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States Want to Force Online Retailers to Collect Billions in Sales Tax

States Want to Force Online Retailers to Collect Billions in Sales Tax


Bloomberg: The 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision says retailers can be forced to collect the tax only if they have a physical presence in a state, such as a store or warehouse. Broader taxing power would let state and local governments collect an extra $8 billion to $23 billion a year, according to various estimates.

Overstock.com has a small but unmistakable advantage for anyone looking to buy a 3-cup Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor for shipment to Germantown, Maryland: Purchasers don’t have to pay the 6 percent sales tax they’d owe at a local store.

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Three Middletown High School students arrested in connection to social media threat

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@KingJames is a bad man.
GAME 5 HIGHLIGHTS → https://t.co/y74cFnXeHJ

Temperatures cool a bit over the weekend after 2 cold fronts move through.. but y'all, it gets so much better next week! @wcpo #cincywx

Some say "The Simpsons" character Apu is a racial stereotype; do you think it is offensive? Chat LIVE on Sunnyside Up. https://t.co/mQg5dXgdTG

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Northern Kentucky University hosting panel on school safety via @LisaSmithWCPO

At 5-19, #Reds match worst 24-game start in team history, making tickets at Great American Ball Park a tough sell. But, that won't deter them from doing what they can to improve the game-day experience at GABP. https://t.co/IhXW04rZzy @WCPO

Happy #NFLdraft day, @Bengals fans! Here's a current list of the #bengals' 2018 #NFL draft picks.

May the odds be ever in our favor. 🏈 #NFLDraft2018

Ronny Jackson withdraws from consideration for VA chief https://t.co/xtMFV8PNlI

Washington, DC considers bill that would drop voting age to 16 https://t.co/xPKPWJGdgK

18 minutes ago

Cleveland Indians

Home runs come in all shapes and sizes, as shown by our three to beat the Cubs last night. ...


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Hope Andy Miller is ok!

The bats are warming up!!..Who will hit the next one???

Brantley stay healthy.

Great game guys!

Is it just me or are the white uniforms the best looking?


can't wait to see the Indians beat the Cubbies next mo in Chitown!

The 2018 NFL Draft is HERE!

Who will the newest members of the Cleveland Browns family be?

The 2018 NFL Draft is HERE! 

Who will the newest members of the Cleveland Browns family be?


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draft baker mayfield

Please sweet baby Jesus do not let Cleveland draft manziel 2.0 baker mayfield nobody wants this short clown let some other team be the ass of all the sportscaster jokes.

Browns-style: 1 - Darnold 12 - Vita Vae 22 - McGlinchey Believelandesque: 1 - Chubb 2 - Darnold (2019 draft picks only gone) 4 - Barkley 8 - Fitzpatrick (Randall sticks to CB) (Chicago sells down cheap to trade for a few more picks on the following days to fill all their needs). Edit: Hold onto 1 second round pick for a OLT. Cleveland ties another record with 4 first round draft selections.

Watched draft day yesterday, feel like that could really happen. Everyone saying take a QB and then Dorsey pulls out a running back!!!

Barkley and Chubb

I'm completly changing my guess I think we go #1 Barkley and #4 Nelson.

Punter Oregon State

We all know who the most loyal fans in the league are!! ...

We all know who the most loyal fans in the league are!!


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I’ve met many ur correct sir ... one floating in the river with a Garcia jersey ... one committed suicide by walking on tracks the train won not much damage to the Peyton Hillis Jersey .... another Clev fan most faithful & loving man a woman could have just flipped & told his wife he was having a affair with her sister ( death by wife) he had on a Courtney Brown Jersey as he lay their dead .... another die hard browns fan this one a girl had a nervous breakdown & is living on the streets of California in a sanctuary city ... had her doctorate in medicine but couldn’t handle another losing season...she had on a Charlie Frye Jersey when she was last seen ... still remember the day I was eating frosted flakes one morning & her pic was on milk 🥛 Carton ..... so many die hard clev fans died .... very sad 😞

🏈🏈🏈CLEVELAND!! The draft is approaching..Lets talk about it @ ALL WE TALK IS SPORTS...Submit your membership request...NFL is KING !! 🏈👑

So true for me. Brown's all the way.

Jim Schontzler

11 hours ago

Cleveland Indians

Can confirm winning feels pretty good. ...


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And when the browns start the draft tonight with picking Barkley #1, it'll be a trifecta of winning.

I know the circumstances are WAY different this time around... but still... it felt REALLY good to beat the Cubs in Cleveland!!

What a night for Cleveland. LeBron makes 2 of the greatest plays at the end of the game and the tribe wins.

Don't look now, but Trevor Bauer is quickly becoming one of the top pitchers in the league!

Miller looks like a pulled or strained hammy. All be missing Brian Shaw right about now

Does this mean we all can go rub it in the Cubs faces on their Facebook page like they do?

was that a mario coin sound effect after the HRs? if so, that's amazing.

Gotta love EE homerun trot!!

Guy with a broken neck. Manning: "That's gonna be an E right there."

Love getting the W. Still hope the hitting comes around for everyone. Homers are great, but getting the smaller hits can produce runs, too.

Tito said after the game that Miller was getting an MRI tomorrow but it didnt seem serious

Finally,some run support for Bauer!...now let's see some for Kluber!

Cleveland Indians wins, and LeBron Cluch Wins.. Excellent 💪💪

Bauer pitching a gem against a Cubs lineup that can be tough, as we saw on Tuesday night. Tomlin has got to go somewhere -- either in the bullpen or to another team. Cookie, Bauer, Kluber, and Clev are machines. One more solid starter and an alarm clock for the bats away from being a major force.

Nick Kline, here is a recap in case you missed it. I hope you die.

Feels good for everyone minus the guy that about near broke his neck going for a foul ball.

Indians Win, Cavaliers Win! What a great day for our city

I noticed Margie Carroll-Venetico isn't posting comments on this page tonight. Her and her W flag are no where to be seen.

For the weather conditions our boys rocked it tonight! I just hope Miller is ok! XOXOXO to him. ⚾❤⚾❤⚾

Go Tribe...Go Cavs...it's Cleveland's Night...& tomorrow The Browns get first pick in NFL Draft...GO TEAMS!!!

Cool..Both Cleveland Teams Won❣❣

Bauer said the F word Bauer said the F word! I love when he gets riled up!

Trim the fat and only use Tom Hamilton calling the game

Good to see the bats woke up & Bauer was solid. What’s up with Miller? Who isn’t on the DL? lol

Way to go Indians both our teams took wins !!!!

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We love when our friends from Columbus Crew SC stop by for a visit! These superhero costumes are pretty awesome! ...

We love when our friends from Columbus Crew SC stop by for a visit! These superhero costumes are pretty awesome!


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God bless That was AWESOME

Yes they are Awsome !!!!

15 hours ago

Cleveland Clinic Children's

We are live with Dr. Karen Jacobs talking about anxiety and depression:

Cleveland Clinic
Q&A with psychiatrist, Karen Jacobs, DO, answering your questions about anxiety and depression.

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