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Woman crashes into Ohio yoga studio, suffers critical injuries

Woman crashes into Ohio yoga studio, suffers critical injuries


Cleveland police say the Jaws of Life were used to free the woman from the wreckage Sunday morning.

A driver who crashed through the front door of a yoga studio in downtown Cleveland is being treated for critical injuries.

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16 minutes ago

Cleveland Indians

Home runs come in all shapes and sizes, as shown by our three to beat the Cubs last night. ...


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Hope Andy Miller is ok!

The bats are warming up!!..Who will hit the next one???

Brantley stay healthy.

Great game guys!

Is it just me or are the white uniforms the best looking?


can't wait to see the Indians beat the Cubbies next mo in Chitown!

Our Pic of the Week is of our incredible tulips by abracadabra616. Upload your Zoo photos to Facebook or Instagram with #cincyzoopic to be considered next week! ...

Our Pic of the Week is of our incredible tulips by abracadabra616.  Upload your Zoo photos to Facebook or Instagram with #cincyzoopic to be considered next week!


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I hope all Those gorgeous blooms are still there Sunday!

Abbey Monnier !!!!




Laura Speck Emmons!!

Shane Turner

Another reason (besides Fiona) to travel to Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

I can't love this enough! I admire the skills of your landscaping team, I hope to grow such beautiful flowers myself someday.

10 hours ago

Cleveland Indians

Can confirm winning feels pretty good. ...


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And when the browns start the draft tonight with picking Barkley #1, it'll be a trifecta of winning.

I know the circumstances are WAY different this time around... but still... it felt REALLY good to beat the Cubs in Cleveland!!

What a night for Cleveland. LeBron makes 2 of the greatest plays at the end of the game and the tribe wins.

Don't look now, but Trevor Bauer is quickly becoming one of the top pitchers in the league!

Miller looks like a pulled or strained hammy. All be missing Brian Shaw right about now

Does this mean we all can go rub it in the Cubs faces on their Facebook page like they do?

was that a mario coin sound effect after the HRs? if so, that's amazing.

Love getting the W. Still hope the hitting comes around for everyone. Homers are great, but getting the smaller hits can produce runs, too.

Gotta love EE homerun trot!!

Guy with a broken neck. Manning: "That's gonna be an E right there."

Tito said after the game that Miller was getting an MRI tomorrow but it didnt seem serious

Finally,some run support for Bauer!...now let's see some for Kluber!

Cleveland Indians wins, and LeBron Cluch Wins.. Excellent 💪💪

Bauer pitching a gem against a Cubs lineup that can be tough, as we saw on Tuesday night. Tomlin has got to go somewhere -- either in the bullpen or to another team. Cookie, Bauer, Kluber, and Clev are machines. One more solid starter and an alarm clock for the bats away from being a major force.

Nick Kline, here is a recap in case you missed it. I hope you die.

Feels good for everyone minus the guy that about near broke his neck going for a foul ball.

Indians Win, Cavaliers Win! What a great day for our city

I noticed Margie Carroll-Venetico isn't posting comments on this page tonight. Her and her W flag are no where to be seen.

For the weather conditions our boys rocked it tonight! I just hope Miller is ok! XOXOXO to him. ⚾❤⚾❤⚾

Go Tribe...Go Cavs...it's Cleveland's Night...& tomorrow The Browns get first pick in NFL Draft...GO TEAMS!!!

Cool..Both Cleveland Teams Won❣❣

Bauer said the F word Bauer said the F word! I love when he gets riled up!

Trim the fat and only use Tom Hamilton calling the game

Good to see the bats woke up & Bauer was solid. What’s up with Miller? Who isn’t on the DL? lol

Way to go Indians both our teams took wins !!!!

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15 hours ago

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Happy World Penguin Day! 5 of 17 species of penguins are endangered: rockhopper, erect-crested penguin, yellow-eyed penguin, African penguin & Galápagos penguin. You can see two of these species here at the Zoo. The Cincinnati Zoo is helping to save penguins through the support of SANCCOB: cincinnatizoo.org/conservation/field-projects/african-penguins/ ...

