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Why Eggs May Be To Blame For This Year's Flu Vaccine Flop

Why Eggs May Be To Blame For This Year's Flu Vaccine Flop


The shot has been found to be very ineffective this year—but what do chicken eggs have to do with it?

This flu conundrum will really scramble your mind: chicken eggs may be at least partially to blame for this really bad flu season! In recent studies from Australia and Canada, the flu shot was shown…

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“For the last week I am scared to go to school, work and live my life”

Students at Westlake High School have staged a walk out to honor the 17 people who lost their lives in the Parkland school shooting

Pilot killed in plane crash in San Diego https://t.co/tPJiqZI0uR

More than 500 people have responded to our call to learn more about a program we, at https://t.co/a4YA4W2Cro, believe will greatly assist people living in poverty. https://t.co/slsh3iTLFg

Students at Westlake High School hold a walkout protest in recognition of the lost lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 students and staff members were killed. Watch live here: https://t.co/BinpsTSB1g

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Wendy Williams diagnosed with Graves' Disease, announces show hiatus.

Trump says more must be done to protect children after Florida school shooting: https://t.co/UDUVlZIQzC

The NYT: The students are being portrayed not as grief-ridden survivors but as pawns and conspiracists intent on exploiting a tragedy to undermine the nation’s laws. https://t.co/Xsq80iefsm

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JUST IN: "I have a student who shot himself in the bathroom. He has a strong pulse but I need an ambulance.” 911 call released from Jackson middle school. LISTEN: https://t.co/3EoTzdFaGT

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LIVE: Students rally for action on gun violence in Tallahassee, FL. nbc4i.co/2HyWEiF ...


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Now bring on the crisis actors

Handle security in schools

Where are the children?

Come on people guns need to be gone from the hands of bad peopld


These kids are amazing! So very proud of them!

Where are the Students?

No agenda... solutions...use what our politicians use for their protection... Democrats and Republican's have armed security...

what is wonderful is that these young adults will be voting, some in 2018 and most in 2020

What a crock!!!


We pray for all students god bless you

No..libs failed them

@sheri Thomas yes!


Guns don't kill people eating soap dose

Where is David Hogg? He’s had a busy week being a “victim”

Teaching kids to walk out of school is letting them down and dropping the ball.

Democrat politicians have armed security.


This is great!! Stand up! Don't back down!!

Teach them gun safety and mental health issues and awareness

Wonder how many of those kids ate laundry pods before going.....

1sr all, figure out what an assault rifle is....

Seems to be a little more about their agenda than the students

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17 minutes ago


Jack Doles is talking to American freestyle skier Maggie Voisin. #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics ...

1 hour ago

The Columbus Dispatch

Come have a beer with us!

Beers with the DMG EditorsFebruary 22, 2018, 5:00pmOhio Expo Center & State FairWe want you to grab a beer and join editors from ThisWeek Community News and the Columbus Dispatch in our inaugural "Beers with the DMG Editors" event. Share your story ideas, discuss what's been in the news and put a face to the names you see in each edition of the paper.

Join us in the Bricker Building's "Simple Bath Stage" area at the Ohio Expo Center and State Fair, 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus.

More details about the event will be released as we get closer to the event.

Beers with the DMG Editors

1 hour ago


Students in Florida have walked out of class to protest gun violence. nbc4i.co/2EJbjtw ...


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Students in Florida have walked out of class to protest gun violence.

I can't believe some of these comments. These kids have every right to protest. They have voices that deserve to be heard. I would support my kids 100% if they took part in this. Shame on those of you that are so heartless.

There's a time and a place ~ the middle of class is neither. And how about instead of protesting guns, they protest irresponsible parenting? They've been through a horrible, HORRIBLE tragedy, but this is not the answer.

And I hope you all know that David Hogg was not a student at that High School he was a paid crisis actor he graduated from a high school in California

The problem is not the guns! It’s the people who are pulling the trigger!

Listen to the stories of the survivors in Parkland. They are NOT doing this just to miss class. Listen to their STORIES, not what the NRA and Fox news tells you.

smh This accomplishes nothing. It two weeks it will be forgotten and the liberals will have to think of something new to divid our country.

You people putting down these kids for standing for something they believe strongly about are the problem smh

So let’s walk out into a open area And give someone a better target with nothing to protect us Incase someone wants to open fire again

Put armed officers in all schools and arm the teachers. Now go back to class and get an education. Nothing will be done by you standing outside making demands.

They are trying to stand up so this will never again happen. It’s not all about politics it’s about standing up for their rights to feel safe at school!

Of course conservatives don't like it. Your crazy shooter caused it. You crazy pres ignored it your bought and paid for politicians don't want to address it and we are sick of it

Mean while people are actually dying by the thousands on roads, i hospitals and leaving bars and vape joints - no one cares to protest....

They should spend this time reading the constitution and learning how laws are created. Or even better, put the phones down & talk to each other & maybe make a friend of “the weird kid”

Bane the assualt weapon with high capacity magaziens and National backround chek system security concern National .

Why would you suspend them??? They just watched their classmates die in front of them and walked over their bodies to run for freedom!!! They have a voice! Good for them

Why suspend? This is more important than what our so called government walks out on or thinks they can stop because of their whiny a&& selves

Walk out of school to protest the FBI dropping the ball. They and the local PD were warned and were well aware of how dangerous this guy was.

These are kids, who have just witnessed something so tragic most of us cannot comprehend. Let them deal with it however they need to!

And school officials just let them? I mean what happens if there were to be another shooter just waiting for this to happen. They all would be targets now. 😢

Congratulations you all failed this semester now you get to repeat the same grade next year maybe then you'll learn something.

where are the parents and how many schools were bused in all activities paid for by the Democrats and Goerge Clooney

I would be protesting the government that was repeatedly warned about the shooter and ignored that information.If they had listened to the citizens this would not have happened.

How about working to secure your school !!! And get back to learning the facts of this situation. Poor excuse to skip school 😡

You people who are criticizing these students need to shut the hell up! You certainly don't have the temerity and fortitude that they have!

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Truer words were never spoken! ...

Truer words were never spoken!


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O H!!!!!

Love my Buckeyes


Go Bucks!

The road to the championship goes through the Shoe!


Erica Furman, Jason Margolis, David Salomons, Linda Goldberg Salomons

Lee Beck

Steve Deibel

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