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Study: Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans cannot find affordable housing

Study: Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans cannot find affordable housing


“We’ll never build a healthier, wealthier, better-educated Ohio unless we first stabilize our foundation: housing,” said Bill Faith of the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio.

A new report provides more evidence that thousands of Ohioans cannot find an affordable place to live.The study by the National Low Income Housing

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Police: Car with baby inside stolen; baby found unharmed
https://t.co/9T0kDBjRzz #10TV

Kick off the week with these three easy meals that you can make from one simple shopping list. https://t.co/mLfOTRXMAH

Pickerington Central, Africentric win girls basketball state titles
https://t.co/FUmTbJELry #10TV

Harvest Prep, Africentric and Pickerington Central ready to take shot at title
https://t.co/ASWxS1V3ar #10TV

Big KRIT will stop by the House of Blues tonight for his North American “Heavy Is The Crown” tour. https://t.co/vSh8s8Qpon

Thanks to Abubakar Asiddiq Islamic Center in Columbus for hosting the #FBI, @SDOHnews and our partners today for a discussion about ways to strengthen and protect our community.

Purdue wins without Haas, holds off Butler 76-73
https://t.co/mSetlpvWo3 #10TV #MarchMadness

[email protected] claims Democratic bias in Russia investigation, suggests McCabe memos are "fake"
https://t.co/0iEIVBwNqH #10TV

Exit polls suggest Putin easily wins re-election https://t.co/MzEdpIZE8D #10TV

Some wanted Florida school shooting suspect committed in 2016 https://t.co/ozOqSbx2hS #10TV

Sunday dinner inspiration. https://t.co/Z0TSQXA5ei

'Black Panther' tops box office for 5th straight weekend https://t.co/WSsIZed91A #10TV

Young John Glenn's pillowcase featured planets, stars https://t.co/uUPmT31wKz #10TV

We talked to local experts about how to help your high schooler find the right college for them. https://t.co/KdOCZWtLBU

Hungover from yesterday? These 3 bowls of pho will help. https://t.co/eDmvdMPVog

In case you missed it, Cam Atkinson joined the NHL Network to talk about his recent hat trick! ...


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I love being the only team that has a cannon in the arena. It's so unique

Cam look good last night... as well just minus another hat trick :)

19 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets



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if we can just not play Pittsburgh in the first round again that would be great

Still won’t win a playoff series. Who cares

Nice to have a lineup that allows you to rest up a player like Seth Jones when he gets banged up.

7 in a row! Just keep taking care of your business. And, if Jersey and Philly both lose as well tomorrow that would be nice too.

Great game tonight. A lot more energy with a slight melt down in the 3rd. But we controlled overall. Hoping the Ottawa player is ok. That was an ugly hit.

Look how they can win seven straight games again! What a competitive team! I have two words for ya.. Game Over!

How come the crowd sucked? Had some nice lower bowl seats and the only time people made any noise is when someone made a goal. Also guy in front of me was watching college basketball while the game was going.

Savard is a Beast ! Bravo Men ! Great hustle for all 3 periods ! Milano is everywhere on ice keep up the hustle Milano !

Keep it going, CBJ! Now if the Pacific division could stop rolling over when Jersey comes to town, that'd be great.

That streak ends Monday

I can’t believe you played that as the victory song. It destroyed our streak last year.

Great effort. Definitely a team working together and clicking.

CBJ ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Had a great time at the game last night! What a win and what a game!

For all the haters out there.... I told you so!!!!!

Keep it rolling Jackets! 💙❤️

Awesome win by the Columbus Blue Jackets !!

Great game!!!!CBJ CBJ


Way to go Jackets!! Keep on rolling!

Great game guys!!!!!

Great win Jackets

Lets go Jackets!

Great game.

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20 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Nuti's fourth of the season puts the Jackets up one after two! ...

21 hours ago

Columbus Blue Jackets

Boone's goal tied it up late in the period! ...


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Fortunate to be tied after that period. If they can shore it up they can bring it home.

Let's not make this a trap game. Don't let up!

That goal was insane! Boone!!!

Thomas Vanek is on Fire🇦🇹🏒🇺🇸💪

2 days ago

Cedar Point

Only 7 more Fridays until Steel Vengeance World Premiere Weekend! ...

Only 7 more Fridays until Steel Vengeance World Premiere Weekend!


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To those complaining about the cost...growing up, my family went to CP once a year, because, it was "expensive" back then, too! Priorities...do you eat out often? Do you buy overpriced coffee? Do you drink alcohol or smoke pot? Do you receive a tax return and blow it? Well, stop doing all these things and use that SAVINGS to enjoy a day or two at the park. OR, using the SAVINGS, buy a pass....there is a payment plan for passes. CP offers various drink and meal plans. Bring your own food and drinks, then check out the picnic shelter near the front gate. CP allows you to bring in bottled water. If going to CP is important, you will find a way......

I rode it in January . Great ride even without the lift and brakes. I test uncompleted rides for a living! Great health insurance!

Cedar Point is the best amusement park to go to at 11 it been there want to go back want to take my grandchildren but they get a little bit more bigger where they can ride the Millennium that is amazing ride

You think the snow and cold will be gone in 50 days

The parks where we live now in NJ/NY open next weekend or Easter weekend. I cannot wait! I wish CP opened sooner! I ❤️ CP!!

Why isn’t the season longer?

Dana Tuf Pete Shawna Daniel Ray Beck guys let’s make a plan!!!! We MUST go to cedar point this summer! (Those who haven’t gone this is a life changer!!!) Ethan will love it, Sasha will too! But let’s be honest this will make me the happiest of all! Which should be everyone’s priority in life 😂😂😂 maybe we can convince Jay Mack to come too cos he’s a blast at CP (you know minus the near death experience on the way home lol!!!!)

This things looks amazing

Lisa Hejnal Bredahl does doug want to go back lol

Darri Lewis is that a long road trip I'm foreseeing in my future

I'm so excited. I'm booking a hospital room so they can reconnect my spine after this ride rips it out with that drop. Amazing

I cannot wait to come to cedar point! #veryexcited 😀🎢

We are busting at the seams in excitement for our 5 day vacation at Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers this July!!!! Its only been 2 years. But 2 years too long!!! I have been going there since I was a little guy! (I am now 39 Years Old) and it never gets old! Everywhere else is peanuts compared to Cedar Point. It truly is the one and only. Worth every last penny from the resort, to the season pass or tickets, fastlane plus passes, and everything in between. Never a bad experience in the many many many MANY years I have been coming there! You have us for life! Until we can not ride anymore anyways! But that will be no time soon! <3 We love you Cedar Point!!! XOXO

Can you guys please put the webcam on Steel Vengeance I wanna see it testing

Loved Cedar Point! When we lived in Toledo, Danny would take an afternoon off and we would go to Cedar Point to ride all of the coasters. Miss those days!

Katarina Bates we’re going this summer. Check this ride out 😍

Sad it will cost so much. Won't be long and it will be like Disney !

Can't wait! Taking our daughter for her first time, in July! Going for two days!

Irene Goodyke I'm sure you already started the count down right after it closed for the season!!! 😁


After I get back from Miami and the Bahamas I'm getting my Platinum pass next month!! Let's GOOOOOOO!!! 😊

You guys need an updated photo! I’m sure the lift hill walk is complete!

Thank you Cedar Point, you are the best!!!

What's the height requirement?

Anthony Perl this thing is gonna be crazy

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