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You haven't really experienced tea until you've tried nitro Kappa Matcha Latte

You haven't really experienced tea until you've tried nitro Kappa Matcha Latte


Calling all coffee and tea lovers!

Wendigo Tea and Smooth Nitro Coffee will unveil the world's first nitro matcha latte on July 12 at Tokyo Kitty downtown.

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My conversation with @Local12 Howard Ain. Howard: “Elaine you’re a mjj”? Me: “No, I’m a multi media journalist (mmj)”. Howard: “So you edit and everything”? Me: “Yep! That’s right”. Howard: Wow. That’s impressive. Then he walks away with a smile. He always brightens my day ❤️

LIVE: Free hands-on driver training focusing on distracted and impaired driving for teenagers. Watch @HannahDrown try the courses and speak with young drivers. https://t.co/2V0WIchT8L

Hopping on @wcpo at noon with @RyanWCPO in minutes to read you Robert Van Hook’s final statement - and tell you what I saw this morning in Lucasville. See you soon.

Police looking for suspect in Old Brooklyn armed robber with red underwear https://t.co/FKLvsIzKzb

Ahhhh! breathe in... now breathe out. :) A #Wonderful #Wednesday in progress. Sunny with dry air. Temps top off in lower to mid 80s. See you at Noon @wcpo Enjoy!

Is social media making loneliness worse?


It's #NationalHotDogDay!

Chili Cheese OR Traditional? Tell us why!

Portune went on to say the anti-tax campaign is designed to help turnout for Steve Chabot in November

Commissioner Todd Portune says there are no plans to rescind sales tax hike.

As development pops up across the state, what's happening to Ohio's century-old farms? @NickFoleyNews

Meet Chance. She’s one the few who can figure out how to style my crazy hair! @greenlinesalon

VAN HOOK: Time of death 10:44 a.m. @wcpo

Cincinnati killer before execution: 'I'm no good' https://t.co/d0A46zPkN1

VAN HOOK: Time of death was 10:44 a.m.; he said in tears “I’m very sorry for taking your brother’s life. I’m no good. I hope that you now have some peace. I pray one day you will be reunited with him and your mother as well.” @wcpo

#UPDATE on the mystery safe.

This contraption is trying every possible code until it finds the right one. We’re still unsure when that will Be because there are hundreds of thousands of possible combinations!


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