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Terminally ill woman denied marriage license

Terminally ill woman denied marriage license


Fulton County officials won't grant the marriage license unless the woman appears in person.

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1 hour ago

Cleveland 19 News

If you want to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade we're streaming it live on our website/app, Roku, Amazon Fire and our Facebook page starting at 1 p.m. Here's the link: bit.ly/2DwSkx7 ...

If you want to watch the St. Patricks Day parade were streaming it live on our website/app, Roku, Amazon Fire and our Facebook page starting at 1 p.m. Heres the link: http://bit.ly/2DwSkx7


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An Happy St Patrick's day to you too channel 19!!!!!

We suggest parking onsite at the RTA train stations when traveling to the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Due to our increased passenger footprint and spring break travel parking will be limited in our facilities! ...

2 days ago

Ohio Amish Country

We're doing a drawing for a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Des Dutch Essenhaus in Shreve, Ohio. To enter, watch the video and COMMENT on this post. Contest ends at 3pm, Saturday, March 17th, 2018. Restaurant details at: ohioamishcountry.info/directory/des-dutch-essenhaus/
You can enter the contest twice by going over to: www.fb.com/AmishLeben/
Winner will be posted here and contacted via FB messages. Good Luck. JD. NOTE: This contest is not associated with, nor in any way designed, endorsed, or promoted by Facebook, Inc.


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Beautiful place..would love to come to visit..

Watched and liked Tammy Heater, Deb Debbie Tate, Shannon Marie Harvey Kerry Lowther Dean. Be sure and watch and like Since we are going in two weeks may try this place out!

I would love to take my wife there!

Love Amish food! Great place for a date for the hubby and I!

Where is this at

Tim Hankel Now this looks like a place we would love to visit...and eat of course! 😂😋😋

Love Amish Food

I would love to go there. Love it.

Oh how I wish I could eat there !!

Looks like a place I’ll have to visit

We were there many years ago. We need to come back😊

Love this place!!!!

You’re making me hungry !

Looks nice

Would love to win!

This would be nice good luck everyone

Love this place!

Looks nice 😃

Watch out there’s a waitress that really good at getting you to choose pie!

I love Amish cooking!! Yummy!!!

Love to visit

😋 yummy!

What America needs peace and beauty

Waerenborg Hattie

Liked and shared

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3 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Wednesday, March 14, 2018. ...


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Hi Osie Lorain!! It went down wrong pipe?! Get some water!! I'm ready to clean my yard for the spring!! Have a good night!!

I’m ready for some normal temperatures. Is that possible at all in the next 2 weeks?

Live in North Carolina now but LOVE getting my Cleveland fix through your Facebook feeds!

I say OLD MAN WINTER is like our old politicians... not wanting to let go of the position of authority, not wanting to cede to the new generation or new season.

It’s in a can and they have it at great northern mall. They weigh it.

Is there more snow coming for the foreseeable future 😢😢🙏please say no lol

For the orange tea try teavana they are the absolute best!

What interested you in perusing a career in weather?

I'm ready for SPRING and I mean NO MORE SNOW too!

Wonder if We're having Fireside chat tonight..

Good evening Andre...the sun peaked out in Parma!

Hi from Parma Heights. Getting over an abscessed tooth.

I'm late again, but good evening Andre!!

Hi Andre....praying for warmer weather😀🙏👍

Love your Fireside Chats we never miss❤️

What is the most valuable thing he told you?

I am in seista key fl and we’re freezing!!!!

Hi from Jefferson! Are you starting another book yet?

Watch we'll get one week spring and go straight to summer

But looks like more snow next Tuesday?

Why do you spell your name the way you do? 🤔

What's the lookout for april

Hi Andre, Massilon, Ohio

you shouldn't inhale your beverages! lol

Hi Andre from lorain

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4 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Tuesday, March 13, 2018. ...


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my parents who live in northwestern PA had thundersnow a few days ago

SO MUCH SNOW in my snow-belt today... Is there room by the fire for my cold dog and me?

