences. Allow PO’s to annually evaluate the performance of their superiors. Collect feedback from the bottom up in the department, not just the top down...give every PO a voice. The dysfunction in the department must be addressed. Politics should not be playing as large of a role as it does where law and order is concerned.

On a daily basis, CPD radio transmissions tell a different tale. It is no wonder why the city is being taken over by criminals. Thanks Mayor Jackson, criminals can shoot at officers and not be pursued. Also, the supervisor that called off the chase should resign.

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