Happy World Penguin Day!  5 of 17 species of penguins are endangered: rockhopper, erect-crested penguin, yellow-eyed penguin, African penguin & Galápagos penguin. You can see two of these species here at the Zoo.  The Cincinnati Zoo is helping to save penguins through the support of SANCCOB: http://cincinnatizoo.org/conservation/field-projects/african-penguins/


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Lauren Sweet

Cheyenne... tell Declan.

Handsome bird

Where is Cookie?

So handsome


Elizabeth Crowder you will have to show this to McKenzie🙂

Gwen Hatter😍

Heidi V. Neal

Jen-ny Davis

Rockhoppers are my favorite penguin. I even have a tattoo of one.

Monica Rodgers Kelli Davis!!

Handsome fellow

Hi there

Eileen Daly 🐧

Emily Williams

Fascinating creatures.

Morgan Dub Susie Litman

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16 hours ago

Ohio National Guard

Training the next generation of cyber warriors is hard work, but it's so much fun. Students from across Ohio faced challenges and captured flags during todays Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee’s competition at Cleveland State University. Thank you to all the competitors! ...

Training the next generation of cyber warriors is hard work, but its so much fun. Students from across Ohio faced challenges and captured flags during todays Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee’s competition at Cleveland State University. Thank you to all the competitors!

16 hours ago

Ohio National Guard

There is NEVER any excuse for sexual violence! Wear you denim 👖 today to show your support for survivors. ...

There is NEVER any excuse for sexual violence! Wear you denim 👖 today to show your support for survivors.


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This is just silly! People wear denim every day. Many wear nothing but denim.

19 hours ago

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Happy World Penguin Day! There are 5 species of penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo: king penguins, rockhopper penguins, Magellanic penguins, little penguins & African penguins. We’re live at Wings of the World. Submit your questions below! #BirdsAreAwesome #FBLive #WorldPenguinDay ...


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That one you keep feeding us getting the most he’s smart I’ll just stay here

This was my step-mom's favorite exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo... so...this ones for you Nance. <3

Love penguins my favorite hockey team is Pittsburgh Penguins

Amanda Emiko happy world penguin day 😍🐧

No the bird is from the same habitat as the penguins in the wild

Do they seem to respond to people on the other side if the glass?

Love them, so precious. Eat up that herring little ones.

They say never do live tv with animals

The chinstraps are so tiny ... are they babies

What’s the temperature they can live in

So cute how they stand in line for their fish and then move over for the next guy...cute.🐧

Theyre standing in line for their fish 💜💜💜

There is an echo due to the room he is in

Do all the different species get along

No rivalry between the different groups?

Can they live in a house or backyard ?

Hope all goes well with breeding and growing l

Thanks kelly wish this was closed caption

I see the cute little short one

Which one has the name Cosby ???

How do you make sure they all get fed?

Feed the little ones too

Happy Penguin Day🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

Jack Hughes they have 5 species of penguin. Pretty sure Cincinnati is all zoo

Shasta Perkins Happy world penguin day!

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20 hours ago

Ohio Division of Wildlife

The Ohio Ornithological Society (OOS) is now accepting signups for guided beginner birding tours during the International Migratory Bird Day weekend, which begins May 4th!

The OOS, in cooperation with the ODNR Division of Wildlife, will be conducting the guided bird walks May 12th and 13th at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. These outings are targeted at novice or new birding enthusiasts and help people who are new to birding get better acquainted with the beauty of birds.

The walks on May 12th will be held at 8:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 2:30 p.m. and the walks on May 13th will be held at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Learn more and register: ow.ly/Ojh630jFzEj

Lots of activity at Hippo Cove. Hippos can't actually float or swim. They push off the bottom and propel themselves to the surface for air. Adult hippos can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes. ...


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Yanna Medzz

Lisa Larson

Looks like they are enjoying the day.

these are the most active hippos i have ever seen.

Bridget McNabb

Teagan Renee

Love ❤

Fiona is so adorable. 🙂

Alona Nancy

Ernie Petru it is our girl!

Playing tag? Lolol

Holly Noll, I hope you and the rest of your class is getting to see Fiona today! :)

Keli Gundrum Ashley Carpenter Heather Rachele Gore Korey Dawson

That little one is just too darn cute!!!

Someone is happy to be outside she seems like she is a very playful mood today. She knows her public awaits her. Love her.

Rebekah Daly

Matthew Whaley

Jeremy Solomons

Hippos might not be able to swim but our beloved Fiona is trying to prove that wrong....

Jeremy Salem Geller

Sharon Dietz I wish I was there right now instead of studying for finals

BiFi are the bomb diggitty ❤❤❤❤

So cute 😊💜

Look at her go

Kevin Welch

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23 hours ago

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Happy World Penguin Day! We’re live with the newest little penguin chick! #fblive ...


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Do you have a hug-a-fluffy-orphan-critter program?! I’d sign up!

I will give you $50 bucks for that penguin

What species of penguin is he/she?

Oh my...so very cute....love the baby chic

I hope to be down there in May. It's a 4 hour drive. I would love to meet the penguin. My heart is Fiona. I can't wait to see her.

Things that make a day instantly better... a penguin chick!


Ellen & Paige - it's "Mr. Perfect" the little penguin chick! haha <3 :D

"Popper"🐧 is a cute name and could be either boy or girl...so darn cute!"

Here comes the airplain lol

You are so good with him. Allergic and yet so sweetly caring. I just love watching the staff at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Omg stoppppp Brett Bourdage I’ve always wanted to go to cin zoo they have awesome penguins! Pleaseeee🙏🏼🐧random weekend getaway idea *cough cough* 😉

Keep the name as a nickname, call him Curt Hennig, or just Curt, if you want a more human name. One day he/she’ll grow up to be the first penguin to suplex another penguin.

Gotta go, thanks for sharing this sweet ball of floof! Hope to see him/her at Zoo Babies starting next month!

My almost one year old's favorite animal is the penguin!! That penguin is so cute!!

Cole Zuber Kelsea Gates uh oh!!! <3 also there is nothing about 0:19 that is special, just trying to tag the video in general

Do any of the penguins in your zoo go back into the wild?

Omg I was so lucky to pet a penguin last year.... I want to pet a baby one!!!!

How is his personality, is he playful or shy?

I love fuzzy baby penguins. Can I come hold him?

My very favorite species of penguin!!!

They are such a beautiful animals....

A penguin chick is the softest thing I have ever touched.

Such a sweet little fluff ball! ❤️ penquins!

So adorable!!! I just wanna love him up!!

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24 hours ago

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Howard Marsh Metropark, one of the largest wetlands restoration projects in Ohio’s history, opens to the public this weekend!Today, Metroparks Toledo along with our Board of Commissioners, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Division of Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Black Swamp Bird Observatory dedicated Howard Marsh to the citizens of Lucas County.

Join us this Saturday for the Howard Marsh Metropark Grand Opening!

Howard Marsh Metropark, one of the largest wetlands restoration projects in Ohio’s history, opens to the public this weekend!

We're going with TB for our two-game series finale tonight. Trevor's one of four Tribe pitchers with an ERA under 3.00 (2.67). ...

Were going with TB for our two-game series finale tonight. Trevors one of four Tribe pitchers with an ERA under 3.00 (2.67).


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Everyone has an off night. It’s a long season and there are bound to be disappointing games. Go Tribe.

I was for Tomlin as the 5 coming in because he's usually a consistent .500 pitcher with a 4 something era. But I can admit when I'm wrong his fastball is garbage it's literally batting practice speed for these hitters. Salazar, Merritt at this point I don't care just not him.

And Jay Bruce goes 3-5 with 2 homers for the Mets last night ....geez !! Should have signed him !!

We are playing the Cubs, not TB

Great another cubs drumming of us!!

Be tough Trevor! Better not give up more than 2 runs. We'll be lucky to score 2. Too many holes in our offense. Lindor, Kip, EE....Lindor has forgotten patience.

Let’s hope the bats come alive tonight. Time to sit Kipnis. There’s got to be another infielder waiting in the wings that can at least bat .250 right?