Attention Fox 8 News ... you just depicted the animated green leprechaun jumping up and down on Sunday's forecast on your weather map. I'm pretty sure St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday this year, therefore, any leprechauns celebrating same would not be jumping up and down on Sunday because they'd most likely be hungover that day. Please adjust your map accordingly.

Will there be school tomorrow for the kidos?

Low pressure with an eye, 84mph or more. Shouldn,t that storm have a name???

Any sun I saw today was like a light switched on and off quickly. Look fast or you missed it!

Hello Andre! Checking in from Stow. Looking forward to the warmer weather

Call it "MULE-ISH" then, Andre?

Hi how it’s be from Deerfield to Cleveland from

Thank you am going driving to my work now at Cleveland

How’s the plowing going to be in Broadview Heights tonight?

We had snow last night in North Carolina

Hi Andre its my birthday today

Hey can I come over tomorrow morning

Good evening An dre :-) Cuyahoga Falls checking in

And graupel here in Canal Fulton !

Hello andre from ashtabula

Good evening from Cuyahoga falls!

I am waiting for spring

Is oberlin gonna get anything?

Stay warm, safe and healthy !

Good evening Andre

im waiting for warmer weather

its pretty much being bullheaded

Just taking it easy today

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4 days ago

Ohio Amish Country

Amish Gateway
Had a bit of snow today. JD


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In our area of Ohio, we have had snow, sunshine, dark skies and then more snow, then more sunshine. Whole day like this.

5 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

LIVE: André Bernier's Fireside Chat for Monday, March 12, 2018. ...


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God Bless I am going to sleep Pray for everyone.people Jesus loves you.so do I..

Hi Andre,are we going to have 6 inches with the next system?

Andre why aren't your M&M's Easter colored?

What happened to the 50's we were supossed to get?

Cold Burr at least it will be soon, break out my Quilt and then some.

When is Next Winter Storm for Akron/Barberton Area if you know?

It's not snowing the angels are having a pillow fight and the feathers are flying hahaha

I did clicked asap haha Hey who would miss the fireplace and that smile.

Some good snow falling in Chesterland tonight. Brick walkway is smooth white already.

Yeah we're still lucky with the snow though then the other places that are getting

Grass is lightly covered in North Royalton

Stay warm and enjoy your tea! stay warm and stay healthy! Hope you’re doing well!

The ducks flying over head if they're smart they would fly south.

Hambden really does not need any more winter

Looks like it's snowing in Grafton Christmas is here again.

Hi Andre things are warm in Az sorry..

Andre, please make winter go away :)

very light snow over here on west 98th in Cleveland

My MD's other name, Quack flying south

Like the laziest quack!!! Gathering up their territory

Flying in formation while migrating

The snow is pretty but I don't want any more

It sounds like my daughter's car!

What kind of food do they find?

I need to move down south lol

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5 days ago

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather

Another Nor'easter will affect the east coast of the U.S. Check out some of the forecast graphics! If your travel plans include any of the cities from Washington to New York and Boston, better call ahead. Meanwhile, we are far from snow-free. Initial estimates have the Belts picking up 5-7" of new snow! ...


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So glad to be getting out of Ohio! Winter should be done already!! It’s spring next week!

Samantha Berdinee 😢 can y’all catch a break ?

I'm to the point where I don't even know how to react anymore. The dogs in my condo complex are just now getting back some access to areas that were/are too deep for anything to walk through let alone do other things in. *sigh* 🤨

Susan Greene Griesmer ack!

You are the only source of weather that is showing decent temperatures on St Patrick's Day. Do you have a joint interest on getting people downtown?

Here's your Sunday evening forecast... ...


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Thanks Jen 😎 !

Hi Jenn, it’s always good to hear your forecast, enjoy the rest of your working day!

As long as there is no snow, I'm good.

We need a warm up

Looking like winter is finally on it's way out. Little by little. Ahhhhh. Can deal with this. Below freezing temperatures are hard to handle

Here's your Saturday evening forecast... ...

7 days ago

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

Honored to partner with @[199504650087085:274:United] and @[90793327844:274:The Arc of Greater Cleveland] to take children with disabilities on a test flight at CLE! ...

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