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Two CMSD schools closed due to flooding

Two CMSD schools closed due to flooding


Just one of many areas dealing with flooding today...

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Two Cleveland school campuses are closed today due to flooding. According to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the following have been closed: Heavy rains and storms caused flooding in several parts of our viewing area Sunday. Flood advisories and warnings are in effect....

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A cold start to our Saturday! But warmer weather returns this weekend. Join @BrandonOrrWx starting at 5am on @Local12 with more on the weekend & for a look ahead to when some sustained wet weather may arrive in the Tri-State. Have a good weekend! #cincywx

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Hi there. Could you please post this on your Facebook page? The Alzheimer's Association is looking to partner with some local families and businesses to help raise awareness about Alzheimer's Association through our signature fundraising event "The Longest Day." Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death and most expensive disease in America, affecting 5.7 million people and 18 million unpaid caregivers in the United States. The Alzheimer's Association provides free programs and services to families who are living with this disease including care planning, support groups, art therapy, social engagement opportunities, and training and education. The money and awareness we raise through The Longest Day helps support these crucial programs and also reminds people that they don't have to walk this journey alone. If anyone is interested in learning more about how to get involved, please comment on this post or email Hannah Volz, Special Events Manager for the Alzheimer's Association, at [email protected] Thanks so much for helping us #ENDALZ! ...

A talker would like to know. Does anyone know how much the before and after school care program is at the Y and how much it is per child if you need both before and after school care ...

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My daughter only goes in the AMs. It is $59 a week, billed bi-weekly. I think the afternoons are the same, but I am not 100% sure.

Holly is right but I was told it was$83 for both before and after care. This was just a few weeks ago too.

117 per child.

Could you please post for me? If anyone lost a glucose meter in the donut shop parking lot, we have it inside Cashland. Thank you! ...

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There’s something ironic about that! 😀

15 hours ago

Cleveland Indians

TB will start off a four-game series for us in Baltimore. He's one of our four starters with a sub-3.00 ERA (2.25, 2nd on the team). ...

TB will start off a four-game series for us in Baltimore. Hes one of our four starters with a sub-3.00 ERA (2.25, 2nd on the team).


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Talk about a big inning killer. Bases juiced, 1 out and Alonzo flies out to shallow OF. Not even a SF possibility. Then Perez flails at 3 straight pitches. Come on!!

The pitching is fine for the most part. It is the offense I'm concerned with. Brantley is our hottest hitter now. Are they trying to hit home runs, or pull the ball on every pitch? Seems like this happens every April.

Someone needs to sacrifice a live chicken to get the bats going...

Offense needs to get it together

thought the games played in PR were great. 16 innings with a loss is nothing to be ashamed of. Let's get the wins going tonight

And on 4/20 no less 😊

Tribe needs a new batting coach It's ok to swing at the first pitch especially when it's a fastball over the center of the plate - then swing at balls in the dirt!!

Does anyone know anyone hiring in Cleveland that pays multi million dollars a year and only requires you to do your job 18% of the time?

Still going with the cold excuse? Or can we just admit the hitting is trash and this team isn't going anywher

Should have signed Bruce , and picked up Longoria to play 3rd Base and Jose could play his natural position ( 2nd base ) ....they do not have enough offense !!

Maybe we should concentrate on the positive- our starting pitching is outstanding.

That's 9 times in the last 13 games we have scored 3 runs or less.. Well done guys!

One for ten with runners in scoring position. Giving games away!!

I’ve got a sinking feeling about this season. Hope I’m wrong.

Bottom of 1st, bases loaded, one out.... pop up, strike out... Team continues to be very undisciplined and poorly aggressive at the plate.

Same ole story- most unclutch bats in MLB Can’t score

Hope the team worked on bunting yesterday.

Worst hitters in the league

Lindsey Sekola. Gonna watch the game with me?

Hope they practiced bunting ! The inability to move the runner up cost them the game the other night. Fundamental part of the game

You go Trevor.....show them how the game is played.

See you this weekend!

Go Tribe ⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️🎈

Let's Go, Trev! ⚾️

Indians are quality at leaving runners stranded, disgraceful

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A misty morning on the waterfront snapped by Erik Drost / Flickr. ...

A misty morning on the waterfront snapped by Erik Drost / Flickr.


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But this is beautiful!!

It is misty but it looks beautiful.

Angel, see the comparison? <3

The mist adds a great texture to the photo.

What a beautiful city I was raised in.

How is it that Joshua Bell, among the world’s most accomplished violinists, was overlooked in the New York subway station? Let this Ted Talk explain. Don't miss Joshua Bell when he returns to the Ohio Theatre for a Special Event on May 10th! bit.ly/csobellreturnsView full lesson: ed.ted.com/lessons/what-aristotle-and-joshua-bell-can-teach-us-about-persuasion-conor-neill Imagine you are one of the world's great... ...

Video image


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2 days ago

Cleveland Indians

Cookie reached into the jar and grabbed 7 strikeouts in 7 innings last night in our Puerto Rico finale. ...


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Love how Cookie is pitching so far. Need to get the bats working! Anyone else think Napoli as a hitting coach is an idea worth exploring?

Fire Van Burkleo. Get a hitting coach that can teach/reaffirm fundamentals and consistency!

Wasted effort for a team who should spend a week with little leaguers learning to bunt the damn ball......cost them last year as well....this team cannot BUNT!

This loss and the 1-0 loss to KC sting. Gotta take advantage of these pitching performances.

Awesome performance Cookie!! 😊 That's why there's 167 games, you can't win them all!! Love ya Tribe!!!

Nice to see the Alonso signing is paying such large dividends.

Tomlin doesn't start and he still loses the game

Is there anyone on the team that can bunt? Hey Francona, bench Kipnis.

Very poor fundamental baseball by the Tribe last night. Our pitchers deserved better.

I miss the Jason Kipnis who was very good at the game of baseball once.

Although it would've been great to take both games, a split seemed ok with the hometown sons on each team contributing to a win during this special series. I just hope our boys can recover for this weekend as I remember it took a while to re-sync from the last marathon inning game! So rest-up guys and come back swinging and stealing on Friday! Love this team.😍 Go Tribe!! (PS: also best thoughts go out to Mike Napoli...🤕💌)

Kudos to Cleveland Indians for donating to help people in Puerto Rico.🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷Thankful!

It was fustrating seeing so many runner's in scoring position and they couldn't capitalize.. They had that game!!

An amazing performance by Cookie.

Tito keeps changeing pitchers till he finds a bad one to bad a releiver can't pitch more than one inning o and by the way they still can't BUNT

Frustrating watching these guys not hit! Same as in the layoffs last year.....this is why our pitchers get injured and

Great job Cookie...it's all good😊

Amazing pitching all around!!!

the lack of hitting and bunting in those situations is a definite head shaker. Tomlin giving up 3 hits in a row, all with 2 strikes on the hitters is also perplexing. There is no reason we should have lost last night. Get at it Baltimore!! GO TRIBE!

Long inning games are tough. We didn’t have any arms left in the bullpen so what do you expect. If there was armed we didn’t use and that was McAllister.

Please practice bunting.

I think the Bad News Bears could bunt better than this whole team. Get back on practicing how to bunt.

It’s a shame to waste such excellent pitching - not winning games due to poor hitting. Our bench is weak.

Need to learn how to manufacture runs, not wait for the long ball 😥

no offense, but there has to be a better way to spend your life than watching a 5 hour game with a total of 3 scores.

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3 days ago

Cleveland Indians

Yes, last night really happened. These guys left the yard four times last night. #RallyTogether ...


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What a moment not only for baseball, but for the PR players as well. First game there in 8 years? Important moment in baseball history, in human history...just amazing.

Well that was PATHETIC! Terrible fundamentals. As good as they looked last night, they look that bad tonight!

I don’t see anyone talking about how they can’t hit the ball anymore

Really enjoyed the game last night. Congrats to Frankie and the whole team. Hope to see Perez catching tonight.

I really enjoy these event games like MLB games in PR or Japan, or the NHL outdoor games. The crowd in HB Stadium was amazing. Great night for baseball. I hope the Tribe wins tonight, but it will be fun to hear the fans cheering for Barrios.

Are they going to be able to play tonight? Apparently there’s no power in San Juan.

It was one of the greatest games to watch last night. The way that stadium erupted with Frankie's homer was astounding. Any reports on the game happening tonight? Just saw that Puerto Rico has an island wide power blackout?!

The Jake better start sounding like Puerto Rico... amazing crowd last night

What I love about this series is that no team has the upper hand by playing in their own stadiums. Both teams have to rely on all the talent they have! Love what the guys did last night! FRANKIE is amazing!!

I was there. Words won't do it justice. My team. My homeland. Glorious.

I wish that the amazing team of Cleveland Indias after they left from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico they could come back soon as posible. Because we need joyfuls times like what we have last night and times like we gonna have today watching the best baseball in the world @mlb and also the great team of the Indians. #Lindor #PUERTORICOSERIES 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

Watching Frankie hit that home run was so awesome. His Momma was so proud. I love him.

Hit four homers yesterday and can't get a bunt down tonight. Shameful! Can't always win by hitting homers all of the time. As for the series in Puerto Rico, I am happy for the people of Puerto Rico to get a chance to witness a game of baseball. With the struggles from the devastating effects of the hurricane last year, they deserve to be able to have baseball again.

I was excited about being able to watch them on TV. I live in southern Ohio and we constantly have the Reds games on. I'd rather watch the Indians year round over the Reds

Fantastic game “my wish and prayer is they do everything humanly possible to KEEP FRANKIE IN THE INDIANS ⚾️⚾️

Last night was magical and Lindor...he made himself a memory he will never forget. Looking forward to tonighs game.

guys could you please update us even when we lose? It would be great...we lost tonight by the way in many many extra innings to the twins.

Awesome game. I loved the ovation for Lindor! His mom was so proud!

I was so happy to see Frankie be the 1st one to score, especially with a home run. I teared up right along with him.

It was a real pleasure to watch Lindor! I had goosebumps on my arms and legs. I was really excited for him! It was great to watch him around the base paths and how excited he was, and don’t forget his super duper smile! Now GO TRIBE!

Then the next night, couldn’t lay a single BUNT DOWN! For the love of god bunts are basic fundamentals of baseball!!!

if you're gonna make a statement Vs your biggest competition is the best time to do it lol keep up the hustle boys the Twins are right up there with us for 1st place! #ScalpEm #GoTribe

Keep it going, boys!!! Looking forward to a great season that culminates into a championship for Cleveland!

The rockets red glare bombs were bursting in air gave proof throughout the night that the Tribe was there Lindor J.Ramirez, Brantley Alonso all providing the power surge.

Great game and exciting HR for Lindor. Can’t wait for the commemorative autograph card for charity Topps is doing today. #ToppsNOW

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3 days ago

Cleveland Indians

Puerto Rico was hot. Our bats were hotter. ...


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Seemed that the Puerto Rico Fans loved the Tribe and the crowd was in it all the way til the end. Loved seeing all the Tribe players and staff give back. Lindor was in heaven and his mama was so proud.

I nominate Puerto Rico as capital of Ohio. Y’all are fam for life now.

We need to lock up Lindor for ever! He should always be an Indian.

I hope that Major League Baseball will play more games in Puerto Rico. I am sure that all of the players, coaches, etc. enjoyed playing in the warmer weather, especially with the cold days in March, April, and May here in Cleveland.

It was like a home game, Cleveland loves you Puerto Rico :)

I ❤ the crowd's curtain call! Thank you Puerto Rico!

Love the passion of the Puerto Rican fans!! We need that energy all the time

Thank you for all the good comments about us (Puerto Ricans). We love the baseball and we are very passionated with our people. Today is my turn to assist for first time to a MLB game, AND IS MY FAVORITE TEAM!!! Is great to live this after the bad months we are livings after the hurricane.

Tonight was MAGICAL. All i can say. #Gotribe #Lindor

I’ve never seen so many people love one person so much. It was awesome to see in person!

Wayyyyy to go guys! My favorite was the back to back home runs by Ramirez and Brantley! That was awesome!

Love this...thank you Puerto Rico for your contagious love of baseball...the same as us...:)

A game we will never forget. The love in Puerto Rico was astounding. We definitely gave them the love back. So glad we were able to help a county in such need financially, mentally and graciously. Such a little thing meant so much to them that we take for granted every day! So terribly proud of our TRIBE.

I wonder if the stands registered seismic activity when Lindor hit that home run! Love you Puerto Rico

Thanks for all the great comments! It make us feel loved. Thanks for your support to our kid Lindor! Well I'm going to confess something with you, I'm a Mets fan since I was a kid, but for all your beautiful comments and your support Indians fans, you make me feel in love for the Tribe!!! Go Indians!!!!! (In the AL...😉)

Lindor is something special. A baseball legend in the making. Everyone talks about witnessing Lebron's greatness..... We are all witness to what Lindor is bringing to the Tribe! GO TRIBE!

What a great night for the Tribe, for Baseball and the Puerto Rican fans. Wonderful to see Franky's home run and the joy his mother had in her son.

Im so proud to be Puerto Rican and to be U.S. Citizen!! We Puerto Rican are gonna be there for every sport, singer etc we support our people win or loose and we are gonna be there for the Usa too.

It is so nice to see the Puertorrican/American people having fun at the game. After a devastating storm mangle the Island 🌴 it is nice to see them happy and having a good time. Go Tribu-Go Indians.

You guys are the best!!! What a fun game that was...for the crowd especially!!! Thanks!!! They (and we) really needed that!!! Onward and upward!! See you all later!! Love love love.....

... sizzling ... but Lindor's home run gave me the shivers .. great game ... the boys of summer were at home ... nice move MLB and Tribe!

Alright I'll say it. The back to back homers was fantastic. I think that my favorite was Yonder. He hit it above and Yonder😀 Also Kluber was a pitching Juggernaut last night, but I was bum out that Encarnacion didn't​ hit one out the ball park. Man, I was rooting for him. It was great to see Miller out there as well

This is so awesome! Way to go to raise money for hurricane victims and allow team players to see their families, too!

I hate that they added the commentary to these. The app used to have these with just the sounds of the game. It was awesome.

Loved watching the game last night- everyone, especially Lindor, looked like they were really enjoying the fans and the game. It doesn't hurt that he hit a 2 run homer and that my beloved Indians WON! GO TRIBE

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