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Uber to pay $245 million to settle Waymo's theft allegations

Uber to pay $245 million to settle Waymo's theft allegations


The surprise settlement announced Friday came as lawyers for Uber and Waymo, a company hatched from Google, prepared to wrap up the first week of a trial that had attracted international attention.

Uber is paying $245 million to Google's self-driving car spinoff to end a legal brawl that aired out allegations of a sinister scheme that tore apart the once-friendly companies.

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Students at Westlake High School have staged a walk out to honor the 17 people who lost their lives in the Parkland school shooting

Pilot killed in plane crash in San Diego https://t.co/tPJiqZI0uR

More than 500 people have responded to our call to learn more about a program we, at https://t.co/a4YA4W2Cro, believe will greatly assist people living in poverty. https://t.co/slsh3iTLFg

Students at Westlake High School hold a walkout protest in recognition of the lost lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 students and staff members were killed. Watch live here: https://t.co/BinpsTSB1g

Wendy Williams diagnosed with Graves' Disease, announces show hiatus.

PHOTOS | The Rev. Billy Graham https://t.co/QFu2fTqgiR

🍺+🍞= a delicious and savory treat for any meal! https://t.co/b4dafhsSh7

Just in 🚨 @ChristHospital's CEO is stepping down this year https://t.co/3b5Q6v0D9d

The NYT: The students are being portrayed not as grief-ridden survivors but as pawns and conspiracists intent on exploiting a tragedy to undermine the nation’s laws. https://t.co/Xsq80iefsm

JUST IN: "I have a student who shot himself in the bathroom. He has a strong pulse but I need an ambulance.” 911 call released from Jackson middle school. LISTEN: https://t.co/3EoTzdFaGT

I've got significant #Buckeyes postgame notebook. A fast start, special starting lineups, injury updates on C.J. Jackson and Kaleb Wesson, KBD's rough shooting night, Andrew Dakich on returning to #Michigan and so much more: https://t.co/A8Du9277Gx

And don't miss @atomicphoto's fantastic #Buckeyes photo gallery: https://t.co/ra8FXb0kJg

Scott Harrington playing with some confidence for the Columbus Blue Jackets ... Boone Jenner cleans up in first... https://t.co/NCJnNXm8Dr

And hey #Buckeyes fans, I'm recording a new @BuckeyeXtra basketball podcast at 12:30 and I'll happily answer any questions you might have.

So looking at the Big Ten tournament, the #Buckeyes can be no lower than a No. 3 seed and could still capture the No. 1 seed. The 3 seed gets the late game and would make me unhappy.

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WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland

Students at Lakewood and Westlake High Schools are holding an outdoor moment of silence to call on tougher gun laws. ...


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Good for you guys stand up

shout out

SoCal here

shout out plss.

Good job! Report all warnings, dangers. You did the right thing. It's the corrupt law enforcement agencies that ignore where the problem lies.🇺🇸🇺🇸🚨❤🚨🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙❤

Good way to make kids easy targets or easy for a shooting. Different ways to make a point than this.

Ohio can make a difference by VOTING!!! I pray that Ohio make a change

Yay !! Love you and support you !!


Let the children lead, they’ll be future voters and leaders.

What city in Cleveland?

I am tired of seeing signs that say no more thoughts and prayers,


be the start of change for your future!

Shut your mouth and dribble !

I've been keeping an eye on my guns, they haven't moved. This is a mental health is he not a gun issue. What part of shall not be infringed have they not taught you in school?

Umm ok. Go do something more then holding signs!

Westlake and Lakewood

This is a great sight to me!!! Keep it going young people!!! God Bless you all!!!!

👏👏👏 BE the change!

God forbid when this generation begins voting


I’m so proud of you guys!! You’ve got my support 100%

Steve what are they going to do to make change...they are kids they cant even vote.

Be sage young ladies and men, and keep up the good work.

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RIP Billy Graham. on.wkyc.com/2CaW2QS ...

RIP Billy Graham. http://on.wkyc.com/2CaW2QS


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Billy seemed like a good guy. His legacy and name is being destroyed by his morally bankrupt, do-anything-for-power son. Too bad.

Welcome home Billy.

R.I.P u will be missed


R.I.P Billy Graham

Amen. R.i.p.

Rest in Paradise😇💜



1 day ago

Only In Columbus

Winter sure does look good on Ohio State! Photo by @katieemmonsphotography / Instagram. ...

Winter sure does look good on Ohio State! Photo by @katieemmonsphotography / Instagram.


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Check out our Instagram for more awesome shots of Columbus! www.instagram.com/onlyincolumbus/

Might look good but not good to live and walk in! Give me blue skies, sunshine and warmth! Pam Lea

My first office at OSU was on the second floor of this building directly above the front door. I had a great view of the Oval and the library.

My first class at OSU was at 8 am on the top floor-whew!

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