The rotation of Kluber, Carrasco, Bauer and Clevinger are tops in the league. Tomlin must go. He's the weak link in the rotation. The Tribe needs to trade him, release him or just take him to a pawn shop.

That pitching line up looked pretty similar to spring training game. Played just as bad too. Rough nite last night, let's #GoTribe #RallyTogether

Sorry, Cubs, batting practice is over.

Hope Bauer is pumped tonight. As much as I like Tomlin, I think it is time to get a new starter and let Tomlin relief.

Let’s redeem ourselves boys! Get them bats going too.

Ready for a Bauer outage tonight!!! GO TRIBE!!!

Let's erase last night from our memories and win tonight.

Not Tomlin means we have a good chance!

Let's talk about that other pitcher for a minute lol

Bauer's just going to see if he can do any worse then Tomlin. So much for getting revenge on the team that stole our Series win. Sad.

How bout some hitting? Can we maybe get like 6 or 7 runs. Or maybe if there's a guy on 2nd with less than 2 outs driving him in, doesn't even have to be a home run.

If the,bats,aren't going to be effective tonight I'd rather have another rainout. Hopefully one bad day won't snowball into a losing streak.

Hopefully they’ll score you enough runs home slice. Can’t win a game when you can’t score more runs than them. Dam, that was simple.

Go Trevor and the TRIBE!

Hopefully we score some runs for him .

Please don’t over think Bauer. Trust your stuff!!! And offense, give him some run support!

He has the advantage of not being named Josh ;)

And our fifth one is almost at 10 now.....

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2 days ago

Cleveland Indians

Good news: We get to play more baseball tomorrow. ...

Good news: We get to play more baseball tomorrow.


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We have one bad game and you all freak out. Its still April and we are in first place and the only team in the central over 500. Take a deep breath you guys.

A handful of runs away from being dead last in runs scored in all of baseball. Shout out to the Dolans for letting Santana and Bruce walk!

Salazar needs to heal up so we can move Tomlin to the bullpen already. 80% Salazar is better than 100% Tomlin.

All bs aside. If my Cubbies can't do it, I would LOVE to see the Tribe win it all! Hang in there fans. Get your offense going and you will be making another push for the W.S. no doubt.

Another great outing by Grandpa Tomlin. I swear, if Indians brass could have a healthy Randy Johnson or Tomlin, they would select Tomlin. Mark my words, he'll have a great game next game, but go back to normal crappy ways. Merritt or Salazar will take Tomlin's place I hope. Tomlin is easiest pitcher I'm league to hit. Great character guy, buy that doesn't get you wins.

Shoot, glad there is some good news. I know this is not a popular opinion, but I have no faith in Tito and I wish the options at manager weren't so scarce and uproven in the MLB at this time. At the very least, the front office needs to take Tito to task and fire VanBurkLeo! THIS CAN't HAPPEN!

Tomlin has to go !!! Its nearly a loss every time out for him! The weak link in the rotation. Bullpen is not the same in years past either. The loss of Smith and Shaw is being felt. A trade needs to happen for bullpen and offensive help.

Finally signed Melky he should be good upgrade over about 3 of current out fielders. Sure glad McAllister is free agent at years end. I have seen enough of his messes. Bel isle needs to go also!

I think Tomlinson, Mac and the lady pitcher should all be on a short rope. Only Ramirez is hitting the rest of the team gets a hit every 3rd day. They have the talent but right now they are not showing it.

Good news, at least 5 days before Tomlin gives up more homers...

Love this team win or lose....Besides, a loss for every three or four wins is still pretty darn good!!!! Off nights happen especially in April in Cleveland! Let's get 'em tomorrow then forget about 'em and move on...GO TRIBE!!!!!😘

Why is Tomlin still on the team? Guy is straight trash. I’d say Salazar but he’s so mentally fragile he got hurt again watching Tomlin pitch. And looks like our hitting was top notch again. When we gonna get a real hitting coach?

No problem, it is only 1 game. We are still in 1st place in our division. The goal is to stay in 1st and make the playoffs. Then look out!!!

Go Tribe. Hitting will come around. Pitching and defense have been mostly outstanding this year. Hang in there boys. Keep your head up and keep working hard. It will come together soon.

Not pretty but lets get them tommorrow. Once our bats warm up we will be okay, hoping like the weather the warming comes soon

Everyone is swing for the fences. Base hits boys. And if Kip is gonna watch 2 strikes go by and then swing at one in the dugout the rest of the season I’ll keep my money and stay home

Tribe better wake up. Scoring 1-2 runs a game and not hitting will soon lead to a long season. Tomlin on the other hand is another story.

Alright, three pitchers had a rough outing. That's still only one loss. Maybe it's a good thing, they can watch what happened and make adjustments.

Why do they even let T-Ball Tommy start anymore it's like watching the same bad movie over and over gezzzzz !

There are a couple of starters in Columbus with decent enough ERA's that might warrant consideration to try as 5th starters. Plutko in particular has a respectable walk to strikeout ratio. It might be worth a shot.

Tomlin is trash . I don’t ever say negative things about my team but he’s bad. I knew him and McAllister would be suspect but this is ridiculous. Send him back to the minor leagues I beg you .

That game was lethargic/complacent. It was nice to watch a game that had some hitting in it though. I hate to say it but thanks for hitting the ball Cubs. (Actually, I knew this would happen) these boys think they’re 420’ hitters. More like 420’ holes in their swings.

The Indians definitely need to look high and low for to improve the hitting! They're always all or nothing at bats!

The Indians are going to have to accept soon that none of their bullpen pitchers are capable of stepping into Shaw's role, even by committee. OTOH, the Little Sisters of the Poor could win the AL Central, so what's the motivation for doing anything about it?

The team that always makes moves and listens to their fans just stomped you again cuz we insist on dumpster diving every year and letting talent walk.

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2 days ago

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

And one more makes four. We welcomed our newest orphaned manatee, Daphne, early this morning. She has spent the day getting used to her 3 new pool mates, Miles, Matthew & Pippen, and all seems to be going swimmingly. To learn more about Daphne's story click here…http://cincinnatizoo.org/blog/2018/04/24/cincinnati-zoo-takes-another-orphaned-manatee-rehabilitation/ ...


Comment on Facebook

Sara Streibick

You guys are simply amazing. Thank you for bringing the world's attention to rescues and conservation. Oh, and that hippo... What a great job with her! <3

Jesse Sturm

love her name that was my momma's name also.

She's in the best hands...

So great to see her join the group and feel safe enough to hang close to them and swim a lot. What you are doing is fantastic!

Katie Elizabeth

will they still be there in August?

Welcome to our Cincinnati Zoo, Daphne! We will love watching you and your new 3 new pool mates! 😘

Sommer Bowers Hynes

Welcome to Cincinnati, Daphne!!!

Tina Creech awh

Sean Chapman yep, we totally missed them 🤷🏻‍♀️

For a moment, I read that first name as Niles, and I thought "How adorable they have a Daphne and Niles!" lol

You are amazing. These animals are so lucky to be sent to our zoo

Bless her heart....

Tonya Wells Dexter would be in heaven. ❤️

Madelyn Kate Emmett

Megan Posge probably why it was closed today!

Chris Bowen

😍😍😍 completely obsessed with these beauties!

Great work!

Michelle Berning now there are 4 manatees!

She’s gonna rule the roost!

Cathy, look at these! We need to make our road trip arrangements!

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2 days ago

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Your Wild Ohio - Hunter
Biologists recorded three popular forest game bird species displaying simultaneously in Waterloo Wildlife Area in Athens County. The American woodcock, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey each have slightly different preferences regarding forest age and structure. The presence of all three species within earshot suggests this area is providing a diverse mix of high quality forest habitat types. Have a listen in the video below. vimeo.com/266303204


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The ruffed grouse is the bird I haven't heard or seen in years. My last sighting was in Washington twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio near the Washington Baptist church on Church Hill rd. She was crossing the road with her babies. April 1992.

Did not here a grouse